Bradley Threatens Legal Action In Power Plant Dispute Over Local Hiring

Bridgeport’s two state senators Dennis Bradley and Marilyn Moore attended public forum Monday night.

State Senator Dennis Bradley, an attorney, declared Monday night that if officials with PSEG that built a gas-fired power plant in the South End do not resolve issues regarding a Community Environmental Benefits Agreement with the city he will bring a lawsuit.

Video courtesy of Steve Krauchick, Doing It Local.

From Ethan Fry, CT Post:

A group of community leaders are considering legal action over what they say are broken promises by city officials and the company that built a gas-fired power plant in the city’s South End.

The plant–Bridgeport Harbor Station 5–went online this year.

At an official opening last month, city officials and representatives of the company, Public Service Enterprise Group, said the project employed dozens of city residents and has been credited for a bump in the city’s tax base.

But the Council of Churches of Greater Bridgeport and other religious leaders said the company didn’t live up the promises outlined in the 2016 agreement it signed with the city, and have triggered a dispute-resolution section of the pact to force confidential negotiations.

Those negotiations have been fruitless, they said Monday during a meeting inside the Shiloh Baptist Church on Broad Street attended by state Sens. Marilyn Moore and Dennis Bradley, who promised to look into the issue as well.

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  1. If Lennie would pull out the earliest stories on this on OIB you will see that Don and myself along with others challenge the outcome of this deal. This company has a record of saying one thing to get on the door and not delivering in other cities. Where is Judge Carmen Lopez in this time of need because I look for Bradley to do a pat on his back without any action.

  2. Disregard attorneys that threaten legal action.
    Those that can, do. Those that can’t, review.
    If there’s no chance of failure, there’s no chance of success.

  3. Bradley is a minor league (single A) lawyer.
    PSEG will likely arrange a settlement where Bradley and the ‘reverends’ walk away declaring victory and with a few dollars in their treasury.


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