City Releases Waterfront Plan

Aerial of Seaside Park.
Aerial of Seaside Park.

Bridgeport’s more than 100-page Waterfront Plan see here prepared by city economic development officials, urban planners and hundreds of city stakeholders covering Bridgeport neighborhoods is now ready. Economic development official Dean Mack, who serves as a city point person for the project, delivered a presentation to the City Council Monday night.

According to a website devoted to the plan, called Waterfront Bridgeport, it’s “designed for action in the short- and long-term, along with a forthcoming implementation kit for the proposed public waterfront pathway.”

The waterfront plan has five goals for re-imagining the water’s edge:

1. Increase public access along the waterfront.

2. Create jobs and economic prosperity for residents.

3. Repurpose vacant or abandoned properties.

4. Encourage water-based recreation and an active waterfront.

5. Boost resiliency to protect against climate change effects.



  1. So what is the City of Bridgeport going to do with O&G, both at the present Seaview site (East End) and plans for moving/expanding the rock/crushing (toxins in the air and water, noise pollution, killing development in adjacent areas) to Howard Ave next to the Resco plant right by the water? O&G also sponsored the Mayor’s Annual Address just presented. O&G attorney Ray Rizio donated $2000 (the max) at the November 2016 DTC fundraiser. Now we have a Ganim for (something) fundraiser in calendar year 2017. Let’s see who donates and how much. Another calendar year and a different committee. Let’s see if Rizio/O&G contributes once again.

  2. *** Just another pipedream on paper without the complete sum of money and overall support to make it happen and be successful in the end. Déjà vu all over again, no? ***

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