‘Bridgeport’s Newest Ethics Commissioner, One Wild And Crazy Guy’–McCarthy: Get Lost

Ethics commissioner “Doctor” Noel Kayo’s story is getting better every day. Pinched for allegedly patronizing a prostitute, or what police say he thought was a prostitute, the “doctor” who’s not licensed to practice in Connecticut could easily be clubbing with Steve Martin. Now here’s a novel idea, how about the Ethics Commission meeting at city clubs? Better than the dance the toothless tiger has done the past decade over a series of mayors. Or maybe Kayo is there for happy-ending CPR purposes? Will Kayo receive a KO from the Ethics Commission? City Council President Tom McCarthy wants Kayo’s resignation. See here.

CT Post reporters Brian Lockhart and Tara O’Neill dig deeper into “One wild and crazy guy.”

The health care nonprofit he runs is not properly registered with the state.

But his reputation for burning up dance floors in bars and nightclubs is well known throughout the region.

Whether it’s riding the mechanical bull at Johnny Utah’s in Norwalk or grooving on the dance floor at Toad’s Place in New Haven in a fluorescent fishnet T-shirt, Dr. Kayo likes to boogie.

At Brother Jimmy’s in Stamford he’s earned the moniker “Brother Jimmy’s mascot” because he’s such a flamboyantly consistent presence.

Full story here.

Noel Kayo
Noel Kayo. From CT Post via Blogtalkradio.com


  1. This jerk is part ad parcel of the people that have been associated with gamin. Lets see we have a messenger boy for the FBI making $6,500 per month. We have a former police chief who quit and is now back at $6,500 per month. We have an acting police chief who is not qualified for the job. We are allowing civil service to b destroyed by David Dunn, since when do we have a sgt become an acting captain. We have a large open metal building on the east side where construction trash will be sorted. We have a group that meets in secret to discuss a $390 million project, how many are on the pay off list. The list goes on and on under Joe I can do it again Ganim

  2. Can someone tell me why we go through the charade of having the BPD do a background check when they apparently can’t even determine that he’s not even a doctor?
    God knows what else they miss when checking these records.

  3. *** Don’t know what active local, or state politician was blind-sided by this guy & or his supporters to think this “Good Time Johnny” was the real deal, ” Dr. Feel-Good ” guy that would be great for the Bpt. Ethics Commitee. But it’s a perfect example of “don’t judge a book by its cover or what it claims to be”! Back ground checks of any kind, (major or minor) just seem to be a thing of the past these days. Who with any type of Witt these days would be interested & lured to a spam e-mail offering a massage, etc…? A 40yr. old ex-medical student on a city’s Ethic’s Committee, that’s known @ some Ct. Nite clubs as a Wild & Krazy Guy who’s so lonely for company and attention that he actually seeks out these type of email personal adds? Maybe to offer his medical acessment or aid of some sort? *** If it walks, talks or acts like a duck, chances are it’s a DUCK ! ***

  4. I would have a field day with this guy if I were still on the council.
    And God Bless him if he refused.
    Just give me more to go after the mayor about.

  5. And he is performing services on our seniors?
    Please. Let me at him.
    Tommy if you are checking in then why don’t you tell us how a unlicsenced DOCTOR is administering services to our seniors?
    Maybe you can look into that also.

  6. This is one more piece of evidence that the cancer at the center of (Bad) Governance in the City of Bridgeport is Mario Testa,his co-conspirator Joe Ganim and the Democratic Town Committee. They have created a culture of “What’s in it for me” that has infiltrated every body and form of governance in Bridgeport. Even if “reformers” won all Twenty Seats on the City Council(and even getting a majority is looking questionable)it would be insufficient. The true fight is defeating Mario Testa and his sycophants on the DTC.

    1. and that includes the BBOE and the Bridgeport School System. There are also the insiders and parasites who are in the know or are beneficiaries e.g.Judah Epstein and the WPCA,MidTown Towing and the BPD.

  7. Lennie this is not a funny matter and the headline should not make light of this. I will say you have been light on any criticism of this administration.

    1. Interesting, Andy. Who broke the story of the mayor running an illegal rooming house in Black Rock? Who was the first one to be critical of the administration for not revealing the bidders for the downtown theater renovations? Who wrote the story, backed up by the numbers, of the city’s disproportionate hires regarding black, white, female public safety officers? Who was the first to run a complete list of city hires and salaries? Who wrote the stories about Ganim being disconnected from the mayor’s job as he seeks a long shot statewide office? Who provides a platform for worthy readers like you and JML and others to critically assess his job performance? You want more examples let me know. If you think I’m soft, that’s fine but guys like you are the antidote of balance. As for story in question, there’s a strangeness to the Kayo situation that warrants a sense of humor.

      1. Really I guess you have a different sense of humor sure you rote about what you listed but what about whats going on in the PD like a chief that is unqualified, a sgt replacing a captain. What about boards and commissions. I like reading OIB but I just wish you were more of an activist.

  8. There was no (literal) blood spilled here (although other bodily fluids were undoubtedly spilled (e.g., tears), so there is definitely room for humor in this situation – a contextual point of view/emotional sense in very short supply, and sorely needed in these parts at this point in time…

    (I think that the Doc’s political and medical careers have been “ko’d” for a spell…)

  9. Perhaps there is more to this story than has been reported in the CT Post? Seems that long-time readers of CT Post and OIB are curious. Perhaps a reading of the actual police report might shed some light on the story as well? Though if you have been pepper sprayed twice and blinded, how long until you regain your vision and able to sign whatever PD asks you to? How do you “solicit” when the female involved is reported to be a model, who with her male friend is quoted extensively with an alternative story?
    There is a revision according to a report I received that both court cases for the assault and solicitation have a court date of July 10, rather than July 7 previously reported.Who will be present and what will their story be?
    A doff of the cap to Chris Meyer, City Attorney, for stating that folks are innocent until proven guilty. Thumbs down to Tom McCarthy who has had lapses in reporting fully and honestly matters of significance to Bridgeport taxpayers: termination of Tom White as cost cutting measure but appointment of City Council clerk to the City Clerk office at the same time-no cost saving and loss of research and services to the CC for the past four years; airport fiasco where he as a board member was privvy to details but never aired how and why a new driveway with total expenses exceeding $600,000 became my burden as a Bridgeport taxpayer; and as a former employee of Labor Relations, party to contract information one must assume, where was comprehensive fiscal information about public safety union change from Plan B local to State of CT MERF? Is the $80-90 Million pension gap that Mayor Ganim wants to bond now, mainly due to the interaction of the State plan and City overtime? Is Ganim’s bonding idea good for the State as well for its major deficits and his reach for statewide office?
    Lots more later…..Time will tell.

  10. JML give me a break are you going to sit there and pick apart the arrest report? The are where this dip shit was arrested is known for prostitution. This guy say he is a doctor well if he is its not in Conn.His non profit is not registered in Conn. How was all this missed. Was it because this guy called himself a doctor? Is this the type of work the PD does Lets get Perez away from the camera and ask him. Wow Chris Meyer made any statement at all is just great. John are you really going to go over PD reports with no knowledge of procedure? Are you looking to make this asshole innocent? If so shame on you

    1. Andy,
      I think that Noel Kayo completed medical school and received an M.D. degree. What he has not done was to serve an internship with an accrediting hospital that would provide a way for the State to admit him to “practice” as an internist or specialist.
      What he has done is to use his medical training to pursue medical research through a not for profit that is registered corporately with the State and IRS (but perhaps not with the Department of Consumer Protection who keeps track of fund raising activities).

      And I believe that his activities of dancing at regional clubs or sitting in at Ethics Commission meetings have not caused a problem yet or this would have been specified as objectionable, rather than curious, unique or humorous.

      So this story seems to return to the scene and the police report may shed some light (or not) but I find it curious for someone to be charged for “solicitation” when the other party claims that she is not a practitioner of such solicitations. Don’t you? Lenny’s original headline, among the many since on OIB and CTPost had to do with SETUP?? Time will tell.

  11. This entire episode is a humiliating,embarrassing situation. Bridgeport is a joke as far as the State of Connecticut and even nationally with stories like this. So.we all 140,000(give or take) residents of The City of Bridgeport need to thank Mario Testa,the co-conspirator Joseph Ganim,the clueless and rubber(robber)’stamp City Council that is making us the laughing stock in The State of Connecticut and even throughout the United States. Thank God for Illinois and Chicago…they may be the only municipal governments that are worse than Bridgeport/ State of Connecticut.

    1. JML I am not sure why you are defending this mope but you are. Let me ask you do we have any information as to where this guy got his medical schooling. If he hasn’t done what is required of a recent med school graduate (internship) then he is not really an MD and in CT eyes he is not a doctor although he can call himself anything he wants.
      Set up by who the cops? Really this guy is a waste of effort and I doubt he was set up and as far the women goes do you really, really think she would admit to solicitation come on John even you are not that naïve.
      John Medical research where and how come on get real. This guy is a phony but obviously a good bullshit artist he has you convinced he is a good guy.

  12. I have to agree with Andy on this JML

    So much for ‘Accountability and Integrity”


    I won’t get into the political aspect of “DR” Kayo or what connection to what organization he is affiliated with but come on people.

    JML what does the police report have to do with anything and why hold out for it to form an opinion on the matter. It’s not like the integrity of the police haven’t be in questioned on certain issues. You seemed to have changed your stance on the integrity of the police report in your second post.

    Kayo (Thinking). I want a massage. Let me go rent a cheap hotel room and call and ad in the paper.

    Kayo: Hey you get in my car. Are you my masseuse.

    Robber: No! Did you call for nude pictures?

    Kayo: No. Spray Spray. Help I’m being robbed.

    Robbers: lets washout the spray and wait for the police?

    Police: What going on over here?

    Kayo: I’m a good Samaritan, they tried to rob me.

    Police: What are you doing here?

    Kayo: I’m wait for my Professional Masseuse I ordered from BACKPAGE.COM

    Robber: I’m selling nude pictures.

    Officer: Looks like someone got robbed of Happy Ending.

    JML No one said to be charged with “solicitation” it has to be warranted by the other party.

    I find it curious that Kayo claimed of being robbed by these two, Yet they stayed to washout the spary and waited for the police, Don’t you.

    PS did he even rented a room or what he planning on getting massage in his car? TWT. SMH

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