Barf Bag! What’s The Deal With Hearst Newspapers Shameless Backpatting?

K-Y jelly
Hearst Newspapers best friend.

Journalists deserve praise for breaking stories, but it’s vomit time when it becomes an institutionalized jerk off. Lately Hearst Newspapers, owner of the Connecticut Post, Greenwich Time, Stamford Advocate and Danbury News-Times, has hauled out the arousal gel time and again.

Here’s one from Neil Vigdor (bold added):

Even mighty Facebook doesn’t want to risk being unfriended.

Under mounting pressure from the victims’ families and members of Congress, the social network agreed Monday to scrub from its website rogue tribute pages to the fallen teachers and students of the Dec. 14 Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings.

The decision came 48 hours after the publication of a Hearst Connecticut Newspapers report illuminating the proliferation of dozens of unauthorized tributes to the victims, many of them giving the appearance that they were created by loved ones or friends.

And then there’s this one from Dave Ruden …

The job description, at first mention, appears incongruous.

Upon contemplation, it makes perfect sense.

Bobby Valentine, Sacred Heart University athletic director.

When Hearst Connecticut Newspaper broke the news last Thursday that the Stamford native, with one of the longest and broadest resumes imaginable, would be named Tuesday to oversee the Pioneers’ sports program, some questioned whether this was nothing more than a public relations stunt.

Victory laps by newspapers is a management thing, not necessarily the scribes. Let the readers know we got it first, or had influence in changing something while sticking it in the eye of a competitor. Ever hear Derek Jeter tell the world I’m great? OIB friend Tom Dudchik, host of the mighty will give a poke to newspapers feeling so mighty.

There’s a way to get the point across without it being so smarmy. But then K-Y might go out of business.



  1. I think it’s wonderful the different members of the Hearst Newspapers Group are joining together hand in hand or … whatever in hand. They could be doing some pretty serious behind the back … oh … wait … they would still need KY for that wouldn’t they? Never mind.

  2. Kudos to Facebook for removing bogus tributes from Sandy Hook, they’ve suffered enough. As for the newspaper … some journalists require numb it creme vs KY.

  3. *** That’s what’s called “screwing yourself for fun” in the newspaper business! Maybe an overall improvement may come out of this “free for all,” no? *** CAUTION, SLIPPERY WHEN WET ***


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