1. “Open discussion to share your input on traits and qualities that are wanted and essential for Police Chief in the City of Bridgeport” what a joke, this is just a feel good meeting and nothing will change because David Dunn the City’s Personnel Director has already selected the testing company Randi Frank HR Consulting. There’s nothing on Randi Frank HR Consulting the company record that deals with disparate impact which would be a violation of the UNIFORM GUIDELINES ON EMPLOYEE SELECTION PROCEDURES as defined by the EEOC. In fact there’s nothing about this company in hiring blacks and nothing about the U.S. FEDERAL UNIFORM GUIDELINES ON EMPLOYEE SELECTION PROCEDURES. This is the same testing company that is giving the new police exam.

    Randi Frank HR Consultant in CT and KY — Management Services for Towns, Government Agencies and Small to Medium Businesses

  2. I guess with this community forum we are putting the cart before the horse. Waste of time and what ever is brought up cant be added to requirements which are already part of the charter.

  3. Ron and Andy heard from with notice to public that perhaps the course of this “play” has been strongly determined by the City choice of the Frank firm and her opinions about what is needed. If a firm has been hired in the past and is asked again by (?) does it not seem open to satisfy the client?? So, this request of the public to “share traits and qualities” with the consultant does seem strange.
    Essentially we are talking about hiring a Chief Executive Officer of a $110 Million dollar department with multiple divisions and much equipment publicly supported. This is not a job for Officer Krupke of West Side Story fame, although an updated Krupke, who comes from the various City neighborhoods may be the type of role model for community policing today. How about a college degree? And perhaps an advanced degree in Business Administration, Police Science or Law? How about some experience in urban work where supposed minorities are in the majority? And living in the City? How do such candidates present to us? What about experience with our issues….like sharing the decades old police management plan and updating it…..like having some experience using best management practice to decrease overtime that has cost the City in major ways for the past decade…and finding a way to pay for capital items that are used up and gone in less than ten years while the public is paying for them for 20 years (or more if the original bonds are refunded and extend beyond the original 20 years?) Is there a chance of employing a financial manager in the Police Department, not an officer necessarily to free up one more position for routine assignment, yet provide the Chief, the Police Commission and the public with a level of accountability not known today? How do those traits and qualities sound to you? Time will tell.

  4. Much of the things you write about here are not possible at 110K Educational requirements are in the charter.This is nothing more than a feel good meeting.

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