Community Activist Arrested: “Bridgeport Police Officers Out Of Control”

Community activist Samaris Rose who interacts often with police personnel about improving neighborhood relations shares her own police confrontation that has gone viral starting with her 11-year-old son and ending with her cuffed, processed and then hospitalized.

Police-community relations is an emerging issue with how officers respond to events. See her video about what occurred above.

City Councilman Kyle Langan weighed in with this response on Facebook:

And again… Samaris Rose is someone many of us know but I’ve said it time and time again. I see lawsuits come against our city all too frequently against law enforcement. We end up settling after paying outside attorneys thousands to help in these cases. It costs the taxpayer millions of dollars. And yet we continue to fund these systems that act against our safety. Meanwhile the police commission is being advised on how to stay safe from the public. Smdh I hope y’all are paying attention.



  1. I can certainly empathize with Samaris Rose’s predicament. I had the exact same experience with those ridiculous phones installed in the cells.

    The BPD is definitely out of control and I can assure readers that their are BPD officers willing to write flagrant lies in police reports. I have also dealt with incredibly professional police officers.

    It appears many of the recent Police Academy graduates are arrogant, cocky and are on a power trip. One senior officer told me that 10 police vehicles were totalled last year alone by young, cocky officers. He also told me they think they know it all and won’t listen to experienced officers.

    I have never met Samaris Rose, however she has repeatedly attacked me on social media and appears to be aligned with Wrnest Newton and Chris Taylor. She portrays herself as a community activist just helping others, however she definitely has a hostile side

    1. That’s right, Maria. Anyone that has the gall to disagree with you is aligned with Ernie “Moses” Newton, Chris “I didn’t know it was an illegal apartment” Taylor, Little Joe Ganim and Mario “Pa Cartright” Testa.

      1. Derek,

        The screenshots that were sent to me were her attacking me because of my differences with Ernest Newton and because I exposed Chris Taylor.

        As I stated previously,,I have never met Samaris Rose.

  2. Are BPD officers wearing body cameras yet?
    Appears that ‘community activists’ and ‘demonstrators’ are determined to discredit Bridgeort police officers.
    Lennie, as a real journalist, can you follow up on this?
    I hope this does not become a CT Post Tara O’Neil slanted account memorialized on social media.

    1. Tom, don’t be an ass. “I hope this does not become a CT Post Tara O’Neil slanted account.”
      Did you find it funny like the BPD who placed handcuffs on her and threw her into the back of a police car even though she was not part of the demonstrators and had her press credentials in clear view?
      Or maybe you thought it was funny the way the BPD once again overreacted at the Police Commission meeting searching women’s handbags and hiding in the ladies room with guns drawn just in case there was a peaceful demonstration like in Hamden?

  3. “Bpt Police man handled me, put me behind bars ignored me and charged me with lies”.
    Well, it’s on social media so it must be true.
    Has Tara O’Neil done a report yet? After all, it was on social media.
    Has the CT Post done an editorial yet? After all, it was shared on social media.
    Has Samaris Rose hired an attorney yet? After all, she is a protected class and the City would have no defense and would offer a settlement approved by the city council.

    Or, is everyone waiting to see the police body-cam video to see what actually happened?

  4. Bob, in case you were not aware, Tara O’Neil was actively communicating on social media. Given the use of social media by the ‘demonstrators’ that included postings by Tara O’Neil, she was, in effect, part of the demonstration. Police ordered everyone to leave after the ‘demonstrators’ became unruly. Her CT Post ID did not exempt her. The police were not obliged to treat her differently.


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