Brown: We’re Going To Court One Vote Down With Incomplete Results–Urges New Election Upon Vote Disparity

Statement From Marcus Brown campaign:

We are very disappointed to hear about the major recount issues and irregularities today with respect to the primary for State Representative for the 127th District. Today, the Head Moderator certified a result, based on the ballots and information they had available, that was a shocking 20 votes different from what was reported by the Registrar of Voters to the Secretary of State on Primary Day. Furthermore, election officials and observers in the room publicly acknowledge that 9 absentee ballots that were cast and counted by Primary Day are now mysteriously missing. After searching for them for a good part of the day, the unfortunate decision was to certify the incomplete results of this election.

The newly certified number, which is 20 votes less than what was reported last Tuesday, yielded a net loss of six votes for Brown, which is an extremely unlikely outcome in a recount of just over a thousand votes cast. But as questionable as that outcome may be, election officials acknowledge that the actual result of this election–with a margin of 1 vote that separates the candidates–is in serious doubt as they are unable to explain why there is a 20 vote difference between their counts today and last Tuesday, nor the whereabouts of the 9 missing absentee ballots.

On Primary Day, Democrat Marcus Brown overwhelmingly won all of the three polling locations on the machines. However, due to the significant number of absentee ballots from the Hennessy campaign, Brown’s lead over Hennessy according to the Registrar of Voters on Primary Day was 5 votes. The recount today resulted in an unusually high number of changes to the machine counts, absentee ballot counts, and hand counts, as well as missing ballots and incomplete numbers.

Needless to say, we will be immediately filing a motion in Superior Court to ask for a special election since the election results are now completely unreliable. We are very confident that a judge will find that these significant ballot counting and handling problems by election officials over the last week cast serious doubt on the true winner of this primary.

Bridgeport voters deserve that their votes will be counted accurately, honestly and transparently. It is clear that a special election will need to be ordered to determine the true will of the voters of the 127th District.



  1. Hey Jimfox, stop setting off the fireworks on your driveway already. The Blackrockers are calling officer Bruno. What’s on the grill? I’M HUNGRY!

  2. What can Brown do for you?
    Answer: He’s taking you to court.
    Lennie do you know of other primary court challenges like in this case. Set precedence?

  3. News from the ground tells us Maria Pereira wasnt’ Ecstatic upon hearing the results. When Pereira was asked by OIB how she felt about the results, she said, “I am ABstatic.”

  4. Maria, posted, “I should be ecstatic and overcome with joy with jack Hennessy’s one vote victory today, but I find it difficult to do so. There is no real joy in winning an election in this way.”

    OK, OK 🙂

    P.S Give the old man break. He’s only there because you had no ground game. Your convoy didn’t produce enough votes to stem off recount. 🤣

  5. A final point on this retardation is called Port politics. 🙂

    The recount is the recount, and the numbers are the numbers. Hennessy’s up by one vote, and/so “officials discovered they were short nine absentee ballots, prompting an unsuccessful hour-long search for the missing votes.”

    My point is that it seems like the total number of votes differents between the total counted votes at the recount and the total number of votes submitted by the Registrar of Voters to the Secretary of State on Primary Day is 20

    Wouldnt that mean 20 votes are actually lost? Yet the official “discovered 9 AB missing that were counted, seems pretty specific. 🙂 What about the other 11 votes to make the vote count the same on Primary Day and Recount day? Are these step child missing votes?

    So when officials halted the proceeding of Hennessy’s one-vote lead recount in the search of “9” ABs and come back saying they’re missing. They really mean what they say when they say they can’t find them. 🤣

  6. Observations on the votes and tallying in the 127th race……………………….
    Why did it take Read School, the polling place with by far the fewest voters 45 minutes to produce totals?
    Why were the tapes from the tabulating machine at Blackham all smudged and hard to read clearly?
    Why did it take so long to process the ABs?
    and a question for the Brown campaign?
    If the ABs were substantially in Hennesey’s favor (3:2) why would you ever expect that the NINE missing ballots would be for your candidate? At a 3:2 margin they would produce 6 Votes for Hennessey and 3 for Brown.
    Bridgeport’s inability to run elections with swift and accurate counting and certification continues to make it the laughing stock of the state.
    @Joel G……
    As for taking it to court and demanding a special new election:

    Remember in the recent past, the Jeanette Herron City Council primary? Court orders caused two repeat special elections. The INCUMBENT still won and much time and money was wasted. That race included part of this district and a mutual polling location.

    1. MM, you’ll never know unless the nine ballots are counted. If Hennessy was down by one vote with nine ballots not counted you’d be screaming bloody murder, the fix is in, yadda, yadda, yadda. A judge isn’t going to correlate an absentee ballot trend with the missing votes. Now, I’m sure you’ll serenade us with your law degree crystal ball rationalizing it’s legal to do so.

      1. Lennie, that’s assuming they even existed. I believe that number came for a machine count of the ABs on Primary night. Not to mention, I believe, there are 11 more votes that seem to be unaccounted for between the Primary count and the recount. If the claim is there’s a 20 vote between the Primary count and the recount. I can only assume the remaining 11 votes that make up the 20 vote disparity were walk-in/machine votes. If the total is a 20 vote difference, 9 from the ABs count the 11 remaining would have to be from the walk-in/machine count Right? So why can’t the 9 missing ABs just be a miscount by the machines like the 11 walk-ins are?

        To be fair, wouldn’t the fix have to come for those who are able to fix it?

        The recount is a measure to see if the count is correct, Or why bother with the concept. Brown would have to prove a negative. Not only do these missing 9 ABs ballots exist, but convince a judge to believe these 9 nonexisting ballots would have altered the results of the actually existing ballot results.

        To be fair, for the fix to be in, wouldn’t it have to be fixed by those able to fix it? Looking at the lineup at Brown’s home/victory party Primary night. JS

      2. I counted them Lennie. Five (5) votes for Brown; four (4) votes for Hennessy. It would have ended in a tie had Moderator Mullen installed high speed cameras in the room.


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