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You gotta love Saints.

The Connecticut Office of Tourism has launched a contest to name your favorite place in the state (no, not your favorite place to neck) and wouldn’t it surprise to create a Bridgeport buzz. Stamford, Hartford and New Haven are often highlighted in the state’s tourism campaign, while little ol’ state’s largest city (okay, it’s a bit of an oxymoron) gets the crumbs. Come on, let’s show the rest of the state the city is so much more than the leader in election curiosities. We are after all the city of P.T. Barnum. Let’s showcase the best of Bridgeport. Where else can you bite more delicious Portuguese rolls than Chaves or dogs from the Greeks. Merritt Canteen! you say. Okay baby, pile on those toppings.

Some favorite suggestions: The ballpark at Harbor Yard, the Webster Bank Arena, Captain’s Cove Seaport, Discovery Museum, Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo, Beardsley Park, St. Mary’s By The Sea, Seaside Park, golf courses at The Wheel, City Lights Gallery, Downtown Cabaret Theatre, Bijou Theatre, Klein Memorial, Housatonic Community College, University of Bridgeport, Joseph’s Steak House, Ralph ‘n’ Rich’s, Bare, Taco Loco. Place your vote. Add your suggestions. From the tourism campaign:

From the well-known cities of Stamford, Hartford and New Haven, to the beloved hidden gems of Old Saybrook, Litchfield, Putnam and many others, Connecticut is made up of still revolutionary towns that feature places of innovation, inspiration, community and more. This is your chance to boast–which is your favorite, and what makes it so? Is it an attraction? A place to stay? A delicious restaurant? A beautiful park? Share below.

Vote for your favorite Bridgeport place here.



  1. *** How about some pictures of the Coal Burning plant or Enviro-rescue or maybe the Remington Plant and not to forget Pleasure Beach with a close-up of a plover, no? *** LAST BUT NOT LEAST, THE COMPOST SITE AT SEASIDE PARK’s WEST BEACH ***

    1. Really, Mojo? Is this snide comment the best you can offer up for the city you live in? You can do better, just cast the negativity aside for a fleeting moment.

  2. The Polish American Citizens Club on East Main Street. Maybe the collapsed carousel at Pleasure Beach? The Remington Shot Tower, The Palace and Majestic Theaters. The U.S. Capital of urban archeology, Bridgeport! First in Flight, First in Taxes!

  3. I don’t think any city in Fairfield County has a waterside that even approaches how lovely St. Mary’s is. The downtown McLevy Green area is charming and the architecture is exquisite. I also adore Captain’s Cove, the shops are unique and the whole layout is very “Maritime New England.” Dolphin’s Cove is fun as well.

    I for one am very excited about the prospect of Steel Point being developed as well. I really hope it happens this time. I am not a native of this City, but I can and do appreciate the assets Bridgeport has to offer and hope I see it thrive again in my lifetime.

        1. You say negativity, I say the reality. I do not know if it is Finch’s government kool-aid or Malloy’s prescription pot but you guys are rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

    1. Mustang Sally. You are spot on. It’s nice some people actually enjoy living here. I have traveled all over the world in my past life and have always appreciated coming back home to Bridgeport. I am also a non-Bridgeport native. I was born and bred in Brooklyn, New York. I love Brooklyn and I am passionate about Bridgeport. We also have the largest stock of Victorian homes in the state. We are the Park City. We are the largest city in the state. We are not only waiting for Steelepointe, we are also waiting for Remington Woods. As well, the General Electric site on Boston Ave. This city has amazing potential and it is going to happen. The view of Seaside Park from the top floor of the MAGNUS WALSTROM LIBRARY AT U.B. IS SPECTACULAR.

  4. You may have your personal definition of favorite places, and would nominate accordingly. But I think “favorite places” may be locations you find so unique about an area and therefore you wish to share with others.

    I want to nominate the City Council chambers on the first and third Monday evenings. The City Hall #1 was formerly Central High School back in the day when people of Social Security age bragged about the teachers, the learning that went on, and the advancement step provided to kids college bound or ready for the workforce.

    Today the City itself (two City Halls, schools that have failed its young people for too long, and Charter and Ordinance ignorance or violations that frustrate good governance with accountable elected officials) has changed. A picture postcard of almost any Monday evening for the half hour before a City Council meeting will usually show less than half of the Council seats filled to listen to the public. There is no official, respectful and informed interaction of Council members with the public. If classrooms had been this disinterested back in the day, families would have been upset. And one hour later, you would see an empty chamber most nights because the prayer, pledge, feelgood ceremony and processing of the “consent calendar” would be over, and with the City business complete with little discussion witnessed, adjournment would be in order. Like Seinfeld that became famous celebrating “nothing,” my favorite site will hopefully become populated once again with WE THE PEOPLE, who can see what is wrong with current governance, who speak up to their representatives regularly, and talk to their neighbors about their concerns. Isn’t that how democracy works? Time will tell.

  5. There are some gems in Bridgeport. The cove had potential but that passed a long time ago … now it’s a parking lot with a bar, snack bar and rotting docks. The rest are are scattered about, surrounded by neglected neighborhoods with no governing body to unite them. In no way is our Park City a tourist attraction and the local businesses pay for it dearly come July and August as the local population goes on vacation abroad and there is nobody to support what little functioning business we have. Add the cloud of government dysfunctionality that hovers over and you have a good recipe for undesirability. Pretty frustrating.

  6. Lennie, my vote goes to John Marshall Lee. Please submit that photo you have of JML.

    This is part of JML’s post from the April 23:
    “I happen to know that the State has sent a reminder to the City of the necessity of funding at least $3.3 Million additional to last year. The Sherwood-prepared numbers for Education, and most other departments are an illusion and you are laboring over them.”

    This CT Post article is from today:

    1. The point here is: Both chairpersons of the B&A committee didn’t know of this letter and situation. But somehow the man with the Bow Tie had full knowledge of it.

  7. Let’s face it. Only when people come to Bridgeport to work will the “gems” become more appealing. Calamarian economic development schemes only benefit Calamarians. Change that and watch this city become what it should be.

    Fabrizi contemplates running for mayor. Dreadful. Current conditions would make that idiotic concept highly feasible.

  8. My nominee is the people of Bridgeport. This city is made up of just about every nationality and color and we (the people) struggle every day to make things better for our families and each other. We do this with very little government help.
    The residents are portrayed as not caring and not voting but when an important topic is on the ballot the people do come out and vote (note Obama election and BOE vote).
    The people are our best asset.

  9. Agreed Andy, but they need some education as to how to vote for quality governmental representation. Until that happens you’ll have the same arguments (see above arguments) as to Bridgeport’s assets. This city has an extraordinary location and fallow assets that have yet to be either exploited or rehabilitated to put Bridgeport in the plus column. Those assets in dire need of rehab include the following:
    1. Fairchild-Wheeler Golf Course.
    2. Sikorsky Memorial Airport.
    3. Seaside Park.
    4. Veteran’s Park (I’m a Veteran and have walked its interior, barf).
    5. The two downtown theaters that have laid fallow for over 40 years (Loewe’s Poli) and its surrounding areas including what used to be a vibrant downtown.
    6. Pleasure Beach.
    just to name a few …

  10. Old Bijou Theater, Bridgeport City Trust Building, Read’s Artspace, the Arcade, the Majestic, The Nathaniel Wheeler Memorial Fountain built by the same person who sculpted Mount Rushmore, Remington Shot Tower, Columbia Records Towers building, The Nest, Black Rock harbor, Saint Margaret Shrine, the Perry Memorial Arch, Innovation Center, Acoustic Café, Ralph ‘n’ Rich’s, City Lights, 305 Knowlton, Art Trail, 1,300 acres of public space and parks, Bridgeport Community Land Trust, Washington Park, the ferry and its building designed by David Barbour, the Klein, Brazilian food on North Ave, Italian ice on Madison Ave, and of course … Seaside Park, Barnum Museum, St. Mary’s by the Sea, Discovery Museum, Webster Bank Arena, Housatonic Museum of Art, Captain’s Cove, to name a few places.

  11. I don’t want to do an official vote because they want all kinds of info, but I’ve always loved Taberna Restaurant–wish I could get there more often.
    How about Barnum and Discovery Museums? Great places to take the kids. I loved it when the zoo gave a trolly ride (led by Bob Halsted) though the (what’s its name cemetery) and there were Tom Thumb and Barnum in all their stone-faced glory.

  12. For the Best of Bridgeport, it may be one of the best-kept secrets, yet part of our national history.

    Bridgeport played a key role in winning the War of Independence. Maybe more important than Paul Revere’s famous ride. George Washington’s spy in Black Rock, Caleb Brewster, provided the General with key information on the British which led to winning the war. It was our nation’s first intelligence network. There is a street in Black Rock with his name.

    Other towns with any connection to George Washington would be quick to celebrate and promote such history. There is a movie coming out later this year, by the way.

    Sue, I think you mean Mountain Grove Cemetery.


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