City Council Brawl Bashes Taxpayers

The City Council brawl in 2010 that made national news is costing taxpayers $85,000. CT Post reporter Brian Lockhart has more here. The fight was precipitated by then City Councilwoman Evette Brantley, who’s seeking election to her West Side district seat, after losing it in 2013.

Community gadfly Cecil Young was on his usual tear taking city officials to task, rambling about sewage issues at P.T. Barnum Apartments, and a bunch of other stuff during the public speaking portion of the meeting between 6:30 and 7 p.m.

Cecil apparently didn’t like the facial gyrations coming from council member Evette Brantley who said she wasn’t feeling well. Cecil misinterpreted Brantley’s expressions as being directed at him and launched into a rant. Okay, time is up says City Council President Tom McCarthy who chairs the public-speaking portion of the meetings.

After Cecil was done speaking, Brantley approached him to explain her frown was not intended for him and she wasn’t feeling well. She got in Cecil’s face, as a review of the film shows. Cecil wasn’t buying it. Yell, scream, finger pointing. East Side council member Angel DePara moved in to break them up. Pushing, shoving occurred and then McCarthy came to Angel’s defense followed by others. Within seconds most everyone was rolling around on the council chamber benches.



  1. What a bunch of clowns. Evette Brantley is a worthless p.o.s. Cecil should file civil suits against these morons but he has a nice paycheck coming so why bother.

  2. A request for a moment of personal privilege has been invoked several times in recent City Council meetings. Long service Council person James Holloway provided an extended explanation of his expectations for observing a wall between the public and the Council chamber. The public stands outside with speaking privileges during public speaking and listening only after that. The Council stays inside the railing, endures listening to the public, but does so without responding or answer and certainly does not leave the safety of the Council Chamber itself.

    When Council person Brantley behaved outside “Holloway’s expectations,” he is of the opinion the City should not be responsible for the liability potentially created. And the Police presence, wherever they were on that evening, did not save the City from the video matchup.

    Perhaps if the public knew they were better listened to, perhaps if more Council persons worked for resolution rather than rested on seniority privileges, perhaps if more people attended, talked to their Council person, and learned what is really going on, there would be pressure for change. Council seats are not royal chairs. They are the seats of public servants, aren’t they? Time will tell.

    1. Andy, I feel responsible for her reelection. If I had spent some of the time I worked for Joe, which was 24/7, on being serious about that Council seat, she wouldn’t be taking an oath for another term. It was the most irresponsible decision I ever made, and I wish I had the chance to right that wrong. Maybe Rick will run Council members in the 132nd district. I don’t care what the DTC thinks, I would work for them the way I should have for myself.

          1. Lisa, I think Andy may have been referring to your support of Joe Ganim. I think Evette Brantley and John Olson will serve the city fine. We have had many council members in the past who have been questionable, so I expect we always will.

            Lisa, do not beat yourself up second-guessing yourself. Your district will survive and I am sure now you may have the incentive to speak up when you see injustice.

    1. Many of our elected officials lack self-control, respect and most of all, class! Lydia Martinez, Evette Brantley and several others. They’re who we have representing us. God help us and the City of Bridgeport.

    1. Exactly, those who did not vote in the primary are devastated and traumatized. They will take responsibility for their actions and vote for Mary-Jane Foster. BTW that was a great editorial in the Connecticut Post today regarding Joe Ganim as written by Nancy Hadley.

  3. The video is a record of what happened but just as important were the actions by McCarthy and Anastasi to convince the State’s Attorney’s Office Brantley and DePara were acting in their official capacity as council members. I don’t believe Brantley intended to assault Cecil Young, but that is what happened. Young, DePara and Brantley were fined by the Police Department, but McCarthy’s actions put the city on the hook for Brantley’s belligerence. That’s how McCarthy garnered the loyalty of city council members. Thanks to the DTC, Brantley will be back.

  4. Bingo Mr. White, ANOTHER example of how McCarthy “takes care of his own.” I wonder what the response would be if Mr. Torres did the same thing. I bet the response would be different from McCarthy and Anastasi. Thank God they will both be out after the election, enough of this. Brantley, DePara should be responsible for their actions, NOT the taxpayers.

  5. Lennie, any plans for producing a low-budget “When Bridgeport Council Members and Former Mayors Go Wild!” video, with proceeds to the city to offset the payout to Mr. Young and others?

    What’s $85,000 divided by one easy payment of $9.95?

    (Pssst! Mayoral candidate Chris Taylor–throw in the video, with the free laptop, credit card, cable, and bikes you’re promising.)

    Maybe a little professional training by the City Council President of fellow members could have prevented this costly episode. If a citizen berates you during public comment, do not engage said citizen in any way that gives the appearance of being, or is, threatening, menacing, or escalating into an altercation, mano a mano or otherwise.

  6. “You are welcome. I pick respectable, trustworthy, honest candidates I believe in.”

    Little Steven from last thread,
    You backed Finch little Stevie, your credibility is shot, but we know you just want to be wanted. I do owe you a apology thinking you were paid to back Finch as hard as you did and do, normal people get paid to do what you do, you are so far from normal it borders on madness.
    Your latest candidate to put stars in your eyes by saying I need you Stevie has never held a political office and only shows her political face every four years. Ganim went to jail for his greedy stupidity, not only does he deserve the second chance he will get but he has brought the city back from bankrupt once and thanks to your last love Finch killing the city, Ganim will bring us back again.

    1. BPT REBEL, I backed Mayor Finch, an honest candidate, and now I am backing Foster. My credibility is shot? With whom? Those who are supporting a convicted felon on 16 counts? Does that make your candidate respectable because the ignorant and impoverished want to re-elect a man who spent seven years in jail and lives very comfortably in Easton? Dude or Bitch, whichever you are, I can assure you my credibility with voters is not shot as Nov. 3rd may tell you.

      BPT REBEL, Joe Ganim did not bring back the city from Bankruptcy. The fact Mayor Mary Moran has decided to let Joe use this as his battle cry is her misfortune. The man who just endorsed Mary-Jane Foster was the Governor who kept funneling money to the city of Bridgeport making Ganim look like a hero as well as Lowell Weicker bringing Housatonic Community College Downtown.
      Finch will be the Mayor who brought Steelpointe to fruition and has started the wheel moving on 2000 units of housing downtown, on the water in the South End, Steelpointe, and along 95, 336 units of housing in a vacant manufacturing building with a charter school and grocery store.

      BPT REBEL, I wish you good luck sharing your wisdom with voters. It will be the misfortune of the city if the Foster campaign cannot get the message out in four weeks.

      I know allowing to come out strong for Ganim because they want the city to be the laughing stock of the state with every news article beginning with Convicted Felon Joe Ganim, Disgraced Mayor Joe Ganim etc. A great source of pride for the city. When talking about City Pride, Joe Ganim comes to mind. Just Google Joe Ganim.

      For the record, Mary-Jane Foster did not ever say I need you Stevie, Steven, or Steve. She doesn’t have to. I supported her before, I have supported Mayor Finch and very proud of where the city is today. Economic Development is at a 50-year high. People will remember what didn’t happen under 12 years of Ganim, other than a polished commercial with Ganim and his former wife promoting Bridgeport (himself, as he was running for Governor). Can you imaging if Bill Finch did that? Imagine what is going on today with development compared to the 12 years of Ganim.

      BPT REBEL, thank you for being a source of inspiration for me. I was tired of talking about Ganim’s past but with supporters like yourself, I must keep on keepin’ on!!!


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