Children Helping Children: St Ann’s Students Profiled On 60 Minutes

Scott Pelley of 60 Minutes featured students from St. Ann’s School in Black Rock in their support of Free The Children, the worldwide mission to help kids. Excerpt from segment below:

We followed that bake sale money back to St. Ann’s school in Bridgeport, Conn. Free The Children recruits through schools, almost turning them into chapters of the global organization.

Scott Pelley: There is so much trouble in the world.

Magdalena Dutkowska: Yes.

When we met 11-year-old, Magdalena Dutkowska and 12-year-old Joey Hopkins, they were headed to Kenya, inspired by their first We Day.

Magdalena Dutkowska: We Day is like the biggest thing in the world, it’s like the greatest event that could ever happen and so it’s just all these important people coming to one day to one event to talk about how we can change the world.



  1. The youths sounded genuinely appreciative for what they enjoyed in their home environment. There is a difference and count on youth to see and reflect upon the justice of some of the differences.

    Many adults are generous when asked to support a cause. Pull out your check book or credit card, and the money flows to the cause. That’s important. It’s a donation, but not engagement.

    Two-handed giving is when you get into a project up to your eyeballs, raising funds for the project and to get yourself there as well. Preparing for the travel and change of place: water, food, hygienic facilities, environmental challenges, time zones, language differences, etc. Then working at the project with local folks and finally returning home with a chance to reflect on what was experienced triggered by pictures or memorable items returned.

    A lifetime of memories and probably a course changer in ways large and small for the youths, their families and the people they met in other lands. Get engaged. Look for two-handed projects. The world needs your efforts. You need to make an effort, too. Time will tell.

  2. This 60 minute segment is a testament to what one child can do to make a difference. It has led to a multimillion dollar foundation, www The focus on two students from Bridgeport’s St. Ann’s School was amazing. The two St. Ann’s students were excellent ambassadors for their families, school and Bridgeport. A perfect example of Thanksgiving. Bravo!


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