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 Monday June 25, 2018

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Big Wave A Smaller Splash, Drops 60 Pounds–Misses Political Action

June 20th, 2013 · 5 Comments · Analysis and Comment, City Politics

Chris Caruso

Chris 'Big Wave' Caruso during his days in the State House.

Ran into two-time mayoral candidate Chris Caruso on Fairfield Avenue Downtown on Wednesday. A double take was required.

“What happened to you?”

“I lost 60 pounds.”

“By design?”

“Yes. I’m eating healthy foods.”

“Congratulations. That couldn’t have been easy.”

“Eating was my one vice! But I’m pleased about it.”

“You’ve been quiet lately.”

“You never know. You may be hearing from me again.”

The Big Wave, 53 years old, is still a big man but the weight loss clearly shows. The former long-time member of the State House who lost two Democratic mayoral primaries by a whisker to John Fabrizi in 2003 and Bill Finch in 2007 was appointed to a position in the State Labor Department by Governor Dan Malloy in early 2011. Caruso works out of the Labor Department office in Bridgeport. As a result of the job, he’s kept a low profile.

“Hey, when are you going to make some noise?”

“I like the job, but I miss the political action. You just never know. Maybe you’ll hear from me again.”

“What do you think about things going on in Bridgeport?”

“Don’t get me going!” he said with a smile.


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  • Ron Mackey

    I am one who supported Chris Caruso on both of his runs for mayor and at age 53 he is young enough to make another run whenever he decides. I had no problem with his decision to take the job with the state at a good salary for himself.

  • Steven Auerbach

    I am so happy Caruso has been eating healthy. Now would be the time to drop the weight before he has health problems. I am glad he loves his job. Running for office again? Doubt it! This city needs new blood with a fresh vision. Caruso is very nice and articulate for sure. I voted for Fabrizi and Finch. I believed they were more pro development. I wish Chris continued success in his new position. Apparently, someone was able to keep his activism at bay. Gomes and Moore are no longer viable candidates in Bridgeport and the only Caruso supporter in office is Hennessy. He has definitely been a great contributor to the City, including his leadership on his fight against the Nob Hill Academy detention center, of which I also gave my time and effort. I cannot imagine exactly what was the kryptonite that stifled Caruso but apparently it worked and worked well. Chris has been nearly invisible and the Testa zoning change has left a bitter taste in the North End and Caruso’s lack of visibility has not endeared him to his once-strong support system.

    • BlackRockGuy

      Steve, don’t write them off. Because if it comes to Walker and his buddies and Finch … Finch will unfortunately win and the city will lose.

      • Steven Auerbach

        BRG. I did not understand anything you said. I am not sure if you are for or against David Walker. Who am I writing off, Caruso, Moore and Gomes? Yes I have! Am I looking to replace Finch? Not at the moment I am not. I do not think there is anyone on this blog or in my daily interactions who does not know where I stand and whom I support. When there is an election, everyone will put their cards on the table and may the best man or woman win. We are all in this together.

  • Dave Walker

    Congratulations to Chris Caruso on his weight loss and better eating habits.

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