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A special election on Feb. 22 will fill the state rep seat vacated by Chris Caruso. The candidates will take part in a forum Tuesday night. Check it out from Lake Forest Association:

126th State Assembly District Special-Election, Candidates’ Forum, 7 PM, Tuesday, 02/08/11

Lake Forest Association will conduct a candidates’ forum on Tuesday, February 8, 7:00 PM at the Lake Forest Clubhouse, 424 Frenchtown Road, to which all of the official candidates contending to replace long-time Bridgeport State Representative Chris Caruso have been invited to participate …

The candidates contending to replace former State Representative Caruso are:

Former State Representative Bob Keeley (one-time representative of the 126th District); Rev. Charles Stallworth, Bridgeport Police Commission member, pastor of the East End Tabernacle Baptist Church, and member of the Bridgeport Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance; previous contender for the 126th District Seat, Bridgeport Police Officer Verna Kearney; Thomas Lombard; Mark Trojanowski; Joe Giaquinto; James Keyser; and 136th District Councilman Carlos Silva.

*Please plan to car-pool, due to the snow-related reduction in parking-space and other snow-related parking restrictions.



  1. I would like to thank the Lake Forest Association for hosting the candidate forum. I apologize for not being in attendance this evening. I was only made aware of this event a few hours ago and I did not receive an invitation. I urge any residents of the 126th district to contact me by phone (203-93FORCT1) or email ( if you would like to chat about my positions on issues affecting Bridgeport or Connecticut. Also please visit my website @ for more information.

    Thank you.

  2. The forum went very well last evening. I would just like to let Mr. Keyser know that we tried all available means to contact him with regards to the forum. We contacted the registrar of voters office and they did not have a contact number listed for him, we referred to the phonebook and lastly the tax rolls in the City of Bridgeport; we were unable to find contact information for him. Our sincere apologies to Mr. Keyser. Please note that all other candidates were contacted by phone for this event.
    Thank you,

  3. Sue, Keyser has posted on OIB in the past. I find it hard to believe he was unaware of the debate. He probably knew he would be outnumbered & took the coward’s way out. Is it possible that no Republicans were aware of the debate & failed to contact him?

    1. Antitesto, I have visited this site about 10 times and have posted fewer than half a dozen times. I have been very busy working 40 hours a week and campaigning. I have very little time to visit websites. I welcome the numbers I face, and draw enormous courage from my rock-solid platform. It is mighty presumptuous to call someone you do not know a coward. If you note the LFA’s press release on OIB stated I WAS invited to the forum, and now the comment Sue posted above me CLEARLY states I was NOT. My claims of how the situation unfolded have never wavered. Please draw from this what you will.


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