Brown Granted Public Funds In Primary Battle Against Hennessy

City Councilman Marcus Brown has received a fundraising boost in his quest to defeat incumbent State Rep. Jack Hennessy, qualifying for roughly $30,000 in public funds, according to the State Elections Enforcement Commission which approved the campaign grant on Wednesday.

Party-endorsed Brown and Hennessy will square off in an August 9 Democratic primary in Connecticut’s 127th District covering the North End and portion of West Side.

Brown had come under fire from some Hennessy supporters claiming he was premature about ballyhooing the threshold to qualify for public funds under the state’s Citizens Election Program.

Candidates for state representative must raise $5,800 in contributions from individuals, with at least 150 residing in municipalities in their districts. Participating candidates may only accept small dollar contributions from certain individuals—the maximum contribution is $290—and no contributions from state contractors or PACs, according to the SEEC regulations.

Hennessy supporters want Brown’s veracity to be central in this race. Brown had pledged to support Hennessy for another two-year term then reversed himself, his home shoe-horned into Hennessy’s district in the new state map redrawn for this election cycle.

Hennessy is also trying to qualify for public funds.

This race has taken on significance given the political turf, personalities and potential to impact next year’s mayoral contest.

Hennessy’s camp declares Brown an ambitious tool of party regulars. Brown’s camp casts Hennessy as ineffective. It’s also a contest between new generation youth and the senior member in service of the city’s state legislative delegation.

City Councilwoman Maria Pereira, a hawkish opponent of the party establishment, is helming Hennessy’s race. Hennessy has been primary-free since 2006.

Brown waged a competitive primary against State Senator Marilyn Moore two years ago, albeit running on the line of Joe Biden’s presidential primary. The walk-in vote totals were close, but Moore pulled away with so many voters casting absentee ballots with Covid lurking.

Mayor Joe Ganim and Democratic Town Chair Mario Testa support Brown.

Moore is eyeing another mayoral run in 2023 after giving Ganim a primary scare in 2019.

Absentee ballot votes, once again, will be key in this State House race.



    1. Just curious Mr. Mackey, what exactly do you mean that Marcus Brown is Bridgeport’s U.S Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas?

      Having Pereirra and Caruso on the opposite team is a welcome component. Primaries are a good thing. They are exciting. Maria is not a celebrity in the North End. She will be remembered for losing an 18 year incumbent seat simply because his time has come and gone.

      Mr. Mackey bashing a man of color is almost humorous coming from you.

      Judge Lopez wrote an equally embarrasing letter in the paper the other day. The good News – in the North End- Judge Lopez aas well as Maria have no following. One should stick to Black Rock- If the North End had a candidate as vocal and visible as Steve Stastrom we’d be ecstatic. With all of the current issues happening in Maria P.’s area she should stay in her lane. Loving this!!

      1. “Judge Lopez wrote an equally embarrasing letter in the paper the other day.”

        Steve, you’re referring to the “sacred cow” editorial? You mean to tell us that Marcus Brown and Gaudett were embarrassed by the editorial? It was a good read not just to me but many people I know where talking about it. Heck, I liked it so much that I’m in the process of getting a vendor’s license to sell cow bells outside city hall. 🙂

  1. “Hennessy supporters want Brown’s veracity to be central in this race.”
    It is imperative that every voter and resident in the district want veracity to be central in this race.
    An honest politician should not have to be an oxymoron,

    Brown has been shown to be a liar. He lied about supporting Hennessey’s reelection bid. Brown Lied on April 25th saying he had met the fundraising requirements for CEP funding of his primary campaign.

    Why should anyone excuse his lying? No Lennie, it isn’t preening as you have written, it is LYING.
    Liars can’t be trusted. The people of Bridgeport deserve better than Brown.

    1. MM, I understand your beef regarding Brown’s candidacy, but the state approved his grant so how is that episode lying? Brown preened like so many pols do, including some that you support, about meeting the public dough threshold, pending state approval. As I noted in my story “Staff from the State Elections Enforcement Commission will review his filing for qualifying contributions.” They did and he was approved. Excerpt from the April 25th story:

      City Councilman Marcus Brown, challenging veteran State House member Jack Hennessy in an August Democratic primary, says he’s reached the fundraising threshold to qualify for public funds under the state’s Citizens Election Program.

      Staff from the State Elections Enforcement Commission will review his filing for qualifying contributions.

      The clean elections program allows candidates to receive small personal donation amounts to qualify for a larger public grant, eschewing special-interest money.

      Brown and Hennessy must raise roughly $6,000 from at least 150 Bridgeport donors to receive a public grant of about $30,000.

      This is a quick fundraising turnaround considering Brown’s formal announcement was just one week ago.

      “I am incredibly humbled by the outpouring of support from so many people across Bridgeport. When I announced a week ago, I had no idea this groundswell of support would come so fast,” stated Brown in a news release. “The people of Bridgeport want their government to work for them, and I am committed to working for my constituents every single day as the next State Representative for the 127th district.”

      1. How is it lying? Read the press release you published issued April 25th where Brown lied and claimed he had raised all the money needed to qualify for CEP funding,
        He had not raised the required money by April 25th. Instead of a 7 day accomplishment it took about 40 days to raise the money and buffer and submit for processing. His report was not submitted until June.
        You don’t like Brown being called a liar, let him tell the truth. Liar, boaster, braggadocio, FOS
        Take your pick, he was just plain not speaking the truth on April 25th.

        1. MM, I did not publish his press release. I published a quote from a release. Here’s what I wrote: “Staff from the State Elections Enforcement Commission will review his filing for qualifying contributions.” He qualified. In your zeal to call him a liar, you falsely claim “Read the press release you published issued April 25th.” I published no release. Has Hennessy submitted his finance report yet? Your talking points from Maria Pereira continue.

    2. You miss me, people 🙂

      Ron, that was very “biased”. JS
      If those words come out of Tom White’s mouth, well you’ll know what I mean.

      Steve, Welcome back, mazel tov.

      Marcus, for a politician what do you expect?
      “I was too honest of a man to become a politician and live” ~ Socrates.
      Besides, was it lies or a prophecy,

      Although, it can be said Brown is more honest than you. Happy Pride Month, people
      P.S likewise, mazel tov.

      Lennie, when’s your party? You got to get that off before Jan 6 prime time is out of the news and Covid is back?

      Jim, if Maria was the last person on Earth, she would be fighting with herself, shadow boxing. She still looks cute in a hat though. Maria, mazal tov- ish.

      However, people, whatever political philosophy or racial lines you tend to fall, on any given issue. Please remember, to try not to be an assh@!e.

      As always, I depart with the prophet, Eminem.


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