Be A Poll Worker On Election Day

America is facing a poll worker shortage caused by the health emergency. A national movement Power the Polls is underway to recruit poll workers.

Older people account for the largest share of poll workers, but fewer are signing up.

Poll workers prepare polling places and voting machines, greet voters, check voters in, issue the correct ballots, ensure order in the lines, and assist voters as needed, among other tasks.

See below contact info to apply for poll worker positions in Bridgeport.



  1. As usual…screwed up job info from Bridgeport

    Voter registration in any municipality in CT required to be a poll worker
    Worker requirements: “Minimum Age 16 years who are residents of the city”

    You can be registered to vote at 16
    You DON’T need to be a city resident to be a moderator at a polling place. If you have taken the moderator’s classes and passed the exam, you can serve as a moderator in any polling place in the state.

  2. Marshal Marcus, thank you and Wades Dairy for being a sponsor and a participant in the Farmers to Families Food Box to feed Bridgeport families. You exemplify the phrase, Seriousness Coupled with Action. Good job. 👍🏿👍🏿


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