City Mourns Loss Of Police Sergeant Mark Belinkie

Milford police are investigating loss as a suicide.

News release:

Today Mayor Ganim and Chief Perez are issuing a joint statement to the community and fellow officers regarding the death of Sergeant Mark Belinkie, a 19-year veteran of the Bridgeport Police Department.

“We are all deeply saddened by the tragic loss of Sergeant Mark Belinkie,” said Mayor Ganim. “As we grieve, we will continue to have his family, friends and his colleagues of the Bridgeport Police Department in our thoughts and prayers.

Chief Perez stated, “I share my deepest condolences with Sergeant Belinkie’s family and with the fellow brothers and sisters of our department. We lost a member of our family and everyone is hurting. If any one of our officers is suffering and needs to talk, they are encouraged to speak with our peer counselors who are available.”

Sergeant Mark Belinkie joined the Bridgeport Police Department on August 28th of 2000 at the age of 24. He went on to serve as a detective of the department, and was promoted to Sergeant in 2011 where he was most currently assigned to the Patrol Division.



  1. His wife is a longtime BOE employee.

    This is tragic for the officer, his immediate and extended family.

    My condolences to the entire family.

  2. But is shouldn’t be. How is a job that’s suppose to help people in the time of need, be there, comfort them, protect them, keep the city safe form “chaos”, be a thankless job and a tough life? The thought of being in harms way, injury, or lost of life ? No! More cops do more harm to each other. In fact more cop have be killed by their own hands than on the job by “criminal” looking to stay out of a cage.

    Don’t know what demons deeds or sin drove this person to enter a state of depression to view this world so lonely that his life and world was worthless. No? It goes deeper then a job that deals with the negativity of society or the racism that seems to be a issue within BPT department. Most of the thanklessness comes from politicians that throw them under the bus when they find a bad apple. (on tape of course) You can ask why, how, but if you don’t look within the police culture itself don’t think you are going to get the perpetrator. Not until that lion stands up and cleans it’s house.

  3. Two Bridgeport cops commit suicide amid Internal Affairs probe
    BRIDGEPORT – Following an unprecedented investigation, 17 Bridgeport police officers are facing discipline – nine could be fired – after the city’s Office of Internal Affairs found they lied on official reports and violated regulations in a 2017 incident where cops broke up a party on Colorado Avenue. Two other officers investigated for their involvement that night have since killed themselves, including Sgt. Mark Belinkie, a 19-year-veteran who was found dead in his Milford h…

  4. I hope Sgt Belinkie has found peace. May it be G-ds will to comfort his family and friends and may his memory be forever a blessing. Depression is a terrible disease. Only G-d knows how this man felt in his final moments. There are so many medications that people are taking that give people suicidal tendencies. We will never know. Family and friends are left wondering why. Very sad indeed.

    Mr. Texiera, A simple message of condolences is all you needed to post. Your nonsense is pretty pathetic- You are welcome for my honesty.

  5. Steven at least it’s real and my works are more of a condolence and empathy for his family and friends than yours. Unlike the words that come out of your mouth, all you care about is what food goes in it. You are as fake and pathetic as it comes on this blog and in BPT politics.

    There was no real reason to address me in your condolence. Did the cartoon hit your Jewish soft spot? You could have addressed it in its own reply, But lets be honest. What came first in your mind, your condolence Sergeant Belinkie or to informing me how pathetic I am? Don’t answer that, we will let everyone make their own judgement on your “honesty” I will say it was a very sad pathetic attack at me. What say you OIB bloggers and readers?

  6. By the way Steven. Did you just simple post your condolence to Officer Thomas Lattanzio when you had a chance when he passed? Hell, is he even a thought in any bodies mind anymore? To most of his fellow officers, so called blue family. It’s like a officer retiring, Instead of celebration its something they feel bad about.. Then out of sight out of mind. And Really Ron?

    I”m going to have to re-think my consideration about TBK as being the most worthless blogger here on OIB. He’s just an asshole. It seems we have a tie. You, TBK are still a Loser though. 🙂 BAM

  7. What a terrible tragedy for the Belinkie family and his friends — and BPD.
    Condolences to all.
    Being a Bridgeport police officer has to be one of most stressful jobs possible. Bridgeport cops are held to virtually impossible standards under virtually impossible conditions — trying to keep the peace and hold the city together with inadequate resources and support, as well as a lack of understanding between the community and police officers — and often, between the officers and each other.
    I hope that City and BPD leadership take the initiative to bring in outside counseling and organizational psychology resources to help the Department and individual officers deal with the particular stressors of being a member of the BPD… And it probably coukdn’t hurt to bring back real community policing so that the community and officers could reestablish some real rapport and trust and mutual appreciation and respect…


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