City Health Officials Announce All Vaccination Clinic Locations In Bridgeport

Acting Deputy Director of Health Operations Tammy Papa joined city health care providers on Friday to update the most current and complete list of COVID-19 vaccination sites available in Bridgeport. Participating sites include Southwest Community Health, OPTIMUS Health Care, Hartford Healthcare, Yale New Haven Health as well as CVS and Walgreens:
Bridgeport Health Department @ Central High School; 1 Lincoln Boulevard
Every Wednesday and Saturday from 9am to 3pm

Hartford Healthcare @ Central High School; 1 Lincoln Boulevard
Every Monday and Thursday from 9am to 4pm and Tuesdays from 11:30 to 6:30pm

Yale New Haven Health @ UB Wheeler Recreation Center – University Avenue
Monday-Sunday from 8am to 8pm

Southwest Community Health–1020 Fairfield Avenue
Monday – Friday from 8am to 4pm

OPTIMUS Health Care @ Hall Neighborhood House
Every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 8am to 4:30pm

CVS–1975 Boston Avenue
Monday-Sunday during normal business hours

Walgreens–4083 Main Street
Monday-Sunday during normal business hours

Walgreens–1000 Park Avenue
Monday-Sunday during normal business hours

Walgreens–960 North Avenue
Monday-Sunday during normal business hours

Optimus Health Care @ Harding High School–Bond Street
Details TBD

For COVID-19 vaccine information and links to each health care providers vaccination scheduling webpage, visit If you have any questions, contact the Bridgeport Helpline at 203-576-7993 or email

Residents that have received the COVID-19 vaccine are also encouraged by City Health officials to continue wearing a mask, social distance, wash hands often, and seek COVID-19 testing;



    1. Notice commercial businesses, every day during normal business hours.
      Once the government gets involved it’s every Monday and Tuesday unless it’s even numbered days and Fridays unless it odd, 8:00 AM – 11:00 AM depending on availability unless you hear otherwise. Got it???

      1. Bob, Ganim threw Tammy Papa over to the Health Director as an Actor to cover his ass because he hasn’t gotten a new Health Director. As for vaccines, Bob you got it right, the city hours for a vaccines is not even on a part time basis. Bob, I my shot on a Sunday morning at Walgreens at 403 Main St. here in Bridgeport and it was fast and easy.

  1. I took my Mom to Souhwest Community this past Thursday. There had to be 500 people there including Military personnel. Very well organized and orchestrated. Socially distanced. In and out in 20 minutes including the 15 wait period after the shot. Very impressed. The only disturbing thing I noticed for a urban center such as Bridgeport is that there were absolutely no minorities there. Very concerned that our friends and neighbors for some reason are afraid to get the vaccine. I know that the city and clergy are attempting too promote the vaccine. Based on what I saw- It is almost as scary as Detroit sayng NO to the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. I would urge all of our elected officials as well as local activists to sound the alarm and get our city vaccinated. I’m thinking Mobile clinics set up with Brideport Housing and Sunday clinics at local churches . We will not move forward from this nightmare until everyone does their part. We are all in this together and there is no getting around that!. Even Mobile outreach to get people registered.

    1. Stevie, I’ve said this a number of times, everything starts at the top with Mayor Joe Ganim. Joe knows how to find black churches during election time but now that we are in a pandemic that’s killing blacks disproportionately to whites but where the hell is the mayor?

      1. Well Mr. Mackey, everyone on this blog understands that you will never acknowledge anything Mayor Ganim does. We accept that . However, I do not think this falls on the lap of the Mayor and I will not have a minority on this blog or out to tell me to stay in my lane. I think you are a very vocal individual and intelligent. I do not have to agree with everything you write. There are issues very important to me. You are a member of a large Church in the City and I am certain the Clergy of your Church are actively attempting to get people vaccinated. You can also sound the alarm. This is the time. We are a large city and with a possible second surge of another virus, the results can be devastating. It is my hope that folks like Rep. Stallworth, Rep. Rosario, Rep. Felipe, Rep Baker as well as Senator Moore and Senator Bradley. This needs to be the Mantra until we are all vaccinated. It is a shame that the city has lost 2 Health Directors. It is a shame that Albertina Baptiste was not offered the position. I am not sure what Tammy Pappas qualifications are but I am certain she is not qualified. When someone does not return an email or a phone call they are worthless to me. Enough said. do have faith that Bridgeport will pull together and get the job done as well as hire an individual that is qualified and a city resident. There is plenty of talent in this city.
        Just a thought on another topic. With all of the people that have lost their jobs during the pandemic, thsi would be a reat opportunity to recruit new police officers in the city. So much talent so many opportunities to go into the community and push. If I were 30 years younger . I’d consider it myself.

        1. Stevie, we all know that you not say anything against Joe Ganim and Mario Testa. You said, It is my hope that folks like Rep. Stallworth, Rep. Rosario, Rep. Felipe, Rep Baker as well as Senator Moore and Senator Bradley would sound the alarm but you say nothing about the city council. Steve you said that you do not think this falls on the lap of the Mayor as far as people getting a vaccine, well I’m glad that President Biden and Dr. Anthony Fauci don’t feel that way, they are out there doing everything they can to inform and to encourage blacks to get the vaccine. Steve I do agree with you about everything else you wrote.

          1. I think Mayor Ganim has been out there pushing for everyone to get vaccinated. I see press releases I hear him speaking to the community. Mayor Joe Ganim has been out front and center since the pandemic began. Why would I say anything against the Mayor regarding that. I have been most impressed with his briefings and communications since last March 2020. One man is not an army- I’ve just suggested all elected officials get involved, just like Town Committee members doing our best to communicate. As for the Council members, Of course they are out there communicating to their constituents. Ron, I can not speak for anyone but myself. As for Mario….. What the hell does Mario have to do with this conversation or the Covid response. Again, I accept you have a problem with Ganim and Testa, I do not. For the record, you imagine Mario has dictated that I do not write on the blog. Your repeating this over and over again does not make it true. That is how the Trumpsters lies went main stream. Unlike you, I respect Mario Testa , I have no idea why he is always injected into this conversation. Your history with Mario must be very different than mine. He has never asked or demanded anything from me. In the North end which is my district, I do what needs to be done and always had. I was autonomous and had a great district leader may he rest forever in Peace.

  2. The problem isn’t that Black’s don’t want the vaccine, the fact is most that I talked to can’t seen to get an appointment irrespective of where it’s held. This is the same problem whether it’s Bridgeport or South Central LA.

  3. Good to see Joe & Mario let you speak on OIB again. Nice to have you back.
    When you said WE in your original post are you speaking for the other two Stooges as well?

  4. Steven Auerbach, here is a excellent way that New Haven is doing about blacks getting vaccinate something that Bridgeport is NOT doing. This is from the New Haven Independent.

    “Vaccinate Fair Haven” Campaign Readied
    by MAYA MCFADDEN | Mar 5, 2021 2:45 pm

    The Fair Haven community is partnering with Fair Haven Community Health Care (FHCHC) to launch a “Vaccinate Fair Haven” campaign to register all eligible residents for their Covid-19 shot.

    The Fair Haven Community Management Team (CMT) learned about the campaign during its virtual monthly meeting Thursday evening.

    The campaign officially launching March 13 is asking for community volunteers to help with knocking door-to-door throughout Fair Haven to encourage residents to get vaccinated.

    The campaign will use the “get out the vote” model by going door to door to residents, offering rides to the Wilbur Cross mass vaccination clinic, and the option to have a volunteer nurse or physician administer vaccination to homebound individuals, said Fair Havener Kica Matos.

    The campaign is looking for volunteers who can give rides to vaccination appointments, offer information in Spanish, and do door-to-door canvassing. Those interested can sign up here.

    “We are determined to make sure that we get our entire neighborhood vaccinated,” Matos said.

  5. The process of scheduling an appt for a vaccination through VAMS isn’t a simple one right now..Hopefully as we move along, the process becomes easier..As far as getting minorities vaccinated,I don’t think it’s fair to put this all on the Mayor’s lap, Joe isn’t trusted among most in our city,it’s at the point now that when he speaks,people feel like he does so because “ something is in it for him”, fair assessment or not, that’s where we are at in Bpt.
    In my opinion,in order to get the inner city vaccinated, it’s going to take a massive effort. In most other big cities like Bpt the health dept takes the lead,unfortunately in our city,we don’t even have a qualified health director to undertake this tremendous job.Why Joe let this happen during a pandemic is an issue for another day.Right now it’s all hands on deck, and it’s going to take our minority leaders to take the lead until the vaccination process smooths out the way testing has.We are going to have to bring the vaccines to the people. Mobile vaccination is one of the ways, along with trusted leaders ( not Joe)spreading the word.
    It’s my hope that the State Health dept sees the problem Joe has put our city in by not hiring a qualified health director yet, and takes the lead eventually, hopefully sooner than later.

  6. Harvey
    You are so wrong on so many aspects of this. You may be right that Joe standing is at an all time low but he is not even trying.
    First of all, he is mayor of the city of Bridgeport. And he has chosen not to act. This is a disgrace. And if he chooses not to then have the Council President put public pressure on him. And yet not a peep from her.
    Secondly, he is totally responsible for hiring a Public Health Director and there is something going on there. He has not even begun a search. It sounds as if he and Mario were involved in political patronage again in the Health Dept. and this one just quit. Why he has delayed the search is beyond me. Maybe he is waiting for someone to qualify. Maybe someone is due to graduate but he can’t name them now. This is Joe’s doing and Joe’s problem.
    And the list goes on. He can get AB’s out of the minority community when he needs them but he can’t get in there now? Come on. He just can’t be bothered.
    This is Joe’s problem and Joe’s alone. And if he won’t act then Aidee should publicly take him to task.

  7. Oh, and let’s not forget, we effectively have no Human Resources Department.
    This kid is obviously in way over his head.
    Come on Harvey. The guy should be gone.

    1. Bob, I whole heartedly agree with everything you said. If you read my post, you’ll see I said it’s not totally on Joe now because most people don’t trust him and think that every time he says anything he is saying it to somehow benefit himself.. like I said, that discussion is for another day, right now we need our city vaccinated. Joe isn’t going to be able to get it done, that’s obvious. We need our minority leaders , our council, etc,to take over the push to vaccinate TODAY…
      The less we hear from Joe, the better, he’s useless unless it benefits him in some way…

      1. Harvey, I don’t understand what you are sying when you question my comment , I was very clear about Joe Ganim in the fact that the black voters is his base of voters who put him into office and who keep him in office and he has no problem during election time there is Joe Ganim popping up in our churches but he can’t find the time or put in the effort to see that those who put him into office that he can find a way to see that these voters can get the vaccine the same way that he can knock n their door and ask them to vote for or to have someone to give them a absentee ballot to vote for him.

        1. Ron,he can find time time to visit churches,knock on doors and act concerned about their issues during election time CAUSE IT BENEFITS HIM…He sees the writing on the wall,he knows he can’t run again and win,why do you think he’s pushing for his Law license back??..So how does taking the lead and making sure minorities get vaccinated benefit HIM at this point?.,the answer?,it doesn’t benefit HIM in the least,hence the situation that we are in..

          1. Harvey, Lisa Parziale said on OIB that Joe Ganim would not run for mayor again and I believe her. I’ve said before that Joe needs the Biden team to him a assitant of something like HUD in their regional office in Boston because Joe needs a job.

  8. Got my second vaccination on Friday and wearing a special mask to promote that status in the city.
    Yet CT Post bar graph shows City folks as dead last in the State as percentage getting vaccines. Lots of reasons, but since the “Joe Show” on Channel 12 early in the pandemic terminated where is his administrative leadership, care, and concern?

    Is the solution really more obvious? Who does Joe turn to when there is an election? When you need to get word out to all the neighborhoods especially those with folks more challenged financially, technologically, with understanding of the big picture? Am I talking about the “ABS patrol” where perhaps more than 1,000 folks can learn about turkeys or hams for distribution, who is running for office this year, and how to secure and complete an absentee ballot, and more? Can they go into operation with I-pads, walking each neighborhood, signing folks up who need that type of assist for scheduling and perhaps transportation? Can we show just how efficient some political associates can be, already on the City payroll, in a time of real need? Time will tell.

  9. This is what a Deacon I know posted. “Today I was waiting outside the South West Community Health Center popup clinic on Fairfield Ave in Bridgeport for a covid vaccine. While I was sitting there I realized that I hadn’t seen that many White people in Bridgeport since I was last at a Bridgeport Bluefish game. I don’t think I saw one Black person go in or come out the entire time I was sitting there. I guess Covid-19 is more dangerous than the risk of coming into Bridgeport for a lifesaving vaccine. LOL, inside joke, but it’s not funny.”


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