City Council Issues Moratorium On Sewer Fee Foreclosures

Update, includes resolution language. If you are subject to foreclosure action by the Water Pollution Control Authority, you’ve been given a 180-day reprieve to work something out. That, at least, is the perspective of the City Council that voted almost unanimously Wednesday night following a public hearing to place a moratorium on foreclosures regarding tardy sewer-fee payments called into question by many members of the legislative branch.

CT Post reporter Brian Lockhart has more on this:

But whether the stoppage goes forward or not seems in question. The City Attorney’s office, which initiates the foreclosures, is reviewing the legality of the council’s decision.

“Clearly the council wants one (a moratorium),” said City Attorney R. Christopher Meyer Thursday. “We’re looking at it.”

He said one question is whether the council has the right to impose the moratorium because the sewage collection system and two wastewater treatment plants are managed by the Water Pollution Control Authority.

Full story here.

City Councilman Marcus Brown, co-chair of the council committee responsive to constituent complaints that characterized abusive collection practices, says the council is working on reforms such as stopping the use of outside attorneys from bringing foreclosure action and limiting fees involved.

Referring to the City Attorney’s Office, Brown adds, “They have 90 days to give us their legal opinion. If they don’t act in 90 days the charter says we can pass the amendments to the existing ordinances without a legal opinion.”

East End councilor Ernie Newton praised his colleagues for the action.

“We heard testimony of how people have been treated. We need to do better. It’s the council’s job to address a problem when you see it. It’s been open season. No checks and balances. They allowed outside attorneys to do what they wanted to do. No one should operate without checks and balances. This has been going on a long time. Our job as a council is to put some checks and balances to fix things not being done right.”

From City Council Resolution

WHEREAS, the number of liens, foreclosures and foreclosure-related evictions caused by the Water Pollution Control Authority (WPCA) has become a citywide problem; and

WHEREAS, foreclosures destabilize neighborhoods and the loss of a home to foreclosure can devastate a family; in addition to losing what is often their most significant asset they are uprooted from community supports and often find themselves with no place to go; and

WHEREAS, the City Council Committee on Ordinances currently “has before it Resolutions 55-17, 56-17, and 57-17 all of which intend in their final form to rectify by Ordinance the many problems the City Council sees in the WPCA and the Lien Foreclosure process;” and

WHEREAS, a Moratorium of 180 days placed on the WPCA or any of its representatives in commencing any further Foreclosures would enable the Council Committee on Ordinances to complete their work with the pending three resolutions and for the full City Council to take the steps necessary to resolve the conflicts identified in the existing ordinances; and

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, by the Bridgeport City Council that to enable the  Ordinance Committee to complete its work, minimize unnecessary hardship on the residents of Bridgeport, that effective April 3, 2018 No Court Action to Foreclose a Lien Shall Be Instituted for a period of 180 days by the WPCA or any of its representatives AS AMENDED FROM THE FLOOR AT THE APRIL 2, 2018 CITY COUNCIL MEETING

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED by the Bridgeport City Council any and all foreclosures currently pending in the Superior Court shall be included in the moratorium and no further action shall be taken by the WPCA Attorneys to move pending case or cases in the Superior Court.



    1. Lis Pendent ????
      “I voted for it because I think it’s important to give a ‘time out’ for the process so we can implement some reforms to make it a more fair process,” said veteran Councilman Thomas McCarthy”.

      This Flucking Prick McCarthy, was the president of the City Council at the same time the WPCA with the help from then City Attorney office, run by City Attorney Anastasi who initiated the foreclosures on the poorest of our citizens/taxpayers helped them lose their homes.
      These parasites Lawyers where cut loose by City Attorney Marc Anastasi at the time and past City Council President McCarthy.
      Now Assistant City Council Attorney Mark Anastasi and Past President McCarthy can’t do enough for those 170 Lis Pendent Bastards, now Anastasi Council the Council..with Immunity! …Gulp!

      1. Right you are Jim Fox. Now we won’t have McCarthy to blame. He did whatever Mark A told him to do.
        Now we have DeFilippo whp is not beholden to Mark A. He is simply beholden to Mario Testa!!!
        One down and one to go.

  1. A moratorium, as such, is pretty meaningless if it isn’t used to implement a long-term solution to the problem of concern…

    The problem here is that a municipal, quasi-governmental monster, operated under private auspices under a for-profit model — the WPCA — is resonating with Bridgeport’s untenable socioeconomic (jobs/tax-base deficient, killer-property-taxes operative (dysfunctional) reality such that “captive” residents (those not in a position to improve their economic situation locally or to relocate to affordable environs) are losing their homes to the two-headed WPCA-Property Tax Bridgeport municipal monster (made even more destructive by the involvement of the WPCA private-management aspect…)

    The WPCA monster isn’t being killed, or even tamed here — it is only being kept at bay such that it can pounce harder out of greater hunger after being starved for six months…. Not a solution… And not even a legally-solid maneuver in the shorter term…

    There is no easy solution here. A multi-faceted solution is indicated that simultaneously addresses the overly-expensive costs of residing in our troubled city (untenably-high property taxes, WPCA, water/gas/electric utilities, etc.) while at the same time improving income situations for residents (jobs, “creative” benefits/payments to residents from “beneficiary” businesses and municipalities that parasitically prosper from Bridgeport infrastructure/housing/labor)…

    So: A WPCA-bill/lien foreclosure moratorium? It doesn’t even begin to recognize or address the root issues, and truly has all of the appearances of typical, dumb-ass, Bridgeport political (“reform”) opportunism by clueless, overambitious politicians.

    Sorry to the well-intentioned involved in this initiative, but you’re putting an awful lot of energy into a meaningless exercise that will ultimately only succeed in directing attention away from the real issues/root causes of Bridgeport’s distress… Our distress is not being caused by opportunistic lawyers seeking to feed off of our dying municipal carcass. These opportunistic lawyers are only a symptom of our municipal distress, not a cause, just as our “corruption” is only a symptom of our distress, not a cause…

    If there weren’t so much underlying human misery involved, this CC moratorium initiative would be the stuff of Shakespearean comedy… The clever portrayal of the farcical and stupid antics of the self-important clueless…

    City Council: Please get a clue and recognize our distress as the collective “food-chain issues” that have created the socioeconomic dungeon that is Bridgeport… You can get on the path toward this recognition by asking the essential questions of 1. Why aren’t WPCA bills being paid? (i.e., Why are so many Bridgeporters so financially squeezed? And please, think at least 3-D in this regard, taking a peek out of the box if you can so manage…)
    2. Why do we have a privately-managed sanitary sewer system?

    When you have generated a big-picture portrait of Bridgeport distress in this regard, then, please come up with a composite solution (set) designed to ameliorate our condition… And do recognize that there will be a need for heavy lifting and political/socioeconomic bloodletting (beyond the usual, counterproductive, internecine warfare defining the moratorium under consideration) in pursuit of the implementation of this solution set… And we really can’t afford any additional moratoria in this regard…

  2. Jeff with out a doubt you are an uncaring asshole that likes to write war & and freaking peace.
    People need to remember when there was no sewer users fee. The cost of operating the sewer system cam out of your property taxes. We owed the Federal Government money they sent us to up date the sewers and Manadanici used it for his budget, Needless to say the Feds wanted their money back thus the sewer tax and the WPCA. Remember ALL of the sewer systems were already in place , we taxed the usage of water.Water that is used to Bath, flush the toilet, water the lawn etc. Remember we already paid for this water in the bill we receive from the water company. We lease the management of the plant to outside companies who own none of the sewer infrastructure.
    Lets get rd of the water pollution authority, go back to the way the sewer system was paid for and run the fucking thing ourselves. This wpca has been robbing us blind and is a good place for graft

    1. Andy; you obviously didn’t understand the content of my post… Try reading it again… Try thinking beyond one dimension, and look up the words that aren’t yet fully integrated into your vocabulary.

      Once you’ve managed to actually grasp what was stated in my entry, you’ll realize that it is all about relief for all of the oppressed residents of Bridgeport — which is essentially all of us. It especially addresses the plight of the economically strapped that are in jeopardy of losing their homes, and beyond…

    1. Well Bridgeport Kid- Here I go. I totally think that Marcus Brown Harrington should be commended as well as Ernie ad Eneida as well as all members that voted for the moratorium. However, make no mistake about it, people that can have a sigh of relief will most likely not take advantage of a repayment plan. That is the problem. There are people on the council, people working for the city as well as our neighbors and friends that in this sad predicament. I will venture to say that many of these people also have Cablevision. The problem is , Cablevision will turn you off after 2 months in arrears. WPCA does that after moths of trying to collect.

      Bridgeport Kid, I am still amazed how my name comes up even when I do not post. Did you imagine that I would not support something that would give people a temporary sigh of relief??

      I have been in their position. I know first hand how it feels to feel almost helpless. This will give some a moment to breathe. The money is still due but they can at least breathe.

      There needs to be programs put in place. Energy assistance is available. Section 8 housing is available. People have beautiful apts that the Government pays 80 percent. People get food stamps. People who own a home do not get relief. They must lose a home before they get help. There have to be programs and safety nets put in place.

      CHFA used to have emergency assistance that would loan money like a second mortagage. Pay all thenbills in arrears and than charge a very low interest.

      I do not have any answers . I can only offer empathy. I have been there and I know if you are a survivor you will find a way. The moratorium is a great idea, But, the piper needs to be paid. You do not get to beat the system over a length of time and get a reprieve without consequences. People get cars booted and towed and then the taxes you could not afford have to be paid in full with all taxes and back taxes. You have to pay the folks that tow the car, you have to pay fr storage, you have to pay for the boot. You seem to find the money because you need your car. You have to take time off from work, figure out how to get to Mid-town auto etc etc etc. I have experienced it all so I can totally understand. When I hear that idiot friend of yours Andy Faedy talking about my 75 dollars a day as a substitute he probably thinks it is funny. That does happen when senility sets in. I made choices and was not a victim, Everything I have experiences has made me a better person.

      I do have to say one thing, My issues were my fault and I was able to take care of my business. Many that are victims now are not in the same boat and have nowhere to turn. For them I feel very sad. There you have it Kid. I have responded and I am proud of Marcus Brown and all of the members that supported this moratorium. I am certain you will have a derogatory thing to say. I accept that.

      1. Steve you are really sad. i find that a grown man making $75 while he has a degree is a sham. Steve you are a lazy ass. BtW asshole learn to spell my name I got the slight but from a person like you who cares.

  3. I’d like to say thank you to Enida Martinez for pulling to covers off of this despicable practice. I applaud the CC for taking this action In spite of the apprehension of the city attorney who never wants the CC to have an individual thought.

    No one should lose their home because of their inability to pay a bill and yes WPCA is bill just like your utilities or cable bill. It’s unconscionable that the City of Bridgeport figured out a way to steal people’s homes, hope and dreams and yet feel justified in destroying people’s lives.

  4. That’s the chicken SHIT logic that allows the city to take peoples homes, cablevision can turn off your cable, but WPCA can’t. Then find a way to do both because losing your home or automobile because you can’t afford to pay a bill or car taxes shouldn’t be an alternative.

    In the face of city intransigence, they have decided it’s in the best interest of the city to take one’s home for nonpayment of the sewer bill. Bridgeport under Finch and Ganim have figured out that the commoditization of Bridgeport resident’s is a viable alternative to raise funds on the least among us. Damn shame how people try to justify this inhumane treatment of people, DAMN Shame.

    1. While Bill Finch was still pretending to be mayor there was the program of seizing automobiles for tax debts, some so paltry (a hundred bucks or so) it was horrifying. When Finch was told of it he laughed. It was a joke to him, the misery caused by the unconscionable practice of seizing automobiles from the working poor.

      The Ganim version is foreclosing on homes for outstanding sewer fees. Russell Liskov and Judah Epstein had a nice little racket going. The State’s Attorney’s Office and the CT. Bar Association’s ethics committee out to investigate the both of them.

  5. I would also like to thank Enida Martinez for pulling to covers off of this despicable practice first hand. She is personally dealing with how it feels to feel almost helpless. But then there are these two asshole attorney, Russell Liskov and Judah Epstein trying to play the religious card by trying to intimidate her by filing a fake claim of discrimination against Enida Martinez. Again, thank you Councilwoman Enida Martinez.

  6. Ron, you frequently disagree with my comments or call me a racist. It does not bother me.
    You may wish to reconsider some of your 10:37 comments and retract and/or apologize for what you said.

    1. Tom White, I don’t call you a racist, I call you a bigot with racist ideas. As for my comments at 10:37 which words are you talking about, is it asshole, fake claim, religious card,you tell me and why?

  7. Tom,
    I guess your superior awareness has failed you. I call you a racist because of statements you have made on OIB and based on those you associate with. Ron has clearly stated that in his opinion you are bigot because you lack the power needed to be a racist. Time for you to go back to the woods and sit by the still with other like minded individuals. Now you can insult me in your next post because I pointed out that you are incorrect.

  8. Poor lil Tom, he got his feelings hurt. I don’t know you oersonally but can say your comments posted here on OIB exemplify all that is wrong ith the GOP at the local, state and federal levels. Donald Trump, the public face and titular head of the Republican Party, is a shameless bigot. His refusal to to distance himself from the rednecks and crackers that raised hell in Charlottesville is a matter of public record.

    The majority of the Bridgeport residents that lost their automobiles over meager tax debts were people of African-American and Latino ancestry. The majority of the Bridgeport homeowners losing their homes due to a draconian and unfair WOCA collections process arepeople of African-American and Latino ancestry. No matter. All of them are struggling to make ends meet, struggling to maintain homes they scrimped and saved and overextended to purchase. Judah Epstein took advantage of quirks nd loopholes in the law to enrich himself at their exoense. It is shysters such as him that give the legal profession a bad name.

    Incidentally, my late father was an attorney, attended Drake University School of Law on the G.I. Bill. He was a member of the Iowa Bar Association in good standing from 1950 until his death in 2007 and was a candidate for a Superior Court judgeship (he declined, prefering New England living to the Midwest). Through him I have resoect for the law.

  9. Tom,
    Being labeled a racist/bigot should not bother you. It would only bother you if it wasn’t true. Hey guys now that he doesn’t have a credible response maybe again he will deflect and apologize for baiting the three stooges. What a sorry little man. We can now refer to Tom White as the MASTER BAITER. I think that was probably the only thing he may have excelled at. Your own words coming back to bite you again Tom. LOL

  10. Ok. While some comments are giving kudos and high-fives to council members for their action, let’s review some basics:

    A resolution is a communication to introduce a legislative action.

    The city council does not have the authority to institute a moratorium on some of the collection practices used by the WPCA:

    The Bridgeport WPCA has a board of directors that oversees operations as required by the Clean Water Act and other Federal guidelines.

    The WPCA Board utilizes the Bridgeport city attorneys office for legal matters, including collections.

    The Bridgeport city attorney can utilize a third party to perform some of their work.

    The Bridgeport city attorney office has used a third party to do collections.

    At issue is the use of foreclosures in the collection process.

    The city attorney has explained the collection process and the reason for and guidelines for foreclosures.

    The City Charter states that all new ordinances and amendments to existing ordinances must be submitted in their final form and then reviewed by the city attorney for legality.

    City council members have submitted multiple resolutions (communications) but have not submitted an amended ordinance.


    The city council members appear to expect that they can make comments through resolutions and in committee meetings and an amended ordinance will appear in their mail box, courtesy of the city attorney.

    I realize that council members have restraints on their time, given the many taxpayer funded social events some attend, taxpayer funded NLC junkets and recovery time from beatings by boyfriends.


    The city council president should meet with representatives of the city attorney’s office. The council president may need to have council members other than the committee chairs involved as there is obviously animosity preventing progress.Agree on some details that need to be addressed in an ordinance amendment and stop the dramatics.

    1. Regarding the WPCA, the city of Bridgeport is regularly fined for dumping raw sewage every time there’s a strong rain. Why? Because the board of directors hasn’t seen fit to replace an antiquated and obsolete wate treatment system, one more example of a City Hall controlled by a corrupt party machine that cares more bout its collective privilege than the best interests of the city and the people that live here. So the harbor, a deepwater port, remains undredged and unusable. The waters kff Seaside Park, Daint Mary’s by the Sea and other waterfront parks are contaminated with urine, feces, PCBs, lead, mercury, arsenic and other pollutants.

      But it’s alright, Joltin’ Joe is running for governor. According to the bigmouthed wife of a BDTC district leader he’s doing it for the benefit of the people of the city of Bridgeport, he’s doing it for truth, justice and the American way. All hail the cinvicted felon and disbarred attorney, huzzah!!!

    2. Tom White, first after not knowing what you are talking about and your weak effort in trying to scare or intimidate me with your bullshit is laughable. Next, here’s a question for you, was the son of God a Jew?

      Now after not knowing you’re talking about you find a need to try to give an answer to the original issue.

  11. Tom “The Master Baiter” White,
    I think addition to you name is an accurate reflection of your expertise and experience. All those city council members who you constantly criticize most likely don’t want your input. I understand that there once was a position where a person advised the council on these matters, but the guy was an arrogant know it all loud mouth and they decided that the position was no longer worth funding. I do understand that you feel that you have powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men. It’s like you feel that you are a member of a superior race. Take my previous advice and go back into the woods and hang out by the still and chew tobacco with the others who feel that they are members of the superior race. This matter will get resolved without Tom “The Master Baiter” white

  12. Ron,
    Do you think it would be reasonable to assume if we see White at any event that we would be subjected to his public “Master Baition.” It is hilarious that this idiot would refer to anyone as a stooge.

      1. Derek, this asshole can’t even answer a simple question, “Tom White here’s a question for you, was the son of God a Jew? Did Jesus go to the Synagogue with other Jews?”

    1. By Daniel Tepfer Published 3:39 pm, Friday, April 13, 2018

      Tom White, Associate City Attorney Russell Liscov filed a complaint with the state Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities after he said Martinez directed an anti-Semitic at him during a city council meeting.

  13. Tom “Master Baiter” White,
    You really are an idiot. It’s all about You, look at me and my superior abilities. Do you think it was just a coincidence when you wrote your masterpiece and a picture of Buffalo Bob and Howdie Doody was published. Your a Puppet and a joke and your the only guy who doesn’t get it. Tom White sitting on Mike Garrett’s lap with Garrett’s hand up his back. I don’t want to be cruel Tom, but you truly are an idiot. I’m going to sign off for now because your just too damn stupid and I don’t want to take advantage of your stupidity.

  14. Most people know what a ‘hit’ on a blog is. Apparently the stooges do not.

    Joe, contact Lennie and ask if you can do a commentary on something which you are known to be knowledgeable. There must be something.

    Ron Mackey, maybe Lennie can advise you on how to publish your new book, ‘I Copy, I Paste.

    ‘Kid’, I know nothing about you other than some comments on OIB. Are you a drag queen or something? Was there a fundraiser to help you pay your rent? Was that you?

  15. Tom White,
    I do remember when I first became aware of you and your service to the City Charter through your hire. Was it the vision of Andres Ayala when he was CC President that a Legislative Asst or Admin was put in the budget? I guess that was back in the day when the CC had much more idea of its power and history than it knows today. That may because of the HAPPY DAYS civics lessons provided by Tom McCarthy for the past ten years. A Council without an Admin Asst with an independent experience as a Council member himself, and a sense of Charter, Ordinances, etc. that many current Council members have not yet read was less threat and bother for him, so he got rid of you when you looked to closely at the way stipends were used. Fascinating memory of the night you were asking questions at a B&A Meeting and the next minute there were Co-Chairs DePara and Brannelly joined by McCarthy, all red-faced and upset at you. It wasn’t two months before McCarthy organized you off the playground and out of work. He also gelded the Council because who has time to really read, study and review, much less research. But he kept to himself (labeling the position for City Council support) an employee in the City Clerk office who is still there, greeting the public and arranging benefit tickets to galas in Bridgeport for Council members supported by the continuing largest stipend account per legislator in CT. Think of how those stipends are used, and how their product is shared with the public in each District? Amazing, isn’t it? Time will tell.

  16. Ok Guys,
    Last night I was provided with some information. It may be fact or it may be fiction, it may unlock the mystery to the behavior of certain individuals. Here it is for you to decide.
    Many years ago a man named Mr. Anderson knocked on his neighbor’s door and informed her that her son Tommy and his friend Mikey have been using his tool shed to practice their “Master Baiting “skills. Her first reaction was shock and she assured Mr. Anderson that this must be due to Mikey’s influence over her little Tommy, and she will put an end to this.
    Later that evening as she was putting little Tommy to bed she explained to him that this type of behavior is unacceptable and could lead to blindness. He promised that he would not do it again and drifted off into dreamland.
    The next day Tommy told Mikey of the conversation that he had with his Mom. Mikey replied “I’ve been doing this for years and the worst thing that has happened is that I needed to get glasses” With that the reassured Tommy and Mikey continued their activity in Mr. Anderson’s tool shed.
    Over the next few months several other youngsters joined in a circle in Mr. Anderson’s tool shed and honed their skills as “Master Baiters” under the watchful eyes of Tommy and Mikey.
    The first African American family moved into their neighborhood with a son about the same age as the others in their little circle. He was invited to join their group. When this youngsters turn came little Tommy was quite visibly upset by the God given talent of this kid. He shook so badly Mikey instructed him to come and sit on his lap. Mikey whispered into his ear just move your mouth I’ll do the talking. We’ll fix this kid for taking the spot light off of us.
    So Tommy and Mikey spread horrible rumors about the kid who had unknowingly and unintentionally cause them shame and embarrassment due to his God given attributes. They changed the location of the inner circle activities and made a pledge to limit the membership of the inner circle to WHITES ONLY.
    I was also told that many of those members had moved on to a local political organization.
    Maybe this story is true, maybe not. However if it is true it certainly explains many things.

  17. You seem to have a fascination about a certain subject Master Baiter I believe that you are the real jerk off here.All you contribute is about Master Baiter its got to be your favorite form of recreation. Maybe you can get that other racist and the 2 of you can have an old fashioned circle jerk.

  18. Tom White,

    James Comey’s book hits the stores this week. He’s on the interview circuit promoting his tome. He told George Stepanopoulos Donald Trump is a compulsive liar that is morally unfit to hold office Given their respective reputations the majority of Americans will believe Comey over Trump:

    After law school, Comey served as a law clerk for then-United States District Judge John M. Walker Jr. in Manhattan. Then, he was an associate for Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher in their New York office. He joined the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York, where he worked from 1987 to 1993. While there, he served as Deputy Chief of the Criminal Division and helped prosecute the Gambino crime family.

    From 1996  to 2001, Comey served as Managing Assistant U.S. Attorney in charge of the Richmond Division of the United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia. In 1996, Comey acted as deputy special counsel to the Senate Whitewater Committee. He also served as the lead prosecutor in the case concerning the 1996 Khobar Towers bombing in Saudi Arabia. While in Richmond, Comey served as an Adjunct Professor of Law at the University of Richmond School of Law.

    Trump, on the other hand, recieved four deferrments from military service and won a bowling trophy while attending business school.


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