Bradley Campaigns In Chicago For Mayoral Candidate Vallas

State Senator Dennis Bradley loves campaigning–so much so that he spent Presidents’ Day weekend in Chicago stumping for mayoral candidate Paul Vallas who served as Bridgeport’s superintendent of schools for more than two years following the July 2011 state takeover of schools that was invalidated by the Connecticut Supreme Court. Vallas’ time as school chief predated the flamboyant Bradley’s tenure on the Board of Education. Bradley resigned his seat last week following his November election to the State Senate.

Hmmm, did Bradley visit the Bridgeport neighborhood on the South Side?

From Bradley’s Facebook page:

In the land of Obama and Lincoln. America produce great people that changed the world from this city. Now Paul Valles looks to keep Democracy alive. This President’s Day weekend I’ll be knocking on doors and telling the voters it’s time to elect a man of vision!



  1. A real show horse who has never been a work horse. This clown doesn’t know Bridgeport now he wants to back Paul Valles a Republican dress as a Democrat who ran for Lieutenant Governor in Illinois as the running mate of Republican candidate for governor Pat Quinn.

      1. Thank you for the correction, the concern that I recalled was by, Karen G. J. Lewis, president of the Chicago Teachers Union, who had issued a statement calling Quinn’s choice will take public education in Chicago and Illinois in the wrong direction .”We are concerned,” said Lewis. “We hope that Vallas will … denounce privatization schemes that have done nothing to increase academic achievement.”

        1. With respect to former CTU President Karen Lewis, who has stepped down due to health complications in the last year, was not CTU President when Paul was CEO of the CPS, the CTU President during Paul’s tenure of the CPS just endorsed him today.

  2. One a__hole knocking on doors for another a__hole. I do not have a single recollection of Dennis Bradley attending a single BOE meeting when Paul Vallas was in Bridgeport. So what’s their connection? That’s easy. The Charter $chool industry called on Dennis Bradley to help their guy out in Chicago.

    Paul Vallas is not even polling in the top five of the numerous candidates running.

    No one starts knocking on doors at 8:00 AM. Most people would cuss you out for doing so.

  3. Let’s see how much freshman Conn. State Senator, Dennis Bradley can help Paul Vallas, with 2 percent and placing 9th in the upcoming Democrat primary for mayor of Chicago. LOL.

    In the poll, conducted in both English and Spanish from Feb. 11-13, Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle barely leads the 14-person pack with 14 percent of the vote.
    Following her are:
    Bill Daley: 13 percent
    Susana Mendoza: 12 percent
    Lori Lightfoot: 10 percent
    Gery Chico: 9 percent
    Amara Enyia: 7 percent
    Jerry Joyce: 4 percent
    Willie Wilson: 4 percent
    Garry McCarthy: 3 percent
    Paul Vallas: 2 percent
    Bob Fioretti: 1 percent
    LaShawn Ford: 1 percent
    Neal Sales-Griffin: 1 percent
    John Kozlar: —-
    The leader of the pack was “Undecided” at 19 percent.

  4. They figured at 2 percent, what do they have to lose?
    He was probably trying to drum up business even though he’s not licensed to practice in IL. Why let a little technically stand in the way of a money making case.

  5. Dennis Bradley is a Frankenstien-ish creature created and developed by Mario Testa. As long as Testa is around,Bradley has options. When and if Testa departs the scene,Bradley will follow,.

          1. Frank, you got the cemetery wrong, you are talking about Park Cemetery on Lindley St. and not Lakeview Cemetery on Boston Ave.


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