City Council Rejects Classical Studies Move To Catholic Center Building

From Brian Lockhart, CT Post:

The City Council on Monday blocked the proposed move of the Classical Studies Academy magnet school to the Catholic Center on Jewett Avenue in the North End.

“No comment tonight,” said Public Schools Superintendent Aresta Johnson following the 14-6 vote rejecting the purchase of the Catholic Center property from the Diocese of Bridgeport and a feasibility study/design work. The latter is needed to apply for state funds for the estimated $50 million project.

Aresta and the crowd of around 60 Classical Studies students and their parents were gone by the time the council got around to stripping $7 million to buy the Catholic Center from the city budget. That was done in an 11-8 vote, despite objections from some like Councilman Scott Burns.

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  1. Michelle Lyons should be completely ashamed of herself. She warned her living for four years as a BOE employee working as the Home School Coordinator for Classical Studies Magnet Academy. What a slap in the face to the very students and parents she represented.

    Every single City Council member has CSMA parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. in their district because their students come from throughout the City.

    Michelle Lyons spread lies in her neighborhood and to her colleagues that people were going to lose their homes to eminent domain which is 100% untrue. She said it was unsafe for the students because there is a nearby liquor store and methadone clinic.

    The current CSMA location has a BEVMAX near it which is three times the size of the liquor store near the Jewett Ave. property. Where was Lyons concern over that liquor store. The vast majority of CSMA students are bussed, therefore very few would encounter either of these facilities.

    She lives 600 ft. from the Jewett Ave. property. Her husband and daughter are state marshals who do a lot of city and Ganim law firm work. Her daughter Heather also works at the Department of Aging as a full time employee but often doesn’t even put in twenty hours a week while submitting time sheets for a full work week. None of her supervisors will sign her timesheets. Danny Roach got this done for Heather.

    Afterall, Danny Roach has a $120,000 a year NO SHOW job in Public Facilities.

    Now the organizing begins…

  2. We have to get an adaptive re use for this building. The last thing in the world the City needs is one more hulking, abandoned vandalized building.
    Analyze what the effective demand would be for this building. It would be great to have a tax paying entity housed here, but is that realistic. The Classical Academy seems the only option here. It would be tremendous for Bridgeport kids too

  3. Maria to bad you lost and for once the majority of people of this city won. Why don’t you do your due diligence and find 2 schools that can be combined and classical studies can move to the empty building.
    How much above the $50 million is the alterations of the school going to cost/ You have no idea do you.
    There is a real chance that houses on Peet st will have to be taken because the traffic on Jewett Ave is always heavy. Maria was a traffic study ever done.
    TO Bob we don’t need another school according to you every vacany building of any size should be a school.
    The Bishop will have no problem selling this complex to an outside buyer.
    BT Maria leave Michells family out of this that is a low blow. Dont like losing???

    1. The only true losers are the children, parents and staff of CSMA. All we have to do is cultivate their anger and disappointment into action.

      And that is exactly what we intend to do…

      The rest of your commentary is your normal gibberish.

      1. What you just wrote is pure and utter bull shit. You cant or wont answer my concerns and I believe you have the answers but they would hurt your cause, Maria you idiots on the BOE cant handle the schools you have now. BTW the houses on Peet st are all owned by minorities.Now what

          1. My assertions are on the money and that’s the reason you wont respond.You got caught in one of your bullshit assertion and don’t like it do you. Maria you really should show people you are not all knowing and were wrong here.

  4. I had logical questions about this project from the first time I heard about it, which was just a few days ago. How can something of this magnitude be kept practically a secret from the public, and then sprung before the Council for a vote on its approval? I won’t state an opinion on the worth of the recommendation because I never had a opportunity to learn the details. The Council did the right thing.

    1. Lisa, these discussions have been ongoing for over a year, it has been repeatedly in the CT Post, repeatedly discussed at the BOE Facilities Committee meetings and Regular BOE meetings, and was thoroughly discussed at two City Council Committee meetings.

      The City Council did the WRONG thing. Children should never pay the price for the poor decisions of adults.

      Now we get to organizing…

  5. A City Council meeting with a debate? That took place in front of the public rather than in a caucus room out of sight? Where comments made were recorded? WOW.

    Now it first must be observed that the Mayor was not present? Did that slow the City Hall steamroller a bit? And Council interns were present for the discussion. What was their sense of the commentary? Did anyone ask them? After all they are students who are in classrooms all day learning subjects and methods of reasoning to a solution. (Someone mentioned to me that a few of the interns had the same looks on their faces as did the Council members present and wondered how fast Council behavior could be learned by the interns.) After the 15 year old US student spoke passionately about wanting to keep her family together, free from fear and the audience erupted with applause and other support, I noticed that two or three interns were applauding also. No worry about Stepford victims for these young women.
    Perhaps Tom McCarthy will ask these young people to speak about what they have learned in the Council chamber? That would be a real positive for the entire community,rather than honoring folks for historic service with no one present to accept an award? Time will tell.

  6. I was in attendance last night and not for the first time was confused with the clutter of individuals occupying the Council seats. I was told they were “in training.” OMG, we have elected council members still in training, what’s the deal here. Who came up with this bright idea and to what end? I’m experienced in the council process, and at times it’s difficult for me to follow the activity that goes on in that space, mix in an additional 20 bodies, and a newcomer has to shake their heads in wonder.

    1. Lisa, what are you talking about?

      Each City Council member has a high school student they are mentoring as future city council memmbers. They are not adults in training.


  7. I posted my full opinion on the other post regarding this issue. Some points worthy of repeating. James Holloway embarrassed himself and was completely disrepectful to Michele Lyons and Amy Marie Vizzo-Paniccia.

    Shame on Anthony Paoletto and Nessa Smith for thinking it was ok to approve a project of this magnitutde without public input.

    Surprising that Maria Periera is not singing the praises of her 2 Councilmen for supporting this. Surprising that Maria wouldn’t support public imput- Shocking actually.

    Congrats to Michele Lyons and Amy Marie Vizzo- Pannicia as well as the 12 other Councilmen that voted with educated, experienced and thoughtful comments. The speeches by Denise Taylor-Moye, Jeanette Herron, Enid Martinez, Mary Mcbride-Lee, Mary-Evette-Brantley were excellent.

    Lisa Parziale, I agree 100 percent. The council voted the right way!!

    Where does, Heather, Michelle , Danny Roach etc. become part of the conversation? The 134th district Thanks Miche and AmyMarie for taking care of their constituents.

    The families of CSA understood the decision and everybody agrees, CSA need a new state of the art facility.

    Maria, will there be kudos for Anthony and Nessa????

  8. Steve, you in no way speak for the students and parents of CSMA and you certainly don’t speak with everyone.

    When did any City Council members hold a Public Hearing when we moved children into an existing building? I know, never.

    When we leased a diocese building for CSMA Annex; the City Council members didn’t hold a hearing? When we moved BMA into a diocese building; no City Council members held a hearing. When we moved BMA into U.B. permanently; Jack Banta and Denise Moye didn’t hold a Public Hearing.

    This is such a bunch of bull.

    1. Maria, The people in the 134th appreciate public hearings- you weren’t there last night supporting the CSA like myself and students that all came up to me. I sat Behind the Principal, Ms. Giles. She is a fine Principal of one of my favorite schools. I do not speak for the school, the parents or the children and apparently you do not either. The council voted most appropriately and even the parents understood the decision of the council and then there is you. You are going to start a grass roots? Good luck- The Diocese is off the table. Thank you Michele and AmyMarie all of those that supported this issue.

      One honest question, Where do you get off bringing Heather and Danny Roaches lob into the mix with Michele? BTW 134th has its fair share of minorities. It is not a “White Neighborhood” and you are “NOT” a black woman citing racism.

  9. Steve, you are nuts if you think Principal Giles, CSMA parents and staff “understood”. They are VERY upset.

    I was elected by over 10,000 Bridgeport voters to speak on behalf of, and represent the interests of students and families. This has been on the table since Spring 2015.

    I suggest you remember that the BOE can rent the property which requireS ZERO authorization of the City Council.

    Nine of the ten City Council districts have challengers all in the works. There is only one more we need to cultivate candidates for.

    We only need 11 votes in November, and that is a definite goal.

    In addition, Mayor Ganim wants the current Harding High School to be sold to Bridgeport Hospital, but the city cannot have it until the BOE votes to relinquish it back to the City.

    All’s fair in love, war and doing what’s best for our children.

      1. Really, Alma Maya,Fleeta Hudson, Manny Cotto, Maria Valle,Juan Hernandez, Jorge Cruz, Bob Halstead, Lisa Parziale, etc. All tan with Ganim and lost.

        How does your “theory” work in these instances? Anthony and Nessah were the ONLY City Council candidates that ran with Ganim and won. Do you think Ganim got them elected?

        If it wasn’t for the 138th District, Bradley, Walker,and myself would have lost our elections as well.

        You don’t live in reality, do You?

  10. This property was the former Notre Dame Girl’s Catholic High School which had well over 1,000 students until it closed in 1973.

    Apparently, it was fine as a Catholic HS when the vast majority of students were white, but now a elementary school is horrible. Is it because the vast majority of students are minorities?

    I know I am.looking forward to meeting with the Classical Studies parents and staff. Knowledge and information is power.

  11. Well, Maria, it seemed to me that the parent I spoke to understood the decision and know it is off the table. I do not think anyone is going to fight to bring it back on the table.

    I spoke to a handful of parents that were upset but understood the concerns. I guess you had to be there. I didn’t see Aresta , the Superintendent there. I did see many children and parents. I didn’t see any member of the BOE there other then Ben Walker. If this was in the paper a number of times I must have missed it as well as the constituents of the 134th.

    Are you going to publically Thank Anthony Paoletto and Nessa Smith for supporting your agenda? A simple acknowledgement should be forthcoming. A slap in the face to the Councilwoman supporting her constituents and a pat on the back to your former hero’s.

    Did Ms. Giles call you as well as teachers from Classical Academy to personally tell you they were upset? Ms. Giles didn’t “Understand” the concerns? Are you insinuating she is not on top of her game? That would be a mistake. She heard loud and clear the concerns as well as the support from everyone that a larger state of the art facility was warranted.
    Now, back to the comment regarding Heather and Danny Roach. What do they have to do with the decision to vote against the Diocese for CSA????

  12. Steve, Eric Alicea is a former Parent Advisory Council president of CSA with three children at the school, therefore he knows many of the parents there.

    Dr. Johnson waa there and is quoted in the CT Post.

    A brand new school will cost over $70,000,000 with the state only paying 60%. Purchasing, remediating, and renovating an existing building will cost $50,000,000 with the state paying 78% of the costs.

    Which plan benefits Bridgeport tax payers?

    You have NO knowledge regarding this matter which has been in the works since Spring 2015. I recognize making informed, accurate, and intelligent posts on OIB is not your strength, but to some of us it is important.

    The point is that both Heather and Danny are being paid by local taxpayers for predominantly no show jobs. I wonder if Michelle Lyons constituents know that tidbit of information?

    1. Maria, i spoke to Eric Alicea , I got the impression they understood the concerns and reacted accordingly.

      Heather is not a 120,000 a year employee and certainly works hard for the Seniors of our city. I think Michelles constituents are aware and this is a negative? A little part-time job working with Seniors.

      Maria- you were elected by 10,000 because of your position on Ganim’s line . You spend lots of time talking about peoples family members on this blog. Maybe one day you will share your dirty laundry that apparently has made its way into the main stream. Yes I find it appalling and I would never do it. It is so far beneath me. Apparently, it is not beneath others. Maybe you can share your own success story or your daughters as graduates of the Bridgeport school system? It I knew anyone personally digging up and printing truthful stories about your personal business I would be disgusted, but that is none of my business and I do not live in your district anymore.

      1. So you think you know Eric Alice’s feelings and position on the CSMA situation better than I do. You are completely dillusional.

        I never said Heather makes $120,000. How can Heather “work hard for the seniors” when she repeatedly works less than the fulltime hours she submits to be paid? Well, if her constituents already know there is no harm in reiterating it.

        When I have repeatedly discussed elected officials family members negatively? I don’t believe I have posted comments about those that are not elected, and/or public officials and servants. I certainly have not discussed someone’s minor child or children. Children as in a minor.

        Please know you are not in a position to set the standard for moral or ethical behavior, and your personal bar of what is “beneath you” doesn’t really say much.

        1. Maria, I will not say I know Eric Alicea’s feelings better than you do. I have always found him to be intelligent and I respect him. I really do not get into his emotions .

          I did however, have a conversation with him and his ex-wife as well as other parents from CSA. The conversation seemed mature and engaging. I certainly got the impression that they understood the concerns of the 14 council members as well as my own.

          Of course, Maria, I could be totally delusional. I guess Eric Alicea , who is a poster on this blog can correct me if I am wrong.

          Maria, this issue is off the table and not worthy of discussing further. I am curious why you and other members of the BBOE were not there speaking in support of this proposal. Doesn’t matter- it did not pass.

          Back to Heather . I do not know who supplys you with personnel information. I would assume that person is under investigation if any of it is true and they will be terminated. Human Resources will get involved and they will have you to thank. I have to believe it is fabricated or she would be upset with your alternate reality. If I were Heather, I would request a full investigation.

          Are you going to Thank Anthony and Nessa for their vote? That’s all I have to say on this issue. The Diocese is off the table ..

      2. It’s a full time job in which is compensated for full time work without performing full time work. I think the average taxpayer would find that unacceptable.

  13. Maria using Race as a reason for this being turned down is lower than a snakes belly. You are a low life for suggesting race was involved. You want to go ahead and rent the catholic center because the BOE needs no one elses permission is a good agreement Do IT!! You don’t have the guts nor the power to get that thru a vote of the BOE. Take your threats and Racist bullshit and put it where the son don’t shine. Loser

    1. Maria you interjected race here when you guys lost the vote. As far as I go I have been having a 25 year dialogue with Ron Mackey and Don Day. Yes we discuss race but you know what we respect each other and have been carrying this on for 25 years.
      What you think of me means nothing as you have no validity. You and your group lost on this vote tough

      1. Andy, there’s no doubt that Maria Pereira is a racist, I can understand pointing out the faults of your opponent but the language that used against Rev. Stallworth and Ms Prince from Faith Acts is gutter talk. Maria tells lies about Rev. Stallworth by making up sexual stories about him and she calls Ms Prince a “uncle Tom.”

        Andy, you and I have been going at since I was a rookie in 1982 when you Ron Grimes and myself had a closed door discussion in your officers room. We have worked together and we have had arguments put when we see each other we speak. You can piss me off so bad that I want to kick your ass but we still talk. Maria has no ability to talk to people who she doesn’t agree with. Andy, Donnie Day and myself have one thing in common that Maria will never have and that is we are from the same family, the family of firefighters and we know how to put things to the side and would everything we could to help each other in a fire and I mean everything.

        1. Ron Mackey, I know you are not referring to anyone else’s posts as “gutter talk”. The outrageous language you have used on OIB has been pretty appalling.

          I have quite a few retired firefighters in Thomas Hooker and they all “love” me, except Andy of course.

          Let me say it again, Jamilah Prince-Stewart is an “Uncle Tom” doing the bidding of white millionaires, billionaires, and Wall St. investors.

          We can certainly put his former aide on the stand under oath as to to determine whether Dr. Reverend Charlie Stallworth was caught having sex with her in the bathroom at the State Capitol and whether the Capitol Police caught them.

          Your assertions that I am a “racist” has no basis in reality and demonstrates your continued uninformed, pathetic behavior.

          What have you done to help your community or Bridgeport this week, Ron Mackey” I know, absolutely nothing. Same old, same old.

          1. Maria, you are an bloviating ignoramus who knows absolutely nothing about Ron Mackey or what he has done for the City of Bridgeport. First of all there isn’t anyone that knows Ron that would suggest, imply or intimate that Ron is a racist,Lisa, Bob, Lennie or a myriad of other posters on OIB. You’re a fool.

            Secondly you imply that Ron had done nothing for the community, again a bloviating ignoramus. Ron is responsible for over 50 young Black, Latino and women becoming firefighters in the Bridgeport Fire department and another 30 or more reaching elevated rank within the BFD because of the study groups he held under the banner of the Firebird Society. No one has done it better than he has in the history of the BFD, no one. Don’t believe it, walk your fat ass to any fire house in the city and ask firefighters or officers what part did Ron play in them getting on the job or promoted. Start with the two Blacks Battalion Chiefs Clarke and Cook. Go to every Black female in the BFD and ask who helped them get on the job.

            Go ask all those retired firefighters that you supposedly know about Ron Mackey and they’ll tell you about Ron’s character and integrity. You lady and I use the term lady loosely are a God damn fool who thinks that no one has ever did anything to uplift Bridgeport prior to your fat ass getting elected to the BBOE. There are a myriad of OIB posters that have worked to make Bridgeport a better place to live, work and raise a family decades prior to your fat ass doing anything in or for the city. I’m sick of hearing you talk about what you’ve done and being dismissive of the sacrifice and hard work of others.

          2. I may be a,”fat ass”, but at least I don’t look like “Huggie Bear” from Starsky & Hutch. The weather is getting warmer, have you stored your fur coat and fedora away for the winter?

            Donald Day, who will you be chauferring this election day?

            O am going to see quite a few firefighters tomorrow. I look forward to asking them all about Beevus and Butthead.

          3. Can anybody believe that Maria Pereira is one of the 9 Bridgeport Board Of Education members who are in charge of the education of students in the Bridgeport public education system which is 90% black and Hispanic who publicly speaks the way she does. Maria Pereira a disgrace to the BBOE especially in time where students need to see real role models, who in the world would their child to act like Maria Pereira. It’s time for the other members of the BBOE to publicly separate their self from Maria Pereira and her racist comments.

          4. Maria, Huggy Bear, really? Do you need Huggy to get you a job? Nah because no one would want your fat ass and Huggy needs to get paid.

            It’s like Ron said you are an embarrassment to the BBOE, to the other members of the BBOE and to the City of Bridgeport. I would suggest that you find the hole that you crawled out of prior to being elected to the BBOE and crawl back into it for the good of the children of Bridgeport.

          5. Donald Day, Ron Mackey, and Andy Fardy,

            Here is the simple reality, all three of you are sexist and cannot handle an intelligent, articulate, resourceful, effective and politically successful woman who will not be intimidated by you, take crap from you, will respond to your attacks with completely formulated and comprehensive sentences based on fact, data, research with a splash of sarcasm and humor.

            If you want to dish it out; you have to be able to take it, too.

            Donald Day, you are intelligent, but a surbanite, therefore your opinion is irrelevant. Ron Mackey and Andy Fardy, you are not the sharpest tacks in the drawer and have difficulty with basic grammar.

            It is clear that what really gets under your skin is that I am effective, I do my homework, and politically successful and have a significant following. None of you can lay claim to those same set of facts.

            Women have to deal with insecure, sexist, envious and jealous men like you as long as we have been in existence. No biggie.

            By the way, the last time I set eyes on all of you, none of you would be featured in a swimwear layout because you certainly cannot be described as “svelte”.

            Now remember, what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

            In closing, Ron, you have repeatedly posted on OIB that I was a “coward” for not responding to you. Now I am responding and you’re still not satisfied. Sometimes a girl just can’t win. 🙁

            Now run along, boys. This woman has important work to do.

          6. Donald Day, Ron Mackey, and Andy Fardy,

            Here is the simple reality, all three of you are sexist and cannot handle an intelligent, articulate, resourceful, effective and politically successful woman who will not be intimidated by you, take crap from you, will respond to your attacks with completely formulated and comprehensive sentences based on fact, data, research with a splash of sarcasm and humor.

            If you want to dish it out; you have to be able to take it, too.

            Donald Day, you are intelligent, but a surbanite, therefore your opinion is irrelevant. Ron Mackey and Andy Fardy, you are not the sharpest tacks in the drawer and have difficulty with basic grammar.

            It is clear that what really gets under your skin is that I am effective, I do my homework, and politically successful and have a significant following. None of you can lay claim to those same set of facts.

            Women have to deal with insecure, sexist, envious and jealous men like you as long as we have been in existence. No biggie.

            By the way, the last time I set eyes on all of you, none of you would be featured in a swimwear layout because you certainly cannot be described as “svelte”.

            Now remember, what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

            In closing, Ron, you have repeatedly posted on OIB that I was a “coward” for not responding to you. Now I am responding and you’re still not satisfied. Sometimes a girl just can’t win. 🙁

            Now run along, boys. This woman has important work to do.

          7. Theodore Roosevelt: It is not the critic who counts, not the man who points out how the strong man stumbled, or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena; whose face is marred by the dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs and comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error or shortcoming; who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions and spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best, knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who, at worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly; so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory or defeat. (The Man In the Arena from “Citizenship and the Republic”)

        1. Maria, you are a real idiotic who knows nothing about firefighters and the mutual respect that they share with each other. I’ve been into to many fires with both Donald Day and Andy Fardy where there was smoke so thick that that you can’t see anything with fire and super hot temperature all around you but the only goal we have is that is the safety of our family of firefighters in our efforts to save lives and to protect the property of all of those who call 911 in their time of danger. There are no cameras or videos showing firefighters inside of a house on their hands and knees crawling on the floor searching lives that could be trapped or unconscious from the smoke and fire.

          Maria, you could never understand the respect and love that firefighters have for each other, I know that Andy Fardy and Donald Day would risk their own life to save me if I was trapped in a fire. Maria, you are completely delusional.

        2. This certainly is not you “is the simple reality, all three of you are sexist and cannot handle an intelligent, articulate, resourceful, effective and politically successful woman who will not be intimidated by you, take crap from you. Maria when you find the person you describe have them call us. You really are a sad sad person all alone in your own world

  14. I wouldn’t say it’s a bad plan. The property is set back. It was a former school. With a good landscaping and design plan it would make a decent school for the students of Bridgeport.

    I love the fact how everyone on OIB says the city needs to better support and invest in Bridgeport students, yet condemn a $50,000,000 investment. Where is the better plan? I don’t mind them saying no to the project but where is the better plan?

    The students losing out on a new 50,000,000 school without an alternative, better plan for a new school. Don’t you think OIN bloggers

    What about the old shuttered Stop and Shop. Can that be make in to a new school? I hope this is not the end and the student lose out on a new school investment, do you OIB bloggers?

  15. Maybe it’s time to go back to the drawing board and review the entire situation and come back to this issue. It ain’t over ’till the fat lady sings.

      1. It seems that The City of Bridgeport and The BOE was interested in acquiring this property to meet a certain need. IMHO,there seems to have been a lack of communication between the City?BOE and the City Council. That is why there seemed to have been an open public debate at the City Council meeting(which is quite rare). In fact..I would love to see some more open public debate. I don’t know the the advantages or disadvantages of this purchase. But it does seem that the members of the City Council were not given the proper info. They debated and walked away from it. Maybe the BOE should re-examine their communications with the City Council and The BOE needs to count their chickens before they are hatched. Sounds like and looks like poor prep from the BPT BOE. Maybe..lessons learned. Don’t bring a vote to the full City Council unless you have the votes to pass it.

        1. Frank, you are completely wrong. The Director of Public Facilities John Ricci, Construction Liaison Alan Wallach made a presentation to the City Council Committee. This waa initiated by Fran Rabinowitz and Mayor Ganim waa 100% on board.

          Aresta kept moving it forward and Mayor Ganim agreed to bond for it. It was Michele Lyons who was the loan objector because she lives 600 ft from the property.

          Principal Helen Giles, Special Education Director John Didinato, Construction Liaison Alan Wallach, and John Ricci went to the second meeting last week and answered all their questions. Michele Lyons still tried to block it, but it came out of committee on a 4 to 1 vote.

          She then started calling individual city council members, many who did not attend any of the committee meetings, and fed them lies as well as reminding them of how she supported their agenda items, therefore she wanted them to vote no.

  16. My daughter is the parent of a CSMA student as are numerous parents that I know and all would have preferred to move to a better facility. None, let me repeat None are happy with the vote of the city council and most think this vote was fueled by racism, we don’t THEM or THEIR school in our neighborhood.

    1. Donald Day,
      I can assure you that was race was not an issue. Michele Lyons and Amy Marie have a large minority constituency. Everyone knows that Classical Academy has a wonderful reputation. I have spent a lot of time there and Michele herself worked there.

      I live in the district- Most of my neighbors are minority. My immediate neighbors are Black with children.They go to Winthrop/Blackham/ Park City Magnet and Charters. My “Black” neighbors are homeowners and friends. The taxes we pay average 5800– 7400 a year. These people including myself signed a petition. Nobody, white/ black or anyone in between ever thought of CSA as a Black Urban school- Nobody!! I would be happy to introduce you to some of Michele Lyons and Amy Marie Pannicia’s “Black ” constituents. It is painful to think that this was a racist decision. CSA is one of only a handful of the finest schools in this city.This plan had Zero studies done. This was the worst plan possible for a gorgeous location with Narrow streets and quiet suburbia. Now the fact you no longer live in the city is not an issue. I would be honored to meet you and walk for an hour to prove that white and black people share the same concerns, pay the same taxes and have the best interests of their family and investments as you do. I can not emhasize enough the respect I have for the CSA school. Ms. Giles is a wonderful Principal and if there was a better site ,in the North End. We would happily have them here. We know the parents are very involved with the day to day activities as a requirement. Who wouldn’t want them in their neighborhood.

      Again Mr. Day. I would be honored to walk with you to show you the make-up of the neighborhood and the concerns of the neighbors. Blaming it on race is just not acceptable.

      1. There is nothing, absolutely nothing you have said that would make my statement less relevant, “None,let me repeat None are happy with the vote of the city council and most think this vote was fueled by racism, we don’t want THEM or THEIR school in our neighborhood.” I lived in Bridgeport for over thirty years and have friends and family that live in every side of town so I don’t need you to show me anyone, Black or otherwise to prove something that is only relevant to you.

        1. Donald Day. I accept that you believe the vote was fueled on racism based on a conversation with your daughter.I would expect her to share your afro- centric – we hate white people mentality. You should acknowledge that I would have been honored to walk with you and prove you wrong. My ‘black neighbors were as opposed to the plan as everyone else. I did say I would have been honored , I have to repeat that. You like everyone else that has been here 40 plus years have friends in every corner of the city. I certainly do and I always support a good plan. This plan was not thought out at all. That was clear.

          It is off the table ! Whether it was fueled by racism or not- It is clear that the African Americans in the north end see life through different eyes or maybe just maybe they have integrated beautifully into the North End and we pretty much all agree it was a bad idea. My offer to you stands anytime.

          Maria Pereira, In all of the years I have known Amymarie and Michelle Lyons, I have never heard them spreading any lies. They are both extremely respected throughout the North end and part of the 135th- that used to be part of the 134th. To be honest, I have never heard a constituent foul mouth either of them. They do their due diligence and serve their constituents well and usually show up to celebrate successes in other districts.

      2. Really, the EXACT same buildings and property housed a Catholic High school with over 1,000 students for 15 years.

        Once again, your posts are not grounded in facts, data, or truth.

  17. There was o feasibility study done. There was no traffic study done. There was no research done to see which of the schools are operating with a lot less students than it was built for. Dunbar is an example. There was no study to see if 2 of these under pupiled schools could be combined and the empty school used for these students . There are a lot of un answered questions and $50,000,000 is a lot of money plus do we need all of the property that comes with this deal.

  18. Before the city can buy or sell property there must be a public hearing.
    Maybe the city does not consider this to be the purchase of property but they would be wise to hold a public hearing no rather than later.

  19. Look Marge Simpson, I mean Maria, ask Judge Lopez or Lisa Parzialle if I’m a sexist. Marge, tell us what did those firefighters told you about Don and myself because you said that you were going to asked them.

    1. Marge, I supported a strong minded woman for mayor of Bridgeport in Mary Jane Foster the two times that she ran for mayor while you were kissing Joe Ganim ass alongside your BOE running mate, Dennis Bradley. Hey Marge, how did that work out for you?

  20. WOW, Maria’s in favor for the school. Maria says it was rejected based on race. Day says it’s racism as well. Andy calls Maria a racist for saying it was rejected because of race, yet when Day said it was based on race as well. Andy says he can see his point. Ron Chimes in to calls Maria idiot and racist.

    Steve attacks Maria for being in favor of the school, yet he asks Maria to praise Anthony and Nessa for being in favor of the school also. Steve are you going ask Anthony and Nessa to praise Maria for being in favor of the school? Steve explains to Day how the decision was not based on race.

    Again WOW.

    My simple opinion if it’s racist. It’s institutional racism because most of the Council members are minorities who voted against it, Right? Their several school operating on the neighborhood. Blackham is right down the road. The streets and homes are the same and it’s right off of Main Street. In fact this property was a school, it’s sits far back from road. Properly design it could be the best school in the neighborhood. (If they don’t pull a UI and cut down ever tree.)

    I will leave the actual financial aspect of it to JML as to its impact on the city. But as far as site and the impact on the neighborhood, this city allowed far more egregious developments, like Stop & Shop, the SH dorms in the area than a property that was a school be turned back to a school, would be the one of best school in the neighborhood. Barring what the financial impact to the city is and unless there is a better plan for a new school on the table. This vote just depriving Bridgeport students of having a much better environment and school to learn in.

    At the end of the day if there is another plan for the students.A $50,000,000 investment in the city and Bridgeport’s education system did not move forward and the students are not getting a new and better school with a nice environment to learn in.

    Maria I’m not defending you, I’m defending Anthony and Nessa. 🙂

  21. It is off the table- Discussion is over. I would imagine those involved will try to find a suitable site. Perhaps a site that is large enough for playgrounds and School Buses as well as fire engines. Perhaps incorporating it into the Cherry Street project to help improve the neighborhood since new housing and a charter school is already part of the make-up. Maybe it is time to take a full inventory of some 800,000 square feet of obsolete manufacturing sites in the city. Bassick High school deserves a site with outdoor fields for soccer and basketball. The needs are great . The GE site on Boston Avenue soon to house the New Harding High School- Why not a New CSA??? What about all of the land surrounding Bridgeport Parks on Quarry Rd, down the street from Fairchild Wheeler High. Lets see how creative they can be.

  22. You just refuse to read everything and like Trump you take what you want out of what’s written and throw the rest away. Nowhere did I say, intimate or insinuate that my opinion was based on what my daughter said. No wonder the education of our children are in dire straights when they allow people like you to educate their young minds.

    You’re an asshole to suggest that because I have black friends in that neighborhood that told me they were not opposed to the school that not only do I, but my daughter as well have a, “we hate white people mentality. You imbecilic rump wrangled you know nothing about my daughter, what she hates nor what her mentality. I would suggest that you post anything you want about me, but I warn you to leave my family out of your deranged malcontent postings. Make no mistake about who I am or what you think I am, but understand I don’t play that bullshit and I’m nothing like your black neighbors who love and adore your punk ass. My hope is that my message is clear, concise and coherent and that you fully understand where I stand.
    Trust and believe that there are consequences to be paid when you interject my family into your rants, a bill that I am happy to pay.

    1. Donald Day- Are you on medication? I was most respectful to you by taking my time to walk my neighborhood. You mentioned race and you cited your daughter also citing race. “Trump” , what is your problem sir? My post was most respectful. Your post was most insulting. There is noboby , Black or white that would agree with your verbal assault on me. Welcome to 2017– 1964 is long gone!

      1. You are flucking delusional just like Maria said. Nowhere in my post did I say anything about my daughter other than she’s a parent of a CSMA student and that she any other parents would love to move to a better facility. How in the hell is does that make her have a we hate white people mentality. This is my last warning to you, keep my family out of your bigoted ass mouth.
        I don’t give a damn what anyone Black or white thinks about what I say about you or otherwise. You’re my problem because I don’t like you because of the bigoted rants that you’ve posted in the past as well as those toy continue to post.

        1. Donald Day , you specifically said your daughter and her friends believed the decision was fueled by racicm. Read your own post. Everything you write is racism. I give up. My offer to be honored to walk my district with you is off the table. The Diocese is off the table. Find someone else to bait with your crap and perhaps you can help the city fine another site. Maybe you can suggest another facility here in the North End . My posts have all been respectful – from the Principal and the Students and the support they need a better facility. Confused where and why you think it is ok to lash out at me. I guess I will just get over it.

          As for Maria Pereira, You can say what you want and she is many things to many people. But one thing I can assure you and Ron Mackey- Of all of the things Maria is guilty of :-), Racism is definitely not one of them. She is a Black Woman trapped in a white body. Karma is a strange thing!

          1. Steve!

            A Maria said the vote was racist.

            B Day said one must think it was fuel be racism because the council vote down a $50,000,000 project to give his daughter child a better school in the North End. A building that was once a school. People can’t not see the logic to refuse to turn the property back to a school.

            C Out of the three of you. You are the most racist. Ron following behind.

  23. What is sad about the conversation on OIB concerning the Bridgeport Public School System that there is little or no discussion about the education of the 20,000 school students. On this topic it’s about property, the Classical Studies Academy magnet school and the Catholic Center on Jewett Avenue in the North End. There was so much time wasted on whether Marge Simpson (Maria Pereira) should be on the BOE, then the battle about Dennis Bradley, separate BOE meetings, Mayor Finch’s takeover of the BOE and so much more but nothing about the education of Bridgeport students and improving their test scores. The future of the Bridgeport Public Schools on educating the 20,000 students is in terrible condition and getting worse

  24. A. Why would the discussion be over? It seems studies weren’t done and isn’t all 20 council members up for elections? Maybe if some studies and plans satisfy some council members or new candidates win. A new vote can change the discussion. Surly this can be brought up again in the future.

    B. Let’s remodel old burnt out factories in blighted industrial neighborhoods to educate the kids. Personally I generally I’m not in favor of remodeling old burnt out factories of anything, except of another factory. This property was a school is it’s more than large enough to accommodate the needs of the students and keep the integrity of the neighborhood.

    C. Yes Bridgeport students and schools are lacking. So let’s keep it that way by voting against remodel an old existing school to the tune of $50,000,000. Or at least not have a better plan.

    D. Why not new CSA? I prefer new over remodeling especially over a burnt out factory in an industrial zone of a school. That cost money. Part of the appeal for this project I can lonely assume was it was built, designed and used as a school. I don’t know the property but from Google map and it seems there’s a lot to work with to accommodate the students and school needs and can keep the integrity of the landscape. Again properly designed eliminate some of the needless space it could be the best school in the neighborhood.

    E. Steve the on discussion that’s over is your opinion on any matter. Everyone on OIB knows you’re a cheerleader and a sycophant that has no integrity. The only thing the trumps you’re cheerleading is your racism. You’re probably the most racist on this tread and this issue. “Discussion over.”

    1. Robert Texeira, I am the most racist on this thread? You would have to explain your ignorance to someone like Don Day- I am many things. Racist lololololololololoolololololol9ololoololololololololololol– This will be my last ever response to you. Of than the religious education I took the time to give you at the end of this blog. Your outrageous character assassination of me is not only unwarranted, there is not one post on this thread you can site as evidence of such an outrageous statement. Sadly, OIB has become very tiresome for me. I need to remember You and Donald Day are not worth the effort. The discussion is over because the property in question is off the table. The council voted. Perhaps you did not understand the vote. Be well Robert and keep on Posting. If you ever respond to my post , please know that I am not responding to you.

  25. Ron first you are going to blame Marge or Homer.

    Second for Steve the Jewish and Catholics element probably has something to do with him being against it, not just race. It goes back to Jacob and Esau.

    1. Robert, I was giving Ron Mackey’s overview on what I’m reading concerning the Bridgeport School System and the lack of educational progress for the 20,000 students.

      Robert, now you tell us your view of the of educational progress for the 20,000 students?

  26. Steve you’re right, the CSA doesn’t have to be built on the dioceses’ property. There are other vacant lots available. Just like the Jewish temple can be built on a vacant lot behind the Dome of the Rock.

    The Jews are descendants from Abraham’s son Jacob, Catholics are descendants from Abraham’s son Esau, and Muslims are descendants from Abraham’s son Ishmael, Correct?

    1. Robert Texeira, Actually– Abraham is the father of all 3 religions. You are correct Ismaels lineage was the birth of Islam (Muslim_ with the Prophet Mohammed. The Jews are from the lineage of Abrahams sons Issac who fathered Jacob and Esau. Jacobs name was later changed to srail and he was the father of the 10 tribes of Israel. Early Christians were mostly Jews and the Catholic Church was based on the early Jews breaking with the laws of Moses and after 21 centuries the CATHOLIC cHURCH DOES NOT RESEMBLE ANY ASPECT OF Judiasm which Jesus himself was and he stated , “I come not to start a new religion , I come to fullfill one.

      Asa for the Jewish Temple being built behind the Dome of the Rock. It can not. The Islamic Temple- also referred tio as the Dome of the Rock is built on one of the most holy sites in Israel. It was on this site that according to legend , Adam and Eve were created. It is also the site according t0 tradition that Issac was to be sacrificed by Abraham (The Jewish Version) or Ismael was to be sacrificed ( the islamic version). It is also the site that Mohammed the prophet in Islam ascended to heaven. When the original Jewsih temple stood , was destroyed and rebuilt it is said that the Holy of Holy’s where the 5 books of Moses were kept in the Ark was just above the Dome of the rock–(inside the temple is the top of the mountain). The Jews are descendents of Adam and Eves 3rd son Seth. Cains lineage were all others. The Jewish lineage further are descendents of Jacob and his Brother Essau where not — Anoher thousand and so years we get moses and 2 thousand years later we get Jesus and here we are today. Trump just signed the religious liberty bill so we can discuss politics from the churches– BTW- Jews have always believed in the separation of church and state. Not a good day!-Just thought I’d share.

  27. A. What do you mean by Jesus himself was and he stated, “I come not to start a new religion, I come to fulfill one.

    B. It can be built behind the Dome of the Rock if they wanted it too.

    C. The Messiah the Jews await for was first mentioned before the destruction of the Temples. So why does it have to be rebuilt for the Messiah’s to come? Was this added, and if the last temple was destroyed after Jesu. Who and when was it added? Wasn’t it discovered that the actual location of the Temple was in that exact location we are talking about?

    D. How was it that Rape or Child molestation wasn’t part of the Ten Commandments given to Moses by God? It has, do not lie, steal, commit adultery, rest, but do not Rape or do not have sex with kids.

    E. You’re right. “Not a good day!-Just thought I’d share.”

  28. Robert he said not one can site evidence of his bigotry, search this subject on OIB an
    here his statement and just one response to his bigotry. Add you can see there were 87 responses and everyone called him a racist or bigot, everyone.

    Rev. Lee Protests Tribute Reversal, Mayor’s Office Cites Misunderstanding, Thanks Her For Service August 12th, 2015 · 87 Comments · City Politics, News and Events

    Steven Auerbach // Aug 10, 2015 at 2:06 pm

    And this is why I think the Rev. McBride is a poor excuse for a minister and an embarrassment to her community and why politics and religion do not mix. This is a racist effort on Ganim and McBride’s part to divide the community. She has no shame. She is a bad politician hiding under the cloak of a minister. Religion and politics don’t mix. See Mayor, no respect. You went to the Church, read the proclamation, said kind words and this is how an ordained Minister reacts when they have their lips firmly planted on Mr. Joseph Ganim’s ass.
    She is quickly becoming a cartoon character, a joke!!!

    The Bridgeport Kid // Aug 11, 2015 at 1:23 pm

    You ARE wasting your time here, Steve. You are a racist, immature and petty man who is intolerant of an opinion you disagree with. I hope the Finch campaign reels you in. Your antagonistic attitude here is beneath contempt. Your remarks toward Reverend McBride-Lee are beyond the pale. You have done more damage to Bill Finch’s re-election campaign than his chief of staff. Now please, for the sake of everyone, please go away. No one is arguing or disagreeing with you anymore. We just want you to go away. Pronto.

    1. Donald Day- I now believe you are ignorant.

      For the record I apologized to Rev. Lee. Most importantly for you to know, We walked together in Trumbull Gardens for Tom McCarthy and Charlie Stallworth.. Yes our Picture is on facebook if Lennie cares to retrieve it to rub you face in it!

      I do appreciate your stirring up mistepps – Which is why you sre stuck in 1964. BTW- There was not ne cmment that was about the color of her skin. It was about giving the same grace to Finch as she was giving to joe Ganim.

      Also be advised that I had a close relationship with all of Ganims supporters. Also remember you supported the candidate the Bridgeporters could not identify with. Back to your attempt to c0lor me a racist.Did I mention that the Reverend Mary-Lee Mcbride walked together in Trumbull Gardens for hours on a very hot day. Did I mention that I am very comfortable there is is that just a you understood scenario. Did I mention the nice people I met visiting Charlie Stallworths Headquarters .

      Maria is right about one thing for sure and it was always the one thing we had in common. We are always out there with the people and color is a non issue and there is not one part of Bridgeport that I am not part of. I have attended the cook outs at Newfield Park and P.T Barnum. If I am a racist then you must be the second coming- Black Jesus.. Now I will no longer defend my position in life.

      Donald Day- you can not like me because I am white, Jewish or Gay but one thing is for sure , Unlike you I live in the city that is a minority city. I love it here and I love th diversity. You on the other hand – Well, your tiresome commentary is as usual redundant. Did I mention that Rev Lee voted against the Classical Academy? She must be a racist- No. I was right there applauding her speech.Did I mention The Reverend, who gave the opening blessing at the council , and I walked the Trumbull Gardens on a grueling hot day? Did I mention how many people welcomed us into their homes. Politics certainly makes strange bedfellows. I am sorry you have publically made it clear you do not like me. I have learned a very long time ago, You can not please all of the people all of the time. I do not like your ideology . It is best we do not communicate. I did mention that I spent the day with the Rev. Lee in Trumbull Gardens yes?? Good , Thank you for digging that up and I thanked Lennie for posting it on the blog. I am good with Rev. Lee.. Maybe you want to dig up my comments on Louis Farrackhan. To me ,you are out of the same disgusting mold. Enough said on this.

  29. You are still a sorry excuse for a man and you can’t hide from your bigoted posts and your written words will follow you for the rest of your sorry life. Did I mention I could care less about who you walked with or how hot the weather was because, well you are a sorry excuse for a man. Did I mention that I don’t like you and I wouldn’t piss in your ear if your brain was on fire because, well I don’t like you.

    Go back and read the posts on that article that a myriad of OIB posters branded you as a bigot, a racist and an asshole and that had nothing to do with Finch, MJF, Ganim or me. That was their characterisation of you as person. Did I mention I don’t like you because, well you are a sorry excuse for a man. NOW, enough said on this.

    1. Mr. Day , You too are a sorry excuse for a man. So we agree with each other- Did I mention you are like Louis Farachan. The most vile disgusting person on the face of earth. You are like the Reverend Wright. Everything with you is a Black Issue and everything with you is a Firemens issue. Get a life and be gone! People like yes especially people like you made th racoists of this country vote for Trump. Now you know what yur very existence has contributed to the country. Keep of the good work. You are a race unifyer if ever there was one- Not! You bloviating ignoramus!

      1. Did I mention Mary Mcbride Lee as well as 14 other council memebers voted against the proposal.

        You made a mistake by stating your daughter and other parents at Classical Academy believed the vote was fueled by race. Your daughter must be thrilled that you had the audacity to mention her on this blog . Shame on you.

        I am sure you were called the next day by all the parents of Classical Academy telling you how unhappy they were and how the decision was fueled by racism. Asshole!

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