Clowns On Campus No Laughing Matter

clown in Bridgeport
From Doing It Local.

From News 8:

Disturbing images of surfacing all over social media with threatening messages to local schools prompted police investigations and fear among students.

“It’s definitely going to change what I think of clowns now. something I’m going to be scared of,” said Brian Reilly who is a student at Sacred Heart University.

law now in effect will punish people who make threats to schools with the intent to cause an evacuation that includes preschools and universities.

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From Doing It Local:

A viewer sent in this photo (above) of a clown spotted at Sacred Heart University last night. A student called Bridgeport Police at 12:30am reporting he was chased by the clown around 11pm.

Bullard Havens School on Palisades Avenue is on lock out due to “clown” threats. Security personnel confirmed the lock out but did not say why. Emails and texts went out to parents saying the school is on “lock out due to threats to several CT schools by an organization, the Clowns. Anyone leaving/coming on campus will be checked by security and State PD.”



  1. Hundreds of creepy clowns terrorizing people across multiple states. On the bright side, they can all be picked up in one police car.–BadBanana

  2. Anybody who wants to clown around aggressively should expect to get maced, arrested or otherwise subdued. People shouldn’t play “clown games” in the current “jumpy” atmosphere. Somebody could get seriously hurt for no good reason.

  3. Jumpy, why? Exactly what negative acts have the clowns perpetrated? So you would advocate overt violence because of a possible perceived threat? Hmmm, if I had to guess there are many who reside in this community who would be a wee bit concerned about your reactions.


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