Budget Warriors, Party Time And I’ve Got Gas!

Well, it was as hot as a branding iron last night at the City Council. Tom Mulligan, former council member, dubbed the meetings the Monday night fights, except it was Tuesday, a special session to vote on the budget, and the fireworks did not disappoint. Thank you John from Black Rock and City Kitty for your eyeball observations in prior commentary. And welcome back MCAT.

The full council officially voted on the spending package forwarded by the Budget and Appropriations Committee, restoring the job cuts and dropping the tax increase a smidge that was included in Bill Finch’s first budget.

Council member Bob Walsh was in rare form (or should we say typical) leading protesters in chants against Finch’s campaign promises. Hopefully, The Troll will check in to give us his perspective on barbecuing Bronco Billy.

Unless Finch changes his mind and tinkers with the budget, as charter allows, the nearly $500 million spending package the council approved will begin July 1. It’s a tough budget, but better than the time bomb Finch submitted. I wonder if Finch wishes he were back in the state senate.

Tonight the Fairfield County Weekly hosts its annual Best Of party at the Fairfield Theater Company. I’ll be there, of course, to pick up the kudos for Best Blog category. Thank you, everyone. Once again, more than 1,000 page views on Tuesday. Kudos, also, to our friend Joan Nutmeg whose Bridgeport In The Know placed runner-up.

We’ll have our own OIB party Thursday, 6 p.m., Captain’s Cove. No awards, just cocktails, munchies and a little verbal needling. Looks like nice weather.

I’m an idiot. What did I predict, that the price of a gallon of gas in Connecticut would smack $4 by July 1? Forget that, we’re headed for $5 a gallon. Go buy a scooter. See press release from Congressman Chris Shays below:

Shays Supports Suspending Petroleum Acquisition for the SPR

Washington, D.C. – Congressman Christopher Shays (CT-4) today voted for H.R. 6022, the Strategic Petroleum Reserve Fill Suspension and Consumer Protection Act, when it passed the House by a vote of 385 to 25. This legislation would temporarily suspend oil shipments to the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) through 2008.

On April 23, 2008, Shays joined eight of his colleagues in writing to Speaker Nancy Pelosi encouraging her to consider this legislation.

“Like millions of Americans, I am concerned about the high cost of gasoline,” said Shays. “Today, in my home town of Bridgeport, the average cost of regular gas hit an all-time high of $4.03. That is a full 50 cent increase in just one month.”

“I am hopeful temporarily suspending shipments to the SPR will lessen world-wide demand for oil and help reduce the cost of fuel at home,” Shays continued. “This short term measure, however, will not cure us of our oil addiction. We must develop a long-term energy plan to decrease U.S. dependence on foreign oil, protect the environment, build a market for renewable energy, and promote energy conservation.”

Russo Endorsement

State Senator Rob Russo received the endorsement last night from fellow Republicans to seek a full two-year term in November. Russo, winner of the seat vacated by Bill Finch, is expected to be challenged by Democrat Anthony Musto. See excerpt of Russo acceptance speech below:

Just three short months ago – 105 days to be exact – we all gathered here for the convention that led to me being elected as your State Senator.

In that brief, but intense campaign I talked about Connecticut being too expensive. About our businesses being smothered in taxes and regulation that prohibit them from growing. About our seniors living in fear of their next ever-increasing property tax bill. And about our youth who are leaving this state in droves.

Now, I haven’t solved all our problems in the 59 days I’ve been a State Senator…but we are off to a good start.

In the last few weeks I have stood with our Republican leader, Senator John McKinney in support of the Republican budget proposal which would have created much needed savings and passed it on to citizens and businesses in the form of tax cuts.

Our proposal reduced the size of an already bloated state government through an early retirement program which would have saved state government more than $160 million. These savings would then be passed on to Connecticut taxpayers through the repeal of the business entity tax and the elimination of the increase in the tax on gasoline scheduled to go into effect on July 1st. That’s right; the gas tax is scheduled to go up again on July 1st.

The Republican budget also funded important municipal aide programs that had been cut previously, such as the Early Reading Success program. And it provided a 1% cost of living increase for non-profits and private nursing home providers.

Unfortunately, the Democrats in control of both houses of the General Assembly decided to do nothing. Despite the fact that the state is facing an $80 million deficit this year that is expected to grow to more than $1 billion by 2011, they have said that the best course of action is to do nothing. Even though 2,800 businesses closed their doors in the state of Connecticut in the first quarter of this year, the Democrats refused to take action. Though most towns in Connecticut are facing substantial property tax increases this year, exacerbated by unfunded mandates from the state, our towns’ pleas fell on deaf ears in Hartford while the Democrats touted their “do nothing” approach to the budget.

While Democratic leaders blindly ignored economic reality, Republican leaders listened. We heard the pleas of Connecticut residents yearning for state government to respond. In these uncertain economic times, we knew as they did that doing nothing is unacceptable. Working families and small businesses need relief.

Raising the tax on gasoline when it’s already $4.00 a gallon is not only unacceptable, it is unconscionable. We need to get rid of the business entity tax to make Connecticut more attractive to businesses, and if the Early Reading Success program is not properly funded, the Connecticut Post tells us 370 children in Bridgeport will not be able to attend full-time Kindergarten this fall.

What is most regrettable is that the decision to “do nothing” was never even debated in public. The Democrats refused to even allow a single hour of debate on our budget, never mind a vote. This heavy handed approach is anything but democratic, and this November we as a state must send our leaders a message that it is unacceptable.



  1. Rob: Whatever happened to the Governor’s proposed legislation limiting all municipalities to an annual 3% budget increase?? – Or is it like the $600.00 tax reduction that Bill Finch promised the tax payers of Bridgeport? –
    We taxpayer are a stupid bunch for sure.

  2. Just received in an e-mail the following which I think is quite apropos:
    Only in America …..do we use the word ‘politics’ to describe the process so well: ‘Poli’ in Latin meaning ‘many’ and ‘tics’ meaning ‘bloodsucking creatures’.

  3. While some people anxiously await manufacturing’s triumphant return — others think it’s already here. Hint: the best computers have become factories-without smokestacks. These computers have the ability to produce over 500 different items within 24 hours and connect to overseas buyers who are not broke like most Americans. O.P.I.C.s or one-person internet companies make this possible as a result of recent changes in global currencies. Here’s the best part: these computers are no different than the one sitting on top of your desk….and it’s all happening right here in Bridgeport!

  4. Cecil Young was arrested the other day outside of Police HQ for protesting without a permit. Clyde Nicholson was physically removed form the City Council chambers last night and issued a citation for disturbing the peace.
    Maybe the city should have include a new revenue item in the budget for not-so-peaceful protect income. Because the way that the Finch Administration is handling city affairs we can expect to see a lot more of these types of fines being handed out.
    Pretty Grim.

  5. “Tom Mulligan, former council member, dubbed the meetings, ‘the Monday night fights’.”

    What nerve this Political animal has to show up on such a time and meeting. It was bad enough that while campaigning, Mulligan proudly pointed out the he served on the City Council but, never told anyone that it was during the period that the $16 Million deficit was taking shape. I told everyone the truth about Tom Mulligan including that he served as the Town Clerk during the Stone Age. I told folks in Spanish and English, If Mulligan is still wondering what went wrong with the campaign, here is a good part of the answer. Dishonesty and Greed was your downfall, Animulligan. You wanted to hold two seats (Like Finch) and disregard others willing and able to serve.

  6. Grin Reaper

    You raised a very importan issue that we better pay attention to. On March 10, 2008, one day before the special election, I had a similar encounter with Bridgeport Police Officer, Steve Mason who was driving car blue fifteen (B-15).
    After the March 4, 2008 T.C. Primary, I set my effort into overdrive and hit the Streets with three (3) Russo for Senate signs. I stood on side walks and esplanades on heavily traveled Roads waving the Russo signs. Dozens of police officers drove by and not one had issues with what I was doing. Many officers (Thank you all) waived, tapped their sirens and gave me the thumbs-up. At about 11a.m on March 10th. I was on the esplanade on Fairfield Avenue and Orland Street when I saw a Grey (Ford) Lincoln approaching and the face of the driver was very familiar. It was none other than Mario Testa, If looks could kill, I would have been dead on site. About an hour later, blue 15 (Steven Mason) pulls up and said, “Get your signs and get out of here, You can’t do that.” I asked him under what Ordinance or State Statute he was basing his order. I got no answer but, the same order again and I saw that He was ready to get off the patrol car and take action. I quickly told him that I was going and picked up my sign but, not before I told him that I knew what this was about. “Is this about Russo challenging Tom Mulligan, the friend of Danny Roach the Police Commissioner, you do know who Danny Roach is?” Steve Mason Froze after my question and I walked away. This Friday I was about to have my Attorney file a Federal Suit, there was one person of several that were going to be named on the suit and Only becasue of this person, I have notified my Attorney to abort. Now for Steve Mason and all other people who in the future would volunteer to do the machine’s dirty work, Look up this State Statute. Sec. 9-364a. (Formerly Sec. 9-344) I will be back campaingning my own way and regardless of the Ordinance or Laws you pass, keep in mind that Federal Law superceeds them.
    No more breaks from now on.

  7. Hi Guys, I guess I’m in for it now; I am running for the State Rep. seat that will be vacated by Mr. Reinoso, and I wish him luck in his future endeavors as a Professor. I’m not going to say much now, except that I expect to lose the endorsement to the Councilman; only because of arm-twisting and egos. But gentlemen, let me assure you I will prevail, regardless of what people think; I will need some help, no man stands alone, no man can prevail without the help of his or her fellowman/woman. I will be there tomorrow so I can enjoy a beer with my persons and I thank everyone that is speaking of me, whether it be good or bad, at least I’m in their heads, thanks guys, may the good Lord take a liking to you, preserve you and keep you all in good health.

  8. Gossip Of The Rialto!

    White Lightning may run!

    In honor of The Preakness this Saturday rumors are rampant that Keith Rodgerson may go for the rail with his one horse party according to the Black-Eyed Susan.

    The Cougar is going to be running on his tailgate platform from Baldwin Plaza.

  9. Hey Lennie,

    Kudos for winning Best Blog in the Fairfield Weekly!
    And more kudos to for sending out kudos to Joan Nutmeg for her Bridgeport in The Know Yahoo Group winning 2nd place in the category.
    Between the two of you, we got this town covered.

    On a personal note, I know that Joan is a one woman show over at Bridgeport in The Know. She keeps a huge listing of events and Bridgeport-related links that exist nowhere else. As with your blog, her group brings a free voice to anyone with two cents to say about Bridgeport – good, bad and hopeful.
    She maintains Bridgeport In The Know for one simple reason. She loves Bridgeport and wants to raise the bar on getting information and discussion out in a town that has a history of being less than interested in full disclosure and full involvement in its citizens.
    And she’s hot!

    In the words of the great Delman Mangrove in his essential work “A Layman’s Guide To Perspicacity”,

    “Those who don’t know are doomed to repeating the stupidity of the past – and destined to miss out on all the cool events at Acoustic Cafe’ and Two Boots”.

    Ignorance of the town is no excuse – thanks to Lennie Grimaldi and Joan Nutmeg. And of course, I know ignorance!

    Congrats and a tip of dunce cap to Lennie and Joan!


  10. Just received from Rob Russo the following response to my earlier “comment” hereinabove set forth: (I publish it herewith with Rob’s permission.)
    Noticed your post on “Only in Bridgeport” today and thought I’d forward you my entire speech from last night. I still have every intention of making the Property Tax cap a priority, as you can see in the speech.
    Frankly, I was disappointed when I got to Hartford that other legislators aren’t interested in making it priority as well. The Democrats have no interest in even letting us debate the matter. As far as I can tell, Gov. Rell and I are the only two really talking about it. I guess that puts me in good company! I plan on continuing to talk about it through the fall campaign and submitting legislation to institute a cap in January if I’m re-elected.

    I am, however, seriously considering raising it from 3% to 4% or 5%. Having talked with many first selectmen and mayors I believe this may be more feasible and we can lower it further at later date.
    Let me know if you have any questions,
    It’s good to know that our representatives in government are tuning into OIB. Thanks Rob.

  11. Joel will you please get your facts straight at least once in a awhile. You posted and I quote: “Dishonesty and Greed was your downfall, Animulligan. You wanted to hold two seats (Like Finch) and disregard others willing and able to serve.” Mulligan never had any intention of running for 2 offices. That is why he did not seek reelection to the council. the reason he lost was because he was hung out to dry by Finch’s reluctance to give up the senate seat. the comment made by Finch that Trumbull was bucolic did not help.
    Now lets address testa and the Lincoln Continental. He does not own one and would not drive one as it’s too big. At the time you allegedly saw him he had no horse in the senate race and was not the town chair. Besides he is smart enogh to know that you will self destruct and he need do nothing.
    The cop: did you ever think that you were creating a nuisnace being on the esplanade and distracting traffic and drivers. I bet if you were on the sidewalk you would not have been bothered.
    It kills me that you think you are so important and so powerful that people are out to get you. Believe me you are like an inoperable hemorrhoid, a real pain in the ass but harmless.

  12. I know the story about the cop and the esplanade caper in Black Rock. Joel Gonzalez’ comare wanted to have him arrested for assault with a dead weapon.

  13. The following answer best describes Chris Shays personality or character traits. Hint: There are no wrong answers.

    a) Assive Agressive
    b) Gasive Agressive
    c) Passive Agressive
    d) All of the above!

    Let The Good Himes Roll Over Shays!

  14. Sorry Joel, but Tom Mulligan is, and always has been, a class act. In a body which has way too many cheap shot artists he has been a voice of reason, with opinions (many of which I disagree with) based upon facts not empty rhetoric. The City of Bridgeport would be better off with more folks like him on the Council.

    BTW, I voted for Russo (for reasons that had nothing to do with Mulligan).

    One other thing. He was City Clerk, not Town Clerk.

  15. Joel, I think you are dead wrong. You can’t stand in the middle of an esplanade waving any kind of sign at passing drivers. You are creating a distraction that could cause an accident, your lucky somebody didn’t lose control of their car and hit you. That is a public nuisance if I’m not mistaken and I would hope any decent lawyer would tell you that rather than just take your money for a case you wouldn’t win. I also don’t think federal law takes a back seat to local law. And its hightly unlikely Mario had anythig to do with the cop telling to you stop, as for other cops honking and waving at you, I doubt that also. Sometimes panhandlers stand at the bottom of highway exits asking for money, and I’ve seen cops make them leave also, yoiu are creating a nuisance and a possilbe danger to yourself and drivers. I just don’t understand the way you think and then try to make it sound like you are never wrong.

  16. Hello everyone…..this kitty will be making an appearance at the Cove…..a free Tequila Rose or some similar girly drink on Lennie is far too tempting to refuse! It would be especially nice to meet E5 should he opt to appear as well; I’ll buy him a Bombay if he buys me a chocolate martini!! Looking forward to seeing all…I’m purring already.

  17. It would also be a treat to see MCAT, Bridgeport Kid, tom Kelly, Local Eyes and Cougar, and of course our host, etc…hope all of you are going to attend! =^..^=

  18. “The Republican budget also funded important municipal aide programs that had been cut previously, such as the Early Reading Success program.”

    Dumbering formerly known as, Wondering.

    You should be thanking Rob Russo for the above funding restoration. Had the Democrats done this before, you would have been able to understand that I said, “wanted to hold two seats (Like Finch)”. I didn’t write that Mulligan wanted to run for two (2) offices. Mulligan indeed wanted two seats – The Town Committee seat and the Senate Seat.
    You want to play the blame game? You blame Finch for not vacating the seat earlier? It would have been worst for the Democrats if Finch had done so, Had he done it one week earlier Black Rock would had gone for Russo.
    You point to the, “Bucolic Trumbull”, remark as the reason
    Trumbull voted for Russo. Tell me what was Monroe’s reason and Bridgeport’s stronger support. If that’s the case then I’m going to suggest that the Republican Party reminds Bridgeporters, about the “Hood” remark.
    I, self destruct? You mean like Mario’s horses such as Joe Ganim and John Fabrizi?

    Dumbering asked.
    “did you ever think that you were creating a nuisnace being on the esplanade and distracting traffice and drivers.” NO.
    So if, (A big if) your sister was a hot looking chick, Blonde, wearing a mini skirt (pink), high heel shoes and had Hooters like Pamela Anderson and was standing on the esplanade. This gives Steve Mason enough probable cause to question her as to what the hell she is doing. “Maam you are stoping traffic, put on a trench coat or else.”
    The only distractions, were by the cell phones of the hundreds of people I saw driving while talking on the phone. For the record, I did not see Bob Keely on his cell phone while driving.

  19. Former City Official

    Cheap shots? You think a $16 Million deficit is cheap to the tax payers. This may explain the first word on your handle, “Former”.

    “based upon facts not empty rhetoric.”
    Had Mulligan been paying attention to the facts, he would had picked up on the increasing expenditure. Do you think the presence of hundreds of people jamming the City Council to protest is rhetoric?
    I can Just imagine Tom Mulligan on the City Council with Nineteen more like him. There was about Fifteen like him.
    In the event that there is to be 20 Tom Mulligans on the council, I would have to work harder to get 20 Rob Russo’s.

  20. City Kitty

    As expected you disagree with me again. If I wasn’t struck by all those driving while talking on the cell phones and those applying make up or picking in their noses, chances are I’m safer on the esplanade.
    It’s ok for Fabrizi’s brother to get $1 million dollars in non bid contracts to plant trees on the esplanades which blocked the view from certain angles, especially on Park Avenue’s Hilly sections.
    It’s ok for Tom Mulligan signs to be planted on the esplanades all over town.
    See my post #20 above and read about Wondering’s Hot sister.

  21. Chico you are late. I made the announcement for you.
    I’m glad you have decided to join us and you are welcome. I warn you, these folks can be vicious.
    I hope that you dare to confirm the many things that I have posted here and will continue to post in the future.
    You are an insider, who like me can testify to the way the machine operates and how unappreciative they can be after the sacrifice and hard work one puts in.

    There is one thing that I would love you to clear once and for all. During the March T.C. primary challenge by Ralph Mojica, Mitch Robles made a phone call to Mojica offering him the State Rep. seat if he withdrew the Primary challenge. The message was left on Mojica’s answering machine. It is understood that Mitch also offered you the endorsement and that one day you went by Mojica’s house and he let you hear the message. Chico you are a Veteran of war and I know you are not afraid to say the truth. Is this true or not???

  22. Dumbering aka Wondering Wrote:

    “Believe me you are like an inoperable hemorrhoid, a real pain in the ass but harmless.”

    I believe you. You speak from experience.

  23. Joel

    The cheap shot comment referred to the City Council’s long standing practice of putting personalities and empty rhetoric ahead of real facts. Sounds good, and makes your supporters feel good, but does little for the people paying the bills.

    Would I like to see more people like Rob Russo on the Council (not to mention the Board of Education and the Zoning Commission)? You bet. But, I would also like to see more people like Tom Mulligan. Then we could have a real debate.

    Never in Bridgeport

  24. Here is a question for everyone to think about. Who was advising Mayor Bill when he put that lame budget together? Not just the folks on the payroll but the people behind the scenes. Remember that team of Democratic All-Stars from Hartford and elsewhere that he brought in to advise him on the budget? What was their role?

  25. Joel You are a real piece of work. You know damn well you were not referring to Mulligan’s place on the town committee. You were referring to the council and the senate. Your comparing my sister and her big hooters standing on an esplanade and you standing there waving signs is hilarious. Now we are going to blame the police for not stopping people on cellphones but stopping you. Please.
    I know all the reasons that Mulligan lost and how they relate to Finch. Finch always depended on Bridgeport and Trumbull to get elected to the senate if memory serves he never won in Monroe.
    Name calling great coming from you. Look I respect your right to an opinion but at least get your facts straight. You seem to dance around the truth and fact and put both on this blog to suit yourself.
    Joel as far as the inoperable hemorrhoid comment I do know from experience as I have seen your kind come and go. Your type is all bullshit and no substance and just won’t go away. Like the hemorrhoid you scratch and it moves. In your case you lost the TC race and changed parties and are still spewing incorrect bullshit thus the inoperable part.
    It’s too bad you’re not half the man Chico is.

  26. Dumbering aka Wondering said:

    “I know all the reasons that Mulligan lost”
    Mulligan are you reading this? I recommend him as your next Campaign Manager as your last one still can’t figure out what happened. Hmmm… Could Wondering be him?
    I’m sure you are not as qualification is required.

    “I have seen your kind come and go.”
    The experience is mutual and allow me to describe your kind in as much detail as simply possible.

    You are the kind that climbs on a tree and sees a nest with eggs. You throw the eggs to the ground and burn the nest. “If I can’t fly neither shall you wanna be birds.” Finch beware of Wondering.
    You are the kind who sees an Ant Colony and pour boiling Water on it and stomp on the ones running nearby. “If I can’t work in groups, neither shall you.”
    You are the kind that sees the children next door, building a tree house with their daddy and when they are away, you tear down the tree house. “My daddy don’t love me enough to build a tree with me, neither shall thee.”
    You are the kind whos sees a working class Puerto Rican Family move next door and say to self, “There goes the neighborhood.” You then see a burglar breaking into their home and watch as they take all they can and say to self, “Good for them, maybe now they will move.” I have seen your kind and I have even served in office with some of them.
    None of your kind, will ever destroy My nest and eggs, My Ant Colony, My tree house or Take what is mine, Much less make me move.

  27. Joel another rant that is just pure bullshit. You see I am the type that works behind the scenes and does not need to have his name in the paper or the type that needs to constantly look for attention by doing outragous things. I have been around a long time and will be around long after you drop from sight. I just wonder where you will go after you lose your latest run for office.
    You see you are that nest of buzzards that I will get rid of.
    Tree House??? I am the type that has worked for affordable housing in Bridgeport and I think I have done a good job to date. Take a look at lower east main St and its side streets. Did it take tearing down old worn birds nests to accomplish this yes it did.
    Puerto Ricans next door. Oh My GOD. I guess I better tell my Puerto Rican neighbor not to stop by this morning for coffee. I guess I should tell all the Puerto Rican kids and all the black kids that I have coached for the past 35 years that I put in all this time just because I did not like them. Joel you are a real winner. Joel as far as a burglar is concerned I would do what any red blooded american would do. I will shoot him and then call the PD.
    Joel the difference between you and I is that I Do and you talk and accomplish nothing.

  28. Wondering, very well put. The only questionable response was the part about your neighbor. Everyone knows Puerto Ricans make the best coffee. Your neighbor must be a bachelor. If you’d like verification, contact me. It would be my pleasure to treat you to some of the best.

  29. Mr. Wondering

    Yes I did say, “Mister” and here is why. You stated, “Joel you are a real winner.” Actually, we both are winners. We both have been working in parallel and never even knew it. I admire what you have revealed about the good things you have done. Unbeknown to you, I had made your service easier and possible to accomplish. We mirror each other and didn’t even know it. I was elected to the Council in 1995. If you have in fact coached baseball teams for 35 years, then you should remember that in ’95 and prior to that year, the city of Bridgeport was charging each baseball team up to $400 before being able to sign up to use the Baseball diamonds in our parks. My friends and Family played softball (Leones) at Wentfield park. I was the one who organized the baseball league and forced Joe Ganim to eliminate the $400 fee and the only charge would be for lights during night games.
    I pushed for Habitat for Humanity to get houses for $1. The Jersey barriers project in the East Side’s 131 st. and 137th districts stopped the crime wave there.
    After several Years we removed it, when we felt it was time, against the wishes of Chief Sweeney. The Mutual Housing Authority was not welcomed here and when they tried to get the Federal Street project going, Mario Testa and his goons blew them off. When I was contacted about Mutual Housing being interested in the Old Fruitrich Cadillac site on Fairfield Avenue (on my district) Mario again tried to intervene and after threatening to oppose their planned projects, I and my colleague Alberto Negron were allowed to make the decision to accept the project or not. When Mutual Housing was ready to go, the City asked for $400,000 thinking that they could not come up with the money to buy the land. They had every penny and then some. Joe Ganim thought that he was going to take the money and run. I then amended the resolution to Keep half the Money $200,000 and set it in a special account called the Wentfield fund. Phill Handy and I worked to find Grants and matching funds to have enough money to fix Wentfield Park so Bassick could have their old practice field back and everyone to enjoy.

    “Joel the difference between you and I is that I Do and you talk and accomplish nothing.” Care to take these words back Mr. Wondering? Before I forget, do you know Johnny and Sammy Torres?

    Know you Hector A. Diaz. Let me explain to Mr. Wondering about your gripe with me. Hector was the state Rep. until I and a group of others in the Town Committee supported Felipe Reinoso over Hector. Why?
    During his learning process in Hartford, there were many Social Service changes being proposed. There was a Meeting which Hector attended, in the meeting there was a group of African american and hispanic woman who were concerned with the changes being proposed. Hector A. Diaz said to them, something to this extent, “You woman just want to have babies and collect welfare.” This group has some connections and they lobbied us not to support Hector A. Diaz. I heard the recording of the statement and knew the members of the group. To me it was like insulting my mother who raised us (7) on Welfare. It was a totally insensitive comment especially for someone who worked in the Bridgeport City Welfare. In Bridgeport he helped people expecting political gains and in Hartford he blew them off. Hector seeked his revenge when my colleague Alberto Negron, vacated his seat and Hector A. Diaz deliberately and maliciously intervened by manipulating the Ctiy Council process and bringing Anderson Ayala to the Council. Anderson Ayala sold out for a job and opposed and neutralized my votes ever since. Anderson Ayala turned out to be an embarrasement to the Council and the quality of Latino representation there. I left with my head held high. In the event I lose the State Rep race, I’m going to your house for a cup of coffee.

  30. JOEL, you are a LIAR and anyone who knows me can attest to my commitment to Bridgeport and all of its citizens. You misrepresent facts, for your information the issue was custodial and non-custodial parents and the efforts the legislature was attempting in order to get non-custodial more active in their children’s lives. My issue was that, when the legislation was finally negotiated and finalized it became a study that wouldn’t start until January of the following year, while sanctions included in the law would start in July of the present year. So in essence what started out as an attempt to bring families together ended up being another vehicle to keep them apart.

    Joel, I explain this for those who don’t know me or my positions. As you see I didn’t resort to questioning your attraction to Marc D.


    You are welcome to play the tape.


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