City Council Confirms Housing/Hotel Phase For Steelpointe Harbor

File image, Steelpointe Harbor, June 2021.

The City Council Monday night by a 14-5 vote approved a tax abatement for the next phase of the Steelpointe Harbor redevelopment area that calls for 400 units of waterfront housing, hotel and associated retail at the nexus of the East Side and East End along Stratford Avenue.

Bridgeport Landing Development plans groundbreaking this spring.

Under the terms of the agreement, the developer will pay taxes on the cost of the land for three years annually, $23,900, during the construction and occupancy phase. Tax payments will increase to $1.26 million in 2025, rising by two percent each year, reaching $1.47 million in the final year of the abatement. Full standard taxation will then commence.

The apartments will range in price from $2,100 to $2,700 per month which supporters of the project assert creates a higher-end housing market bringing new investment into the city.

Vote breakdown:

Yes: Scott Burns, Matt McCarthy, Jorge Cruz, Marcus Brown, Rolanda Smith, Jeanette Herron, Michele Lyons, AmyMarie Vizzo-Paniccia, Mary-McBride Lee, Rosalina Roman-Christy, Alfredo Castillo, Aidee Nieves, Maria Valle, Ernie Newton.

No: Tyler Mack, Aikeem Boyd, Maria Pereira, Michelle Small, Wanda Simmons.

Councilman Avelino Silva was absent.

This approval blends a current retail synergy with a market-rate housing component to attract new investment into the city a short distance from Downtown.

The urban renewal property currently features Bass Pro Shops, Starbucks, a 220-slip full-service marina, affiliated Bridgeport Boat Works, pedestrian walkway and Boca Oyster Bar.

Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase were among investors participating in a recent sale of $48 million worth of revenue bonds to provide the resources to start building the towers and hotel.

“We look forward to the next couple of years as vertical construction continues, new businesses and new jobs are created, and the hotel and housing towers begin to welcome visitors and residents to a new live, work and play Connecticut waterfront neighborhood,” says Robert Christoph Jr. a principal with Bridgeport Landing Development.

While this current construction phase attracts market rate housing with views of Long Island Sound, developers have partnered with Bridgeport Neighborhood Together to create 45 offsite workforce housing units toward the required 10 percent allotment of what is being built on the 44-acre redevelopment area that once housed a power plant cutting off water access.

Another 44 units proposed on East Main Street, they say, have been submitted for approval.

Bridgeport Landing Development has also partnered with Bridgeport-based, minority-owned Ashlar Construction for the mixed-use development in the East End that includes a grocery store in the food desert neighborhood.



  1. My congratulations to councilors Tyler Mack, Aikeem Boyd, Maria Pereira, Michelle Small and Wanda Simmons for standing up for the residents of Bridgeport, for the future of Bridgeport and the rule of good judgment. In order to be an effective leader you must first determine your CORE VALUES, LIVE by them, and LEAD by them.
    General Colin Powell said, “being responsible means pissing people off, it is inevitable if you are honorable.” “You’ll avoid the tough decisions, you’ll avoid confronting the people who need to be confronted. Trying to get everyone to like you is a sign of mediocrity.”
    I’m sure that General Colin Powell would be ashamed of those 14 councilors that voted for this as should the residents of Bridgeport that voted for these dilettantes.

    1. Really DD, the very Colin Powell who blindly bought into the Bush administration lies of weapons of mass destruction, leading to an attack of a country that didn’t attack us? Remember that? How many thousands died because of that? That’s your comparison?
      Truth be told Mack and Boyd voted no as a thank you nod to Gen Now for supporting their respective campaigns. That’s understandable. Pereira is all about Pereira, an attention-junkie demagogue. Small is a clueless Pereira puppet. Simmons voted no because her vote was not needed. So much for courage and core values.

  2. This is what shills like Lennie and Moses have envision for the displaced East- Enders of the 137th and 129nd.
    The urban renewal property currently features Bass Pro Shops, Starbucks, a 220-slip full-service marina, affiliated Bridgeport Boat Works, pedestrian walkway and Boca Oyster Bar.
    So how many people from the 137th & 139th will raise a glass or two at the Boca, with Lennie and Moses and the other Shills of the Bridgeport Landing, and for the return of the White Fighters!

    Thank you all for voting No to the 400 Market Rate Housing Tax Break!
    Tyler Mack, Aikeem Boyd, Maria Pereira, Michelle Small, Wanda Simmons.

  3. Yes Lennie, that General Colin Powell, that believed in America so much that he believed the Big Lie told to him by the President of the United States because there was no way that he would lie to him! Yes Lennie, that General Colin Powell who trusted his superiors so much that he felt that it was incomprehensible that they would start a war over the ulterior motives that they harbored! Yes Lennie, that General Colin Powell who when he found out about the Big Lie pretty much excommunicated himself from the party that he loved for the better part of his adult life. Yes Lennie, that General Colin Powell who believed that honesty, character and integrity was more important than the party that he served. Yes Lennie, that’s the reason that Bridgeport will continue to be referred to as the shit hole of Connecticut because it’s politicians lack the integrity, the honesty and character of a General Colin Powell. This vote showed me and most of the posters in this forum and at least five councilors that most of their contemporaries are shit hole individuals that put the party ahead of what’s best for the residents and city they represent. My General Colin Powell would have never knowingly compromised his integrity, honesty and character much like those 14 folks that voted for that bullshit. Damn Lennie, could Jimfox be right about you?

  4. Lennie you say, ” he compromised his integrity by becoming a stooge to do a war criminals bidding. You compare a Bridgeport economic development to his recklessness?
    Why yes I do because the recklessness of those 14 folks that voted for this Imbecilic project that rapes the city while enriches rich ass white men to the detriment of those Black and Latinx people who had their homes, hopes and dreams stolen. Does it surprise me that you are in full support of these white people’s folly, hell no just look in the mirror to get your answer. Does it surprise me that eight Black and Latinx city Council members supported this rich white man’s folly, hell no because they’ve always had their head stuck up some white man’s ass. Lennie, I’ll Concede to the expertise of Jimfox who knows you much better than I when he referred to you as a shill. Sounds about right to me!

    1. DD, I’m not a shill. I outright support the project. That’s not shilling. The Christophs have done a lot of good for Bridgeport in and outside the development area. An awful lot of people you claim to like also support the project. Are their heads stuck up some white man’s ass? Did you interview dozens of people, as I did, when they were given fair market prices for their homes, that you claim stolen? They couldn’t wait to get out of the crime, grime, shootings, despair, poverty. Goodness, gracious, $2,100 for a monthly apartment in Bridgeport. Such a calamity. As for Fox, he can fetch $3,000 a month to rent his house in Black Rock. He also predicted Steelpointe Harbor would never build out. He also predicted Bass Pro wouldn’t last a year. It’s now in year seven. What happened to all the haters who predicted the amphitheater would never be built? Hello?

  5. Okay, I wasn’t going to chime in, but play-nice People.

    Comrade Day that obscure quote by General Colin Powell can go either way. In fact, it has more meaning for the other side. Not only did it piss you off it pissed others off too, Like Maria who is on the news staging a protest, not Ernie though, pun intended. 🙂

    “You’ll avoid the tough decisions, you’ll avoid confronting the people who need to be confronted. Trying to get everyone to like you is a sign of mediocrity.” Colin Powell. 🙂

    Which is what you, Jim, Maria, Gen Now, and others who are opposing this project. while the other side is trying to raise the bar for a stronger Port future that is more than public/affordable housing. Considering they have plans for affordable housing in other locations.

    So while Colin Powell might be ashamed of some council members is might not be the 14 you ascribe his quotes to.

    BTY If you, Jim, Gen Now, Maria and others are so concerned about affordable housing, the housing needs for veterans, or of people of disability. Instead of calling on Sen, Blumamthal to preserve Remington Woods for open space call news 12 and organize an assembly for a development affordable housing plan for that land. I mean, is it about taxes or those housing needs.

    It’s like saying let’s not build and develop a Mercedes-Benz, luxury car because it promotes racial discrimination/disparity. So let’s only build Nissan Sentra that will lower the standard of quality for everyone instead of a more worthy goal to elevate the racial disparity where blacks can own a Benz and home of their own. Wouldn’t you say Camrade Day? What would you like more the means/opportunity to own a Benz and home or a voucher for affordable housing and free bus fare?

    I have no issues with people not wanting to give tax incentives to certain projects or call for affordable housing for those below a standard capitalize “invisible hand” is not providing, but when you mash them together as a means to lower the standard overall you are lowering the standard for everyone future, instead of trying to raise the tide in the Port that could potentially give raise the other boats in the Port, It seems most of the objection is racially motivated that is racist itself of not wanting white people to move to the Port.

    To Lennie’s point, $2,000, $2,500 is far from a luxury apartment standard, it might be for the Port though, a worthy goal though. However, it is not absolute either. Just like when the Port’s premium Hilton Hotel had to lower, change its value in name recognition (standard) to the Holiday Inn. So maybe the incentive is warranted to some degree. 🙂

    Not that there’s nothing wrong with staying at a Holiday Inn, but I am sure blacks would prefer to say the premium Hilton Hotel, given a choice, just like a Benz over a Sentra.No?

    But to be fair to General Colin Powell, Lennie, it’s not like Saddam didn’t have or used WMD against Iran or his own people, men, women, and children in the early 80s. I am sure he didn’t lose the recipe.

    P.S I am sure Powell wasn’t the only aspect for war so stop being hypa-criticizer people. 🙂 Jim, try changing your meds and smoke some Alabama Kush. 🙂

    Me and my links are out of here, 🙂 Peace out, and play nice. 🙂

  6. No reader/responder of Only In Bridgeport is free of mistakes on one or more subjects. So the contentious discussion above is kind of silly in terms of comparing recently deceased US Army General Colin Powell to others in local leadership positions. Lennie is correct. Powell supported the “intelligence” narrative about “weapons of mass destruction” that he regretted years later based on new information revealed.
    Lennie does his digging or not, as a pseudo-journalist these days. And that passes for professionalism, I guess, or the best we can get to in Bridgeport?

    I wrote comments and delivered them to the CC at public comments last night with copies to Council persons, City Clerk office, and Only in Bridgeport. My comments fail to move Editor Grimaldi’s needle. Sorry, all. Especially the five who went against the matter before the CC, but not specifically about the best deal for investors, City and taxpayers that will get a good deal completed, thank you. Good info, shared around, will make for a better City future.

    But some of us wish a wider net of information, sharing, and discussion previous to votes. For instance, are 400 units the balance of development by BLD? What happened to the 1500 units mentioned previously? The Ganim administration has been in no rush to accomplish anything, has it? Where are the Annual State of the City talks that mention priorities? And isn’t this the time of year when the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report hits the City? (And the Mayor reviews the report in depth at a formal Council meeting where the public gets to ask questions, listens to responses, asks more questions until all are satisfied? Isn’t the audit a story of how the priorities were carried out? A source of pride to leadership? Why not teach the taxpayers what you are up to?)

    A glance at the City of Bridgeport Finance Department listings show that the reports from the auditors were dated December 23, 26, and 27 for letters to Mayor, Council persons, and Citizens of Bridgeport for the 2020, 2019, and 2018 years, meeting the requirement for such audits to be complete within six months of the close of a fiscal year (July 1 – June 30) in the City. The letters had been delayed in the previous two years, and extended ten or 30 days beyond the deadline in 2017 and 2016.

    So we await the CAFR? And may we await a City seminar on recent economic and financial history? In the meantime there is Lennie, a nice guy, who also has made decisions that turn out to be judged wrong, a humbling experience from which one can learn. But he has a primary commitment to his financial supporters with whom he does not wish conflict. Isn’t that a narrative worth keeping in mind in 2022? Does this seem like common sense to you? Time will tell.

    1. Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, “Beneath that glossy exterior of warrior-statesman was one of the most generous and decent people any of us will ever meet,” Albright said, calling him a figure “who almost transcended time. His virtues were Homeric — honesty, dignity, loyalty and an unshakable commitment to his calling and word.” In the wake of Operation Desert Storm, which Powell oversaw as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Albright said he was “the hero of the western world.”

  7. C’mon Lennie, you’ve been involved in Bridgeport politics for a long time and are you now saying that NO Black’s in Bridgeport have/had their heads stuck up white folks ass? You say you’ve interviewed dozens of people, but how many did you know personally?
    My nephew’s grandparents worked their ass off to buy their home after living in the Village. The city offered them what they thought was fair market price for their home even though they didn’t want it and would have preferred to stay in the home they bought. Most of their money went to People’s Saving Bank to pay off their loan and they were left with little or nothing to live. They were forced to move to an apartment building and pay a rent that was much more than their mortgage. This story isn’t anecdotal like the dozens you claimed to have interviewed, no this was the life that they were really dealt, one that impacted them for the rest of their lives!

    To those other two clowns that tried to desecrate the memory of General Colin Powell I’ll just ask you two assholes, which one of you two clowns served this country for 35 years in the military? If you did indeed served this country for 35 years raise your hand, but if you didn’t shut the fuck up! I defy either one of you two assholes to compare your level of service to that of General Colin Powell! Go ahead I’ll wait!

  8. Lennie here’s a little OIB history and I don’t see anywhere their is talk about those whohad their land taken from them or the benefits for the tenants and the taxpayers.

    “Battle Of The Skunks, Plus: Skinny On Mario And Finch On The Phone”
    March 15, 2008 LennieGrimaldi Analysis and Comment, Media, News and Events18 Comments

    First things first, congratulations to new State Senator Rob Russo, sworn in by Gov. Jodi Rell on Friday. Russo will represent residents in Trumbull and parts of Bridgeport and Monroe. He’ll be on the ballot again in November. The campaigning never stops. Enjoy it for a few months Rob!

    The skunk fight continues in Waterbury Superior Court. That’s where lawyers for developer Alex Conroy claim that development plans for Steelpointe were torpedoed by Joe Ganim for the chosen ones Al Lenoci Sr., and attorney Chuck Willinger.

    It’s almost like this case is about who’s the bigger skunk, Paul Pinto, Ganim’s shakedown concierge or Willinger, an unindicted co-conspirator in the Ganim case, accused of stonewalling Conroy’s deal to wire Steelpointe to his clients.

    The odious spray in the courtroom will require heavy doses of tomato juice and lemon.

    Pinto characterized Willinger a liar on the stand. Willinger had likewise words for Pinto in a news statement afterwards.

    Pinto will stop at just about nothing to get what he wants and it’s like he’s relishing his testimony against a bunch of players that paid him hundreds of thousands of dollars because he thinks they owe him more. Pinto has a sub-zero conscious level when it comes to greed, bribery and vindictiveness. He was the worst guy in the Ganim case. You’d think that after spending two years in the joint he’d come out, stay quiet and move on with his life. No, one of the first things he does is accuse the Lenocis of owing him money. What a soap opera. Lenoci built an eight-foot high fence on his Easton property to avoid seeing Pinto’s home that Lenoci helped him build. What a crazy trial.

    Mario Factor

    Mayor Bill Finch is burning up the phone lines urging Democratic Town Committee members, many of them city employees, to keep John Stafstrom in as party leader. I spoke to six DTC members that received calls. Some feel pressure, some don’t, and it appears the mayor’s calls may have swung a vote or two. But is it enough to keep Stafstrom in power? We’ll keep an eye on this. We’ve had some chatter about the prospects of Mario Testa returning as Democratic town chairman. I can shed some light on what the government thought about Mario and efforts to nail him. The FBI wanted Mario sitting at the defense table with Joe Ganim. They spent years on him. They thought he was dirty. They did not charge him.

    The government asked me lots of questions about Mario. Here’s what I told them: Mario gets heavy-handed about fundraising (so do a lot of pols), he played around with absentee ballots (so did a lot in Bridgeport), but I never saw an instance where he had his hand out for himself. I never saw him use the town chair position to enrich himself. He never came to me and said–unlike a handful in the city–Grimaldi, if you want this you have to grease me personally. For the most part, he broke balls (mine too) on fundraising on behalf of his candidates and town committee accounts.

    Mario’s old school, work hard and play hard politically. You work for the team, you get rewarded; you don’t work for the team, you don’t. That’s how the political system works. He does not apologize for it. Some of this stuff is on the edge. That’s the fine line you walk in this game.

    Mario knows how to play power politics as well as anyone in the city. That means understanding all aspects of government from the city council to department heads. Bill Finch does not. So Finch as mayor and Mario as town chair is an interesting dynamic that Finch wants to avoid. Don’t allow Mario’s lack of command of English fool you. He’s a cunning son of a gun who knows how to exploit weaknesses. But he’s not so stubborn that he’s unwilling to compromise.

    I’m not saying anything of this is good, bad or ugly. It’s just the way it is. (Now tell me, can you get this stuff in the CT Post!)

    Hey, don’t forget to check out guitar slinger The Bridgeport Kid Tuesday nights at the Acoustic Cafe on Fairfield Avenue in Black Rock. Starts around 9 p.m. with $3 cover, and according to the Kid they know how to make girly drinks.


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