Attention Typo Vigilantes, This Way To The Leach

Seabright beach

There are typos, then there are, well, serious typos. Leave it to those eagle-eye Black Rockers. From Meredith Guinness, Bridgeport Daily Voice:

The signs, which were posted this week at tiny Seabright Beach, offer a laundry list of rules banning everything from alcoholic beverages and unattended kayaks to ATVs, buses and “organized music or public speaking.”

They’ve provoked dozens of angry and hilarious social media comments–mostly for the unfortunate misspellings and rules that would seem better suited for a larger space.

“PARK OPENS AT 8:00 AM PARKS (sic) CLOSES AT 8:00 PM,” reads one line.< "Dogs are required to be on a 6' leach (sic)," reads another. If that weren't confusing enough, another line reads "No dogs permitted on beach." And one sign is posted directly over a Mutt Mitt dog waste bag dispenser, suggesting Max and Muffy are perfectly welcome to, er, do their business in the area.

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  1. Let me get this straight. In order to be able to walk my dog on the beach, I would have to put a leash on one of my friends, have him or her get on all four with my dog standing on his or her back? To make this even more complicated, the friend has to measure six feet. Hmmm, that’s a though one as I don’t believe any of my leach friends fits the mold. Hey, Andy Fardy, how tall are you?

  2. Jim Fox I lost my dog a few years ago, I use to take him to that beach, one day he was swimming and having fun in the water and he never came out, now I know what happen to Sparky, he was eaten by that six foot Leach!


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