Ay Yi Yi–Another Address For Ayala

How many addresses has former State Senator Andres Ayala had the past decade? It’s enough to cause a traffic tie-up. CT Post reporter Brian Lockhart provides a road map for the commissioner of the Department of Motor Vehicles.

It’s not your typical relationship advice, but getting hired as the state commissioner of motor vehicles last winter can’t hurt Andres Ayala’s love life.

According to Bridgeport’s Registrars of Voters, the ex-Senator-turned-DMVchief has, finally, formally claimed his long-time girlfriend’s home at 404 Cleveland Avenue as his address.

Normally this would not be news.

In Ayala’s case, however, it is noteworthy because while a legislator representing the 23rd District he was accused of using an in-district address to satisfy elections law while allegedly residing with long-time partner Carmen Colon. Her Cleveland Avenue home is just over three blocks outside of the 23rd District.

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  1. So Christina Ayala is prosecuted in a court of law, but Andres Ayala gets off completely. Talk about a complete injustice.

    The only reason Ayala was suddenly plucked as the DMV Commissioner by Malloy was because the SEEC was closing in on Andres Ayala.

  2. In my opinion there is a lot worse going on in Bridgeport than a three-block difference. How about paving a road that does NOT lead to one of the schools where a primary is being held in September?
    As far as I am concerned Ayala has done a ton of good for the children he taught and like him or not he did a lot less harm than others who were elected and his girlfriend works to help the homeless.

    1. BPT REBEL, I have no idea if Andres Ayala represented you as a State Senator, but he did represent me. I absolutely take issue with someone who lies about living in my District representing me in Hartford. I guess you wouldn’t have a problem with a resident living in Canada, but serving as the President of the United States. After all, they are right next door, too!

      1. Maria,
        With all due respect I teeter on answering you as you have your agendas and hate everyone.
        You obviously hate anyone named Ayala and that is your right, but I do not believe in getting into a pissing contest with you so I stated my opinion on Ayala and his girlfriend and I leave it at that.

        1. Carmen Colon is a well-respected pillar of the community. Her work with Family Services Woodfield is outstanding. This lady deserves accolades.

  3. The article is not correct–around 2006-2008 the address was used as the committee address for Friends of Ayala. One interesting observation is despite the many fundraisers held there, the address was never claimed as location of the fundraisers.

  4. I’m sorry to see Ms. Colon being dragged around because she has done nothing wrong. I wish Andres and Ms. Colon the best. I’ve always like Andres, I didn’t like the fact he defeated Ed Gomes but time moves on and now not only is Ed Gomes is back as a State Senator but so is Marilyn Moore. I found Andres as a City Council member and as a State Rep. to very active in trying to solve issues.


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