City Wars: The Politics Of Public Safety

Filmmaker Don Sikorski shares the third episode of City Wars that chronicles the race for mayor in real time focused on Joe Ganim’s comeback attempt.

This episode highlights the campaign maneuvering in the wake of violent crime. More on the series here.



  1. The biggest issue for Ganim (and the voters he’s appealing to) is crime. The people living in the city’s public housing projects are tired of feeling like outcasts. Shootings? City doesn’t care. High unemployment? City doesn’t care. Lack of educational opportunities? BILL FINCH DOESN’T GIVE A SHIT. “They didn’t vote for me so fuck ’em.”

  2. This administration has had nearly eight years to fix the problems that have faced every mayor of the city for the last 45 years. The problem is, violent crime has increased during Uncle Billy’s tenure, the economy is stagnant and he’s raised taxes several times. That’s great, that’s just fucking great.


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