Barack Tsunami Victimizes Shays And Russo, Plus: Recount For Contest

What a night. Barack is President-elect, and his tsunami swept across Bridgeport taking its toll on 21-year Republican incumbent Christopher Shays and State Senator Rob Russo, both of Bridgeport.

How often have you heard the expression, better to vote for the devil you do know than don’t? Well, not always, even if some incumbents are on the side of the angels issue-wise. What makes presidential cycles scary for incumbents outnumbered by registration is the sheer number of voters that show up only every four years. Democrats voted in the city for the first time (or in a long time) that are disengaged from their congressional and state representatives. First-time voters cast a ballot for a presidential candidate that inspired them and they kept voting the line.

As I watched veteran political operatives hand out literature on behalf of their candidates outside polling places, several of them commented: I don’t know these people.

In March, when Rob Russo defeated Tom Mulligan in a special election you saw what can happen when candidates are matched up head to head with no other candidates on the ballot. Russo, riding a strong economic message, was rewarded with an overwhelming win in a low turnout. Russo won two city precincts and ran even in many others while winning large in the suburbs.  On Tuesday, with some meaningful accomplishments involving jobs and education only after eight months in office, Russo was swept away despite running better than both John McCain and Chris Shays in the city.

Voters weren’t mad at Russo. They were just mad at all Republicans.

Shays, the last New England Republican in the U.S. House of Representatives, conceded shortly before 10 p.m. to his opponent Democrat Jim Himes. The Himes campaign accomplished a city plurality in Bridgeport for a Democratic congressional candidate not achieved in 40 years, running up a 20,000-vote win, including absentee ballots.  In doing so Himes, parroting Barack’s positions on ending the war and tax cuts for the middle class, also increased Democratic numbers in the city of Stamford.

Himes had two primary goals: attach himself to Barack and link Shays to George Bush. Add Shays’ support for an unpopular war with an imploding economy and you have a deadly nitro mix. It also helped that Himes had millions to spend. Examining Shays’ base suburban vote, he performed relatively well. The big difference was Bridgeport and Stamford blowouts, particularly the Park City, that bludgeoned the Dariens, Wiltons and Westons. This, by far, was Shays’ lowest Bridgeport performance. Overall, district-wide, looks like Himes has won by four percentage points.

Russo fared better than Shays in his district portion of Bridgeport, but not enough to withstand the wave. Russo won Trumbull and Monroe, but not enough to make up ground against Democrat Anthony Musto. The city will lose a solid public servant, but Russo will stay active. Congratulations to Musto. I spoke to Musto by phone briefly at 9:15 Tuesday night and he was surprised by the results. He expected a closer race. “It’s finally over,” he said with tinge of relief, following his first major run for state office.

This election cycle was an awful year to be a Republican with an electorate willing to punish almost all GOP candidates in its path.  Don’t know what Shays will do. He has contemplated a run for mayor of Bridgeport, but that election is three years away. Could he step up and run for congress again in two years? Republicans such as Fairfield State Sen. John McKinney, whose father had occupied the seat before Shays, will take a look at that seat two years from now when a gubernatorial cycle with much lower city turnout, is more favorable to the GOP.

In other races, OIB friend Michele Mount waged a spirited race against Republican State Rep. DebraLee Hovey but came up short in the Monroe/Newtown assembly towns. Auden Grogins, the blonde banshee from Black Rock, as expected enjoyed a lopsided win, running ahead of her ticket in her home school. Auden’s general election victory was sealed when she defeated Bob Keeley in the August Democratic primary.

Hey, who won the OIB contest?  It’s close, real close … between City Kitty, donJ, CosmoCat and Ron Mackey. Might need a recount.

If you want to harass me on the radio today I’ll be guesting David Smith’s show on WICC at 3 p.m.



  1. I just voted at Black Rock and the lines are way too long. Only 8 voting booths 300 people in line. Himes and Obama had no one working for them. There was an increase of a lot of African Americans at the Black Rock school many young voters. I went to the polls at 5:50 and finished voting at 6:40. It seem that Himes and Obama have the edge I was the 89th person to vote. I voted for Obama Himes Musto Auden.

  2. Good morning OIB. At 5:45 a.m. I was in line at Bassick High School among the first 50 people in line. Immediately, trouble and complaints started. Both scanners at Bassick started to spit the ballots out when voters attempted to feed them into the scanners. The moderator tried to form two lines by asking the folks living in 130-1 and 130-2 to form separate lines. No one knew which one they were in, so no one moved from their spot. The line stretches from the sidewalk on Clinton Avenue to the gym at Bassick and it is obvious that Blacks are out in full force for Obama. I’m going to my doctor and check out a bug bite on my foot. I’m hoping I was bitten by one of Stinky’s fleas and not a Lyme tick. I’ll be out at Bassick, so if any of you “Joel haters” wanna tell the voters what a pain in the ass I am, feel free to do so.

  3. You want to talk about lines, I just voted at Harding and it took me a hour there were many people and I get the feeling Jim Himes is going to pull this off today.

  4. Heading out to vote, I’m sure I’ll be on line for an hour, but it’s worth the wait to get the democrats elected – the time is now!!! OBAMA-BIDEN!!!

  5. I was in line at 6:00AM at Roosevelt School and had to wait 45 minutes to vote. Immediately, trouble and complaints started at Roosevelt School with the scanners, when voter attempted to feed the ballots into the scanners. The problem was resolved immediately. The line was even longer when I left, that is very very unusual for the South End.

  6. Wow, turnout is high at all precincts in Bridgeport like Longfellow. I really doubt he can get 30% in Bridgeport. I was in line for an hour; I went around 7 and I got out at 8. It was a remarkable experience.

  7. Joel

    The only thing that I agree with in regard to you is that you are ill-guided and have no place aspiring to a position of political responsibility. I don’t believe that you have the compos mentis to lead.

  8. “Attleboro, Mass.-based Precision Engineering received a $5 million loan backed by the state of Connecticut for the purchase of Bridgeport’s Lacey Manufacturing, which was announced Oct. 17.

    Under the terms of the loan, Precision Engineering is required to maintain the work force of approximately 275.”

    Rob Russo is the architect of this deal. He actually obtained assurances from the state to guarantee a loan that will preserve 275 jobs in Bridgeport. I hope Russo wins today. We need him and people like him representing us.

  9. Report from the field –

    As of 10:30 555 people had voted at Black Rock School. My wife and I stood in line about 45 minutes. It was well worth the wait. This is a once in a lifetime election. Today we make history by electing Barack Obama, President of the United States of America.

  10. Just voted at Central HS. Not a very long wait, about 30 minutes. I was told earlier in the morning the line stretched from the gym into the lobby down the hall to the cafeteria, about 200+ feet. Still, they could use much better organization, although they do have poll workers walking the line asking for your street and directing you to the proper queue. Outside I saw the usual suspects working the crowds.

    As hopeful as I am I still foresee a McCain victory. Obama gets an overwhelming share of the popular vote but McCain gets the electoral vote. I hope I’m wrong but I feel there is a vast “silent majority” of undecided voters who never intended to vote for Obama anyway.

  11. donj–Yes, I did mean 9:30. I forgot to set my damn watch back on Sunday. Sorry about that.

    I voted a straight Democratic ticket except for Russo, who, after much soul searching, I did decide to support. I also voted No on the constitutional question and Yes on letting 17 year olds vote in primaries.

  12. Yahooy thanks for your late report on Lacey. It would have been easier to just give us the link to the ctpost story.
    Keep in mind that 50% of companies that have received state assistance have left the state after they have sucked the well dry. Had you used your “compos mentis” you would have known this fact.

  13. Given the sad state of the way the goombas have run this city, I’m surprised the other 50% stayed.

    If we keep going with incompetent management in a downward fiscal fall, we must seek assistance from the state in the form of another financial review board.

  14. True activists would be out on the doors, on the phones, and at the polls as I am about to start my 2nd shift. Blogging, like yard signs, does not equal votes.

  15. Harding high school has had 588 voters as of 11am according to my friend who voted. This is a big number so soon for Harding, only about 1100 people voted in ’04. It is still morning and nearly 600 of them came out including me wow we might see an 1800 turnout there.

  16. Turnout is high at Black Rock and he might just be ending up losing his home precinct. I also took a drive to Dunbar and the Himes campaign is running smart there; they have a big big picture of Obama and Himes to vote line B and you know what it is working. Himes is going to carry the city in Big numbers today.

  17. I cast my ballot at 12:30 at Central and there was no crowd at all. More workers and loafers than voters. It was amazing to see how somewhat disorganized the workers seemed to be. The setup could have been better and workers better identifiable. Too many people walking around. Should I be expecting more from our registrar of voters office?

  18. *Bridgeport Now*
    Bush socialism vs. Obama socialism and the 2008 Elections

    Call in: 203-341-0103. How long did YOU wait to vote?

    Topic: Spreading the wealth on Wall Street or on Main Street for health care and reducing university costs.

    Are you upset or happy about the elections? Call in to give your opinion live on TV or talk about Shays vs. Himes.

    WHAT: “Bridgeport Now”
    WHEN: Tuesdays at 8pm to 9pm
    WHERE: Channel 77
    SEEN IN: Fairfield, Bridgeport, Milford, Orange, Stratford, Woodbridge.

  19. Voted at Longfellow this afternoon and for the first time in 20 years there was a line. Usually there’s only one or two others at most and the poll workers are half asleep. Today there were eight or 10 people ahead of me and my 12-year-old son, Rob from BePo, who came along for the historic value of the day. Outside, there were a handful of volunteers in blue Shays t-shirts chanting “Obama! Shays!” Seems like a good turnout in Bridgeport for a change. If only we could get more people interested in mayoral elections.

  20. Joel – did you pack it in and give up already? Your posting is 5:16pm – primetime for people getting out of work. Why aren’t you out there working at the schools with your republican friends? You must be pretty sure you’re a winner if you are home blogging instead of out there.

  21. Report from the Field –

    According to Auden and my friend Diana S. working hard in front of Black Rock School about 2,000 people had voted as of 6:00, a huge turnout and still growing.

    The secret monitoring device has been activated and hopefully I’ll have some numbers shortly after the polls close. However, if someone gets them first please post them.

  22. Final Report From the Field –

    Here are the Black Rock School numbers –

    McCain – 702
    Obama – 1,567

    Shays – 933
    Himes – 1,233

    Russo – 1,019
    Musto – 1,129

    Auden won 1,575 to 542

    Ballot questions

    Constitutional question

    Yes – 708
    No – 1,209

    17 year old primary voting

    Yes 1,195
    No – 580

    A special thanks to Diana S.

    Analysis later, although the Himes/Shays result was a bit of a surprise. It looks like Shays is in real trouble. It’s time to get back to the national returns.

    Go Obama!!

  23. *** I’ve been @ Bassick, City Hall & Bridge Academy back & fourth all day & did not see hide nor hair of the “Republican Candidate” that was running for “State Rep.” for the #130th Dist.? No lawn signs, palm cards, rides to voters, nothing that would remind voters that there even was a GOP candidate running? After all that talk & blogging about Dems. and the other candidate’s flaws! He voted early in the morning & “WHAT HAPPENED” the rest of the day??? FORFEIT the election I know, but you should have @ least stopped by and helped your other GOP comrades. *** I wonder how many votes I got today? ***

  24. *** It’s amazing that a minority community activist from Chicago has the gift of being able to bring so many people from all walks of life, races, religions, gender, young & old together in a political common goal to achieve change & the hope for better days for all! Truly history changing right before our eyes from what this country’s been used to for over #200 years. And by a minority Dem. as well to boot! Maybe that’s why I feel good tonight that even though I did not have a chance to win the election today as a petition candidate, I still gave it a go & worked most of the day @ it. Which by Obama winning proves that somtimes you can never say never! ***

  25. donj on #59:
    Honestly, I don’t have a clue. I’m not sure if I even got one vote. I regrettably voted for Mojica.

    I voted:


  26. Well said Mojo.

    It’s been a day I will never forget.

    Ron – I agree. John McCain showed real class and real love for his country in his concession speech.

  27. Mojo on #54:

    It is nice to know that you spent the day looking for me all over the district. After 7 years of marriage, I haven’t been able to get my wife to do that. Did you not “hear” me when I called out, “Mojo” at Bassick? Don’t tell me you are taking my comments, views and opinions personal. Should I expect a “fist sandwich” like Wondering?
    Hair is that fuzzy thing that has been falling from our heads in the passing years. I believe that what I was during the election is spelled, c.a.n.d.i.d.a.t.e. One thing is clear, at least the Republican candidate can spell. By now, you should know the talking and blogging about flaws in the political system and the candidates in it shall resume.
    McCain, Shays, Russo, Michelle Mount and you spent thousands to millions of dollars on lawn signs, palm cards, poll rides and done all the right moves, to no avail. I knew the odds from the beginning and I strongly felt that doing what you think I should have done would have more likely helped the Democrats. Staying in the schools all day doesn’t help much. Voter’s minds are made up already.
    Any extra time I get, I spend it with my daughters “Priceless”. Doing otherwise, would be a f.o.r.f.e.i.t. of my parental responsibility.

  28. I joined Chris Shays and his supporters at the Norwalk Inn. As the numbers were coming in, I kept my eye on two places – Bridgeport and Greenwich. The Numbers from Greenwich (Jim Himes’ hometown) at that time showed Shays ahead with 56% and it showed the Bridgeport number declining below 30% for Shays.
    The Greenwich folks voted with the experienced and most qualified candidate from Bridgeport, while Bridgeporters voted for an inexperienced millionare from Greenwich, against their home-town servant. The majority of the hundreds of people present could be heard asking themselves “what is wrong with Bridgeport voters?”

  29. Mojo on #54:

    If you are still wondering how many or few votes you got, here are some numbers.


    82 – Joel’s vote = 81


    440 + Joel’s refund = 441

    Obama wins it for Ezequiel.

  30. City Kitty:

    On another note, on Monday the City Council voted to raise a number of Health-related fees. I heard the hairstylist permit fees are among those approved for an increase. Despite being bald, I am not in favor of such an increase. As a hairstylist, do you think that these Council members would be safe sitting on a Barber’s chair?

  31. Congrats to the winners. We must put all differences aside now, and work for the common good of the people. The prevailing candidates won the contest; I just hope that the districts can celebrate in the improvements that their choices have produced in the years to come.
    Lennie, you have been grand during this experience, and thanks again to the OIB faithful.

    Milton Johnson


  33. Milton Johnson, the challenge now is for you to help to redefine the Republican Party here in Bridgeport and in the state. You did a great job with your run for mayor last year and you did a good job in the debates.

    Now you have changed to become a Republican in a Democratic city and state and that’s okay. The Republican principles and talking points are outdated, their answer to all problems are tax cuts and less government. The Republican Party is now a white male party. That is where you, Milton Johnson, must have a seat at the table to make changes in a Republican Party that has lost its way.

  34. Milton Johnson on #67:

    Milton I congratulate you. In the short time that I have known you, I admire your sincere desire to make a difference. You have shown qualities in a candidate that are rare in both Parties I have been in. The moral character of your wife, children and you reminded me that there are people worth fighting and willing to make sacrifices for others.
    Put my differences aside? Let me tell you about a major difference between the leadership in the 130th/131st district as it relates to my political beginnings.
    In 1991, the Connecticut legislature passed the income tax bill under the Weicker (I) administration. The 130th dist. State Representative at the time was Americo Santiago. During a Hispanic festival at Kennedy Stadium in 1991, I came face to face with Americo Santiago as he was playing the crowd. I was upset with Americo’s vote in favor of the Income Tax and when he stretched his arm to shake hands, I gave him such an earfull that Obama could not possibly hold on both his ears. Americo Santiago maintained his position and assured me that the Income tax would financially benefit the city, especially the poor as it would bring increased state assistance to Bridgeport. I disagreed and gave him the benefit of the doubt and we went on to become part of the team of Democrats who delivered positive changes in the 131st district, when four years later I was elected as one of the City Councilmen in the 131st district. Seventeen years later, the Income tax is still in place and what has Bridgeport gotten out of it? In 1991 about 9% of the state revenue came from the State Income tax. Now, about 51% of the state revenue comes from the State Income tax. When departing State Rep. Felipe Reinozo last spoke to the Connecticut Post, he said, “the people are hungry.” What are the chances that Americo Santiago, via Ezequiel, will undo or repair the economic strain created in part by Americo Santiago and those he and his Democratic machinery have instigated? My congratulations will be construed as an endorsement and approval of their draconian policies. The only improvements that the district can celebrate are those made during my tenure at the City Council from 1995 to 2001.

  35. On Rob Russo:

    I have a hard time just deciding where to begin. Why Bridgeport voted out an A-1 quality elected offical is just unbelievable. They sure as hell didn’t listen to the debates and heard Musto say time and time again, “I agree with Rob Russo.” Am I surprised? Not really.
    The following quote from Lennie Grimaldi just about sums it up.

    “As I watched veteran political operatives hand out literature on behalf of their candidates outside polling places, several of them commented: I don’t know these people.”

    What the operatives and the voters don’t know is what they have undone that is going to come back to haunt them. Say goodbye to (not the bad guy) the transparent auditing of the Board of Education budget and any future changes to B.O.E. waste and mismanagement. The failures of our education system for the past 20+ years is one of the key factors to the dilemma presented in Lennie’s quote above. A poorly educated community is susceptible to the kinds of electoral choices we see coming from Bridgeport voters. A sucker is born every minute! The Russo and Shays losses are examples of the outcome, when those suckers are poorly educated and fed misinformation that is confusing even to those with average education. With the high numbers of school dropouts and many who graduate with minimum levels of education, I can only expect this dilemma to continue. The Bridgeport political operatives know this and that is how they maintain power; this power is easier to maintain when the Party selects suckers to represent us and buys them with patronage jobs for example.
    It’s an honor to have met and worked with A-1 quality elected officals like Rob Russo. Russo did not lose as much as Bridgeport has.

  36. Santa Claude Balls on #74:

    Thanks for your gift. A tard? That’s all I get for being a good boy?
    You cheap bastard! I’m keeping a five-gallon container of gasoline by the fireplace. I’ll see you on Crispymas.

  37. Bridgeporters aren’t Republicans because Bridgeport is an urban area and Republicans are not supportive of urban agendas at all.

    That’s it … plain and simple. They lost because they are members of a party that tends to hate cities and the people in them.


  38. Santa Claude Balls on #74:

    Before logging on to OIB, I suggest you move that set of “Balls” from in front of your eyes. Had you done so, you would have noticed:

    “I disagreed and gave him the benefit of the doubt and we went on to become part of the team of Democrats who delivered positive changes in the 131st district, when four years later, I was elected as one of the City Councilmen in the 131st district.”

    So, go away and don’t come back ’til Crispymas.
    BTW, do you prefer Exxon, Sunoco or Mobil?
    I can also use explosives and shoot you back to the North Hole in no time.

  39. Santa Claude Balls on #77:

    How would you know that? Is the North Hole an Urban area? So the thousands of Bridgeporters who voted Republican are suburban residents?
    You believe Chris Shays and Rob Russo hate their hometown and the people in it?
    I think Rudolph the Red Nosed Raindeer has been spitting in your food and drinks for too long or the set of “Balls” are permanently stuck to your eyes.

  40. Please stop blogging. I think Lennie has had to lower his ad rates because of the frequency of your whacked-out half-baked cuckooisms.

    You are the one thing Yahooy is right about.

    You are also the only blogger that makes him look good by comparison.

  41. Brown eyed girl on #68:

    Brown eyed girl, do not let your disappointment turn your Brown eyes blue. Don’t let jerks like “Yahooy chocolate drink” (talk about brown) keep your brown eyes from glittering with hope.

  42. Congrats to all the winners and condolences to the losers. Now let’s look to the future and building a better B’port. Prez-elect has his hands full and shouldn’t be expected to come here soon with a checkbook.

    How many urban areas are as distressed as our own? (lots)
    How long will it take for federal aid to reach us? (5-6 years)
    How many local pols will be tapped to move up the ranks to DC jobs? (my hunch is few to none)

    Let’s pull ourselves out of this and start working together to get the city moving and stop the petty squabbles and ego trips.

  43. Claude this is the kind of relevant question a smart person asks:

    Who will replace Ezequiel Santiago’s soon to be vacant seat? What Knowlwdge, experience or qualifications will that person have? Will it be another sole pick from Mitch Robles? Town Committee member? All in the family? How soon will the replacement be made?

  44. This is kinda interesting:

    Christopher L. Caruso 4954
    Joseph Minutolo 1230

    Looks like quite a few dems hopped off the line and voted ABC this time around.

    Is there trouble in Cannoliville?

  45. “Blue Donkey // Nov 4, 2008 at 11:01 am

    True activists would be out on the doors, on the phones, and at the polls as I am about to start my 2nd shift. Blogging, like yard signs, does not equal votes.”

    What were you doing? Begging the North End elderly for fivers to cover Caruso’s lawsuit “costs” again? Is that activism?

  46. I told you guys I was right; which person said Obama was only going to get 65% of the vote in Bridgeport? Like I told everybody Obama got well over 80% of the vote and Himes got about 80% in Bridgeport too. Shays even lost Black Rock by some hundreds of votes.

  47. Claude Balls – LOL at your postings, I love it, keep them coming. I was figuring Joel would stop all his nonsense postings by now, but I guess not. I am so glad all the democrats won bigtime yesterday. And yes Joel, I know about the hike in the hairstylist’s fee, we’ll pay it and end of story. And independent soul is so right, let’s all start working together.

  48. and Joel, please stop with the talk about explosives, gasoline by your fireplace and shooting; it’s really creepy. I sometimes can’t tell when you are being serious or just plain weird.

  49. I want to thank all my friends and OIB supporters for the encouragement and kind words this past election. I guess I had a Republican’s chance in Bridgeport of winning. My deepest disappointment was my opponent’s use of Bridgeport as a scare tactic. I think that it can be compared to Bush and Cheney’s similar myopic, isolationist thinking. It is time that this state takes steps to reward regional collaboration and planning to foster regional health for cities and suburbs.

    Hovey without even realizing it exposed the 300-pound gorilla to the public. It is well known to Hartford insiders, but not to the general public–City versus suburb, more than Democrat versus Republican is destroying our state. The Governor herself won’t even recognize the problem, let alone try to fix it. To all my fellow “non-winners,” don’t get personal and stay involved to make a difference, assuming that was your original intention. Democracy only works when its participants are challenged and held accountable. Know what your legislators are doing and hold them accountable for that.

  50. I’ve got an idea! Let’s give Joel Hovey’s phone number so he can creep her out of office!!!

    Sorry about the loss MCAT. You were a great candidate. Too bad Monroe is so fond of stupid.

  51. Ron Mackey, please allow me a moment to introduce myself to you, and those who don’t know who Milton Johnson really is. I was born the youngest of five boys, to a woman who emigrated to America from Jamaica in 1969. I never met my father, although he is alive to this day, living in Fort Lauderdale Florida. My mother was never politically involved, so I didn’t inherit a party. I grew up in the Pequonnock Apartments. My oldest brother was 17 years older than me and off in the U.S. Air Force when I was a child so we really didn’t know each other that well. The three in between were always in trouble, fighting in school, drugs, you name it. But even as a child with no positive role model in my immediate path, I chose to be different. I knew even then that I did not want to grow up that way. I knew that there was something wrong with what I was seeing.
    In my late teens, I worked at a golf club in Easton. I was a cook, so I got a chance to meet the members as they hung out in the bar area waiting for their food. The members were successful white males who took the time to talk to me when I poked out of the kitchen. I learned something amazing during my employment there. I learned that if you ask a successful person how he/she got to that position, he/she will tell you. So from there I began my quest for knowledge. I was always either the youngest of the group that I was with, or the only African American, and sometimes I was both. That never bothered me.
    I joined the Republican Party in Bridgeport years ago in response to my growing discontent with local government. It was Rick Torres, whom I sought to meet after a letter to the Editor that ended with the question: Where is our Bill Cosby? I found him and introduced myself as Bill Cosby. It was also Rick Torres who caused me to leave the Republican Party when I ran for Mayor last year. I went to Rick, who was then chairman of the party, and told him that I wanted to run for mayor, since it was obvious that he couldn’t. He looked me in the face and said, “Not in my republican party.” So I left his Republican party and ran on my own. Once news got out about what he’d done along with his endorsement of Caruso, his tenure as chairman ended, along with his presence at further meetings.
    Running for Mayor independently taught me that you have to be part of a party to win in politics, but I could not align myself with those who I’ve identified as the problem, therefore becoming a Democrat here was not an option.
    Locally, I still identify our democratic leadership as the problem that we are facing here. And as unpopular as that sounds, I’ll stand by it.
    As for being a Republican, I’ll say this; the party does not make the man, the man makes the party. That is the way it is for everything. Take sports for instance. Michael Jordan made it stylish to be a Chicago Bulls fan. But do you see many Bulls fans around here now? Kennedy, Clinton, and now Obama have made being a Democrat the in thing. But I have always been a leader in my own right and never a follower of the herd. I expect great things to begin due to Obama’s victory, but understand that we (all of us) have to be involved in doing the great things. We cannot sit on our asses as we have been and expect great things to come to us. We all have some serious work to do, and I hope that you help encourage our future to do that work.
    Please excuse the length of this post.

  52. Joel Gonzalez // Nov 5, 2008 at 1:06 pm

    Santa Claude Balls on #77:

    How would you know that? Is the North Hole an Urban area?

    So the thousands of Bridgeporters who voted Republican are suburban residents?




    You believe Chris Shays and Rob Russo hate their hometown and the people in it?


    UM, YES.

    I think Rudolph the Red Nosed Raindeer has been spitting in your food and drinks for too long or the set of “Balls” are permanently stuck to your eyes.


  53. Santa Claude Balls:

    I’d call Hovey or other Republicans you don’t like. During the election cycle and in some of the debates, I got to meet lots of people. When I introduced myself to most of them, I’d get an interesting response. “You are the Joel Gonzalez who posts at OIB; I love your postings and how you just go straight to the point.”
    The difference between you and most of the bloggers and readers of OIB is that you have a low reading comprehension level. You have no concept of “context”. Thereby you constantly take my postings (which you read with your emotions) out of context. If you feel that my posting about explosives, gasoline and shooting Santa Claude Balls out my chimney all the way to the North Hole, feel free to ask Yahooy for the FBI number, call the FBI and e-mail them the postings. I’m sure they will get a laugh of you; I’m sure all FBI agents know to follow context in written documents. I thought cats were supposed to be curious and not Paranoid.
    BTW Paranoid Kitty, I don’t even have a fireplace.
    Here is a website you may find to be more in your league.

  54. Milton Johnson #98, you stated “But I have always been a leader in my own right and never a follower of the herd. I expect great things to begin due to Obama’s victory, but understand that we (all of us) have to be involved in doing the great things. We cannot sit on our asses, as we have been, and expect great things to come to us. We all have some serious work to do, and I hope that you help encourage our future to do that work.”

    I understand and thank you for your bio. That is why I posted in my post #69, “The Republican principles and talking points are outdated, their answer to all problems are tax cuts and less government. The Republican Party is now a white male party. That is where you, Milton Johnson, must have a seat at the table to make changes in a Republican Party that has lost its way.”

    As you said “We all have some serious work to do”.

  55. Sure Claude Balls, as long as it’s not a poor tip.
    I only have nine tips left and I can use another.
    Go ahead and shoot. Oh, no! I wrote “shoot”.
    City Kitty will be calling the FBI on this one.

  56. Joel, you are one sorry soul. Do you even realize how you come across in your postings? No wonder people think you are a nutcase. Nobody will ever take you seriously, and that’s why you can’t get elected. Plus there’s a bit of a mean streak in you and you don’t even try to hide it. It’s just depressing to read all your bitterness. I wouldn’t even consider calling the FBI to read your postings; besides, you are the one always making reference to having them investigate one person or another. I kind of feel sorry for you.

  57. City Kitty asked:

    Do you even realize how you come across in your postings?

    It depends on who is reading and how they read. If, like you, one reads with their emotions and allows themselves to take things out of context, I’d guess he/she would feel it comes across the way you do. I think you love to hate my comments.

  58. Claude, Hovey wouldn’t talk to Joel, she would be too scared. She and her campaign referred to Bridgeport as “those” people. She scared Monroe by saying I would “Bridgeportize” them. I can’t even fathom what they were thinking other than they were scared and thought the politics of fear would save them. And unfortunately for Hovey it did. However for McCain, Shays and Russo it didn’t matter that they won Monroe.

    It doesn’t bode well for the country, state or municipality when people still refuse to cross a bridge, even when it is their only way out. Worse yet they put up a wall and prevent people from leaving by telling them certain death will result from crossing.

    I am very proud of the work I have done for people, whether they were from Bridgeport or Monroe. That’s the point of public service and I have absolutely no intention of going away.

  59. *** #62- Excuses, excuses, excuses, now it’s time to blog that you knew from the beginning that you had no chance, so you did nothing! After all that talk about Dems. this & Obama that, GOP, etc. … and all the things you did alone while a city councilman! Only to criticize me about my #100 yard signs, #2 mag. van signs & #400 election pens that cost me zero $ due to a few donations. Regardless of whether I knew I had no chance as a petition candidate of winning, I still gave it a shot. Why, ’cause it was the principle of @ least trying that was important to me! Now it’s over and only time will tell how the Dem.-controlled city, state, and Fed. Gov. will do! The seat on the council once vacated will probably go to another newcomer who’s been a community activist in the south end for a while, especially in Marina village, D. Taylor. So the beat goes on & we all got a chance to see history unfold in a different direction from what America’s been used to after some #230+ years! People will remember election day (Nov.4th “2008”) for a long time in American History!

  60. MCAT on #113:

    Hovey talked to you and she wasn’t scared. You are so quick to remind us and point out the “those people” remark. Your colleague, Council president Tom McCarthy called the poor people of Bridgeport “Burdens” and went as far as putting us all in the same category as the sewage treatment plants. I haven’t heard you say anything about this and I’m sure you read my past comments on this issue. Click on the pol pod (the first one) so you can hear your buddy Big Mack making Hovey’s remark fair game.
    You did not lose because Monroe was scared, you lost because Monroe has well educated and informed citizens who are able to make sound decisions based on sound judgement. A member of the party of fear talking about the politics of fear. The Republicans are going to eliminate Social Security. The Republicans caused the subprime mess. The Republicans don’t want healthcare for all, sounds familiar? Why cross a bridge to a city where the Democrats in power have tattooed the mark of corruption and failure on its walls? When one gets paid to do a job (work), he/she is expected to do it. Let me remind you that you chose to go away to run against Hovey.

  61. Hey Joel, why don’t you try to join the Republican Party in Monroe! Those intelligent people wouldn’t let you in the door. Laughing so hard I am crying. This is officially the last time ever I will acknowledge the likes of a man who cuts his own finger off and expects anyone to take him seriously. Joel is a caricature of the archetype of “What’s the Matter with Kansas.” Night all. Seriously this is the best laugh I have had all day.

  62. MCAT – you are so right, and I along with you will never acknowledge Joel again. He posts remarks about me that are just so stupid, as if I’m the dope when we all know he’s not right in the head. Claude – I so enjoy reading your postings, you have a great sense of humor.

  63. MCAT on #116:

    I hope that you never get to meet one of “those people” that Hovey apparently was referring to. I mean the predator kind that looks for brave, powerfull, important- yet soft, ignorant and trusting as you are. If you ever meet one of “those people” with a gun in his hands pointing it to your head as he takes your diamond ring and money and orders you to the ground to find out the real woman in you. If ever your luck isn’t as good as you expect and find your self in this predicament, think of Joel Gonzalez, who cut off his finger to actually show what he would do to “those people” who use guns in the act of a crime against innocent unarmed people. If ever you meet one of “those people” and when he/she is almost done and decides to splatter your brains on that ground, how many fingers would you have lost?


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