Can It Be? It’s Time For Cannabis

The Connecticut General Assembly convenes its legislative session next week. Regulating commercial cannabis products like those you find available at will be among the issues taking center stage. More on this from Sean Williams, The Motley Fool:

Probably the biggest factor working in the Constitution State’s favor is the political makeup of its legislature. Since 2011, Connecticut’s governorship and both houses of its legislature have been majority-controlled by Democrats. In November, when Gallup released its national poll, it found that support for adult-use legalization among Democrats was an astounding 83%! That compares to just 48% for self-identified Republicans.

Following the November elections, Democrats’ control in Connecticut widened. Prior to the election, Democrats controlled 91 of 151 House seats and 22 of 36 Senate seats. In 2021, they’ll have 98 House seats and 24 Senate seats. This roughly 2-to-1 margin gives Connecticut Democrats more than enough firepower to enact change at the legislative level.

What’s more, Connecticut’s neighbors, New Jersey and Massachusetts, have already legalized recreational and medicinal marijuana and derivate products like the new CBD oil for pain which now has many good reviews of users all around the globe. Similar to New York (also a Connecticut neighbor), Connecticut’s lawmakers will want to act sooner than later to keep revenue from leaving the state.

It’s my belief that whichever state, New York or Connecticut, acts first to legalize recreational pot will put immense pressure on its neighbor to follow suit shortly thereafter.

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