Connecticut Characters, Personalities Spicing Up The Nutmeg State

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Connecticut Characters cover design by Sue Katz.

Purchase book here. It took 40 years to write my latest book, Connecticut Characters, Personalities Spicing Up The Nutmeg State. Yes, I write slowly. But soon, it will be available for your reading pleasure or in lieu of that a nice flat surface for target practice. After all, the front cover features images of political luminaries such as Donald Trump, John Rowland and Joe Ganim. Basically the content between covers is a collection of work covering 40 years opening in (gulp) 1978 with an exclusive interview with actress Linda Blair after the Exorcist star was arrested on drug charges.

The book chronicles spicy personalities such as Rowland and Ganim, pop culture cloves Blair and Ed and Lorraine Warren, habanero Hells Angels and mobsters; a journey into the underbelly of cities to the wooded terrain of wilderness warriors.

Trump Courant photo
You know this guy? I worked for him for four years. How could I leave him out of the book? Photo courtesy Hartford Courant.

A book party is scheduled for May. You will be required to attend. Meanwhile a snapshot of chapter titles:

Linda Blair—Devil’s Dust

Espresso Rub—the Connecticut Mob

Habanero Hell’s Angel Danny Bifield—’The Most Dangerous Man in Connecticut’

Joseph Grabarz Public Paprika for the Soul

Eucalyptus for Relief—AmeriCares’ Robert Macauley

Witch Hazel—Paranormal Investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren

Bridgeport Seasoning Confronting JAWS—Joseph A Walsh

Mustard Man Donald Trump

Man in the Can, John Rowland Parsley, Sage, Rosemary (and Time)

Tiger Ted Lowry Peppers a Piece of the Rock

Celebrity PI Vito Colucci Sage Advice for Michael Skakel

Salt of the Earth Joe Haines, the Wilderness Warrior

Blossoms of the Bow Tie Banker, David Carson

The Spice of Ella Grasso

Comeback Clove Joe Ganim

Wasabi Powder—the Pungent Life of Billy Chase

Allspice—the Master Builder Robert Moses



  1. Lennie,
    I enjoyed your original OIB as well as the 25th Anniversary edition. Also the Billy Chase story.

    Happy that you have more in you, but perhaps one of your chapters may get renamed in the “Art of the Deal” binary fashion of The Donald?

    Instead of Comeback Clove try “Cloven Hooves Comeback.” Time will tell.

  2. Congratulations, Lennie! Looking forward to putting an autographed copy on my coffee table across from “Only in Bridgeport.” Your prose is about as smooth, powerful, and precise, without being “prosaic!,” as anything I’ve read from any author. Truly unique, and better than anything else in that context. But by comparison, Mario Puzo and Mark Twain come to mind. Your style in the Connecticut Magazine, Trump story was absolutely extraordinary. Powerful. We were there with Trump and company, too.


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