Community Interviews Police Chief Finalists

From Brian Lockhart, CT Post:

It was like speed dating.

The three finalists for the city’s top cop job spent their early afternoon Thursday trading off between three conference rooms in the government center downtown. Each candidate–Acting Bridgeport Chief Armando Perez, Bridgeport Police Capt. Roderick Porter, the department’s highest ranking black officer, and New Haven Assistant Chief Luiz Casanova–spent an hour in each room, talking with invited community leaders and activists.

Meanwhile, the man whose opinion ultimately matters most–Mayor Joe Ganim–quietly popped in and listened for a few minutes to each potential chief before leaving to campaign around town with Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ned Lamont.

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  1. What a joke, the article said, “Turnout was not as robust as it could have been. A few dozen people participated, but around 40 name tags were left sitting in the government center’s lobby. ” PT Barnum could have put together a better circus act than this one that Ganim had, this was Ganim’s three card Monte.


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