Can We All Get Along? (At Least For A Few Days)

Joe Ganim is finalizing an inner circle of appointments that will walk into City Hall with him on Tuesday morning. Others will be appointed over the course of the next several weeks after he gets his arms around status of the city budget he’s inheriting from outgoing Mayor Bill Finch and other issues. Meanwhile, the transition between Finch to Ganim is a little scratchy.

Ganim says “There’s a limited amount of information coming out of City Hall at this point, so that has slowed down some of the anticipated preparation.” CT Post scribe Brian Lockhart has more:

Finch spokesman Brett Broesder said, “We’re doing our part to ensure there is as smooth of a transition as possible.”

Broesder said transition memoranda with detailed information on key projects and other responsibilities are being drafted by virtually every department.

Broesder added, “Since communication is a two-way street, we’re looking forward to getting more information about what to expect from the next administration after the mayor-elect is sworn into office, including concrete information on the future employment status of nonunion city staffers.”

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  1. Ganim will be sworn in early Tuesday morning and will be in the mayor’s office to start the workday Tuesday.
    Why is it necessary to have a dog and pony show on Tuesday night?

  2. Because supporters and well-wishers want to witness the changing of the guard on an historic election as well as we want to share the moment of our councilmen, city clerk, town clerk and BOE. It is tradition! Like Thanksgiving. Enjoy the moment.

  3. Is it over yet? Yeah, I’m sure the public is dying to see the city clerk, town clerk, city sheriff, BOE and city council members to be the change Bridgeport is waiting for; please, spare me.

  4. No one has answered the question yet. How does Clemons collect a pension from the Fire department and now collect a second city paycheck as town clerk? It is not legal from the charter and city rules.

  5. Wow. Once again Ganim demonstrates the height of audacity coupled with apparent amnesia. Perhaps he’s forgotten he refused to vacate his mayor’s seat even after being found guilty of 16 counts of corruption, or he didn’t leave so much as a stapler or ream of paper for the incoming administration, let alone facilitate any kind of transition. No–he torched the city and left it to others to clean up the stench he left behind.

    You couldn’t write a farce as pathetic as this chapter in Bridgeport history. Congrats Bridgeport–not only did we have a socialist mayor, now we have a sociopath, too.

  6. *** The city and town clerk positions are just political figurehead jobs a chimp can do. The depts run themselves with their staff. And if correct, I believe they’re part-time positions? ***


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