Ayala’s Motor Vehicle Skid

From Ken Dixon CT Post:

With egg on his face, if not motor oil, Motor Vehicles Commissioner Andres Ayala Jr. has apologized for ordering driver-training schools to mislead their students on the source of a three month delay for driver’s license tests.

Republican critics said Tuesday they are concerned that Ayala’s office tried to persuade private businesses to lie for the Department of Motor Vehicles. They want to know how the agency plans to speed up the testing process, which has been bogged down by a glut of applications for driver-only licenses for undocumented immigrants. When the program was launched in December, DMV officials said as many as 200,000 immigrants were expected to apply for a license.

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  1. Well that’s the liability taken when you appoint someone from Bridgeport to this type of position. Ayala has no management experience and got this handout from the Governor. If this were Bridgeport, the public would have asked questions and Finch would have kept everyone in the dark, but now we’re talking state politics. He can’t get away at this level, there is too much spotlight. If you make your bed then sleep in it.

  2. He was Bridgeport’s laughing stock, now the whole state can share in this laugh. A few more blunders like this and Carmen will kick him out of Cleveland Ave/ He may have to go live with her brother for real.


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