As Tensions Persist, City Council Sets Public Hearing On Future Of Columbus Statue

The back and forth over removal and subsequent park board vote to return the Christopher Columbus statue to Seaside Park continues. Former State Rep. Chris Caruso says the best resolution is continuance of a community dialogue to bring both sides together on behalf of historical context.

A special meeting of the City Council’s Miscellaneous Matters Committee will take place September 3 at 7 p.m. by Zoom/Teleconference to consider a resolution calling for the “Restoration of the Christopher Columbus statue to its original location in Seaside Park; Resolving to working together to unite the community in reaching an amicable resolution regarding this sensitive issue.”

The public may listen into this meeting by calling the following conference line and then entering the conference code:
Dial In Number: (929) 436-2866
Meeting ID: 961 7777 9984
Passcode: 567229

Prior to the meeting a public hearing will take place at 6 p.m. by Zoom/Teleconference. The public may dial in by calling the following conference line and then entering the conference code:
Dial In Number: (929) 436-2866
Meeting ID: 995 7447 5047
Passcode: 100765

Columbus statue prior to removal. CT Post photo.

Following protests around the country and in Connecticut Mayor Joe Ganim had the statue removed and placed in storage as a public safety concern. The statue was dedicated in 1965 led by prominent Italian Americans including industrialist F. Francis “Hi-Hi” D’Addario.

The give and take on this issue has also played out in the OIB comments section with some supporting the statue’s removal while some argue it’s a misplaced power grab? Why should this take center stage with all the concerns going on including a health pandemic. What else ya got?

Still, the pushback continues from community activists who don’t want the statue returned to a public park.

CT Post reporter Mike Mayko has more:

“Don’t be surprised if one day you see Columbus with a Black face and wearing a Black Lives Matter T-shirt,” said Lyle Hassan Jones, an imam. “He went down as one of the greatest kidnappers, rapists, murders and enslavers in history. Its return to Seaside Park is a slap in the face to all Black, brown and Indigenous people.”

“That’s considered a threat,” said Chris Caruso, a former state representative and official with the Council of Italian American Societies. “Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but not allowed to make threats. I have given most of my adult life as a public servant in Bridgeport and never have I been shouted at and yelled at like I have been over the placement of this statue.”

Caruso said neither he nor the Italian Community is going to sit by and be dictated to.

“The Italian Community worked 40 years to raise money for this statue,” he said. “We will not be beaten up, threatened, attacked, marginalized or have demands placed upon us.”

… As to the new history of Columbus depicting him as engaging criminal acts, Caruso disagreed.

“Most of their historical opinions are wrong, and if we were able to sit down and have a discussion as a group of mature adults, I would point this out to them,” Caruso said.

Full story here.



  1. Good luck trying to have a discussion with “mature adults” on this issue! Those on the other side will never sit down to have pointed conversation about whatever the truth about his history might be. They see it only one way and that’s how their politics plays out as well. Closed minded people can never achieve any substantive compromise.

    1. Rich, no one wants to have an honest discussion. They just want to reinforce there particular stance on the matter.

      You have an Iman whose religion history and still, today that is less than kind to woman, allowed grown men to be with 9-year-old girls. You have a pastor and others stating Columbus represents oppression and slavery and is an insult to every black an brown person insinuation white supremacy, even though Columbus was never set foot on this country’s soil. Or the fact unless you view Latino as white it was Latino Supremacy not white that Columbus represents. A more honest assessment IMO is this more about religion than race. Even though the pastor forgets the main part of the oppression of the indigenous was to convert them, which is ironic that a pastor would condemn the actions of conversion while clinging on the Bible, seems hypocritical. However, it’s more about Catolicsis than just religion, Christianity.

      Caruso forgets he pulled the Columbus Day Parade out the city with an open question if it will ever return. So a statue of him being removed is not much more than he did himself regarding the city and Columbus. Or the fact Columbus’ history has him as a tyrant who butchered and enslaved people not to mention allowing depraved men to have there way with young girls.

      Which is why I said replace to honor Michealangleo with a replica of madonna of bruges, that would ruffle some feathers. The non-believers would be out, they wouldn’t or couldn’t use the chant BLM, but they would be out along with those who will not want to view a woman as a God. Today they called it misogyny.

  2. Let’s see what the original document that give Columbus to the city says.
    Did it say forever? Were there any caveats attached? Or was there even an original document? To quote JML, time will tell.

  3. It’s simply just more IDENTITY POLITICS , here in Bridgeport. Let’s pit Italians against Hispanics, right? Divide and Conquer. That’s why mostly nothing ever gets done in this city.

    But people forget that Bridgeport didn’t always have the demographics that it does today. It was the Italian and the Polish and the Slovakian and Hungarian and Russian immigrants, along with indigenous Yankees, who built Bridgeport and made it the greatest industrial center of Connecticut by the 1940’s.

    Mexicans and Caribbean Islanders were somewhat late arrivals, coming here in the early 1950’s looking for jobs. But by then, the jobs were already leaving Bridgeport for “greener pastures” and lower taxes.

      1. I am sorry, Bob. I don’t know how I forgot the Irish since my 2nd great grandfather was Irish. Forgive me ! And of course there were African-Americans as well who helped build the City.

  4. Bob, the same can be asked about Black’s in Bridgeport. In the 1820s, about the time Connecticut abolished slavery, free blacks started settling in a neighborhood that became known as “Little Liberia”, whose oldest surviving buildings date to 1848 and are Connecticut’s oldest African-American houses.

    So if Blacks aren’t included in the conversation about the uplift of the community then when does Black Lives Matter? Or does it? 🤔🤔

    1. Well……Bridgeport came to prominence as a result of big industry. I suppose that those people from “little Liberia” helped in that endeavor. Give us some other tidbits other than that they arrived in the 1820’s. Any substantive or noteworthy contributions that helped Bridgeport? Please opine as to the successes of those people’s or did they just toil hard like the Italians, Irish, Poles, etc. who came here WITH NOTHING to make a better life for themselves. In other words: they worked hard, made sure their kids got a better education, and improved their lot and moved up and out just like the children of those immigrants. Your previous posts always have criticized my comments about working hard, getting a good education, and moving up and out. Thanks again for your “history lesson” but again I say to YOU:…..what’s your point? I can tell you that today, The country of Liberia has tremendous issues and terrible problems, as opposed to Nigeria where they are highly educated and revered worldwide. So are you just making another observational complaint? AGAIN??
      I don’t understand??

      1. Rich, comrade Day has a point. You know the opportunities were not the same for Jews, Italians, even the Irish immigrants. (who were brutalize, genocide and has an enslave history themselves.) who were all looked down upon when they first migrated here., They, blacks were left out of sports, military, government, as well as industries. Please! 🙂 You can’t ask someone to lift themselves by their bootstraps when they are not given boots or straps. However it far cay from today’s opportunities to have a decent life. Blacks had a chip in the game for some time though.

        What comrade fails to say though, many blacks like himself have moved up to middle, rich,and wheath class or the fact there are many whites who live in poverty and are abused, killed and mistreated by treated by the police like blacks.

        What he also fails to mention is how many blacks don’t have the same view of the statue has those protesting for it’s removel, or their motives. We had Gen Now claim Maria led the charge to return it. We know that’s a lie. Those protesting should not be mad at Chris for wanting its return, making various claims, regardless of Columbus’ history. It’s just as a slap in the fact to them as it is a slap in the face to the Italian community.

        If it’s the will of the Port that will should be exercised by a their elected official. If those officials are not doing their will then they should not be reelected them. That is how Democracy works, right Gen Now?

        I think it would be a good idea to have it on some kind of ballot for the residents to vote on. Because it’s clearly obvious that Gen Now has a political agenda when they attached Maria’s name to it by saying she led the charge for its return. So not only are they and others using this charged topic for political gain, their number might be off. I went to one of the protests at the Park, and I didn’t see many Latinos, a few political whites from BR, but mostly blacks.

        Considering it was the ancestor of the Latino race that Columbus truly represents, that is being misrepresented as white supremacy and oppression, kinda like what Gen Now did to Maria by saying she led the charge to have it return to the park, dishonest.

        So I would like to know what the Latino community really feels about it as will as blacks because we know the black community are not alway in lock step. Al Sharpton comes to mine.

        Personally, I think what Gen Now and the others calling for it’s removed (or return) is wrong. They are doing exactly what the say Columbus represents (misguide and misleading as it is) oppression of others.

        However since Chris pulled the Columbus Day Parade for the city that deprived the city residents for his political gamemanship. I can care less if it stays down or backs up, or get a sledgehammer to it, What he did by pulling the parade out the Port for his political gamemanship was worse to me they Columbus’s history 500 years ago or the fact Italy faught with the Nazis against America. that has no bearing on my life or those living in the Port, Like Maria has stated.

        In keeping with the Catholicism theme, “treat people the way you want to be treated. 🙂 BAM!

        1. P.S I grow up and lived in the Port most of my entire life and hung out countless times at the park. I walked and drove by that statue it thousands of times, and I never even know who it was or careless. JS.

          But I will tell you what I do know, not only are our schools underperforming the Port’s students, they are being deprived of tech unlike the suburban schools. It reminds me of the battle to have the Port’a students wear uniforms. Trying to just give the Port’s poorer kids and equal opportunity with other kids in school just in appearance and was a battle with those elected to the BOE, who say they are for the kids of the Port.

          You BOE have failed the kids even with a pandamic on you side, just the high schools got computers. (I believe) I also know if it wasn’t for the pandamic they wouldn’t have them, and be farther behind of those suburban schools. So your priority are misguide, well not in your hearts, because I don’t believe you are that stupid, and I know stupid. RANT OVER,Good luck people 🙂

    2. Don, don’t waste your time, just look at this comment, “It was the Italian and the Polish and the Slovakian and Hungarian and Russian immigrants, along with indigenous Yankees, who built Bridgeport and made it the greatest industrial center of Connecticut by the 1940’s” now isn’t that special, these were the only hard working foreigners who came to America on there own. Let’s not talk about blacks who were stolen from their homeland who worked hard for 400 years and they were whipped or killed, their women rape by those white slave owners. Don when those hard working Italian, Polish and the Slovakian and Hungarian and Russian immigrants, along with indigenous Yankees showed up at the employment line to get a job there were blacks allowed to even apply.

      Don, they don’t anything about the The Declaration of Independence and they don’t care.
      The Declaration of Independence, written in 1776, announces a complete break with Britain and expresses the ideals on which the United States was founded: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” Don, Martin Luther King Jr. in his speech at the March On Washington on August 28, 1963, said, “we’ve come here today to dramatize a shameful condition. In a sense we’ve come to our nation’s capital to cash a check. When the architects of our republic wrote the magnificent words of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, they were signing a promissory note to which every American was to full heir. This note was the promise that all men, yes, black men as well as white men, would be guaranteed the unalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

  5. I compliment Chris Caruso for his dedication to the cultural contributions of Italian immigrants.

    I acknowledge the efforts of some members of the city council to ensure an open dialogue.

    The erosion of European culture in urban centers is fully displayed in Bridgeport.
    Ethnic Catholic and Protestant churches and Synagogues have closed as the descendants of immigrant families exited cities.

    I made some tongue-in-cheek comments a few weeks ago, citing the departure of industry and the attention given to the small group of ignoramuses claiming that Christopher Columbus represented oppression of indigenous people.
    Now, these ignoramuses are emboldened by the media attention given to ‘cancel culture’ and ‘historical revisionism’.

    Italian immigrants, like most European immigrants, arrived in America to make a new life. They appreciated the opportunities that this nation of laws provided. They needed an image of a person to reflect their culture. They needed a hero. Who better than the first European explorer credited with making landfall in the Americas.

    But his image offends these ignoramuses. They act as if they have been ordered to genuflect before the statue.

    Perhaps they would like to see the Columbus statue loaded on a flatbed trailer, travel the route of the final Bridgeport Columbus Day Parade and then driven to a site in a surrounding suburban town to be displayed.

    1. Not only that, Tom, but the Columbus statues all over Connecticut represent more than just Columbus.
      One has to remember that the original LEGAL Italian Immigrants were treated like dirt by the indigenous people of Connecticut. They were considered dirty and uneducated and unhealthy and “overly fertile”. They were hated first because they were different and couldn’t speak English and second, because they were Roman Catholics. It took years and years for them to finally rise up the ranks and EARN the respect of those who came before them. It was at that point, that Italian communities around Connecticut and USA began erecting these statues; not just to commemorate Columbus, but to commemorate their own successes and final acceptance as full citizens of this nation. And they should never be deprived of that recognition !

  6. There you go Rich Augustynowicz once again you show your ignorance and your bigotry. Connecticut got its first slaves in 1650. Connecticut had more enslaved Africans than any other state in New England. So I’m guessing you’re going to say that those slaves brought to Connecticut were the only ones in America that didn’t work for FREE and had the Freedom’s to say NO I don’t want to work on your farms or take care of your kids! No that’s not it, you’ll say none of those 3000 slaves bought to Connecticut ended up it Bridgeport so none helped build it or helped it prosper and grow. Yes that’s it, White people did it all themselves even though they had Slaves. You’re at joke for a pseudo intellectual 😳.

    1. And who do you think sold the slaves to the Connecticut tobacco farmers ? Slave traders who bought them in Africa from BLACK MUSLIM SLAVE TRADERS ! You know….the ones wearing the expensive Kinte fabric stoles like Nancy Pelosi and gang wear in Congress? There would have been no slaves anywhere had the Africans themselves not run the Slave Trade. And the ones who made it to Connecticut were the lucky ones, as were those who made it to South Carolina as well. Only 15% of the slaves traded worldwide by the African Slavers, made it to the New World. The other 85% lead even worse lives working underground in gold mines and diamond mines and salt mines throughout Africa while others were castrated and used as slaves to serve the women in Middle Eastern harems.

      So one has to ask the question: Was slavery a White Crime or was in Black-on-Black crime for money and profit with Whites making up only 15% of the customers?

      1. Without being a well read historian, I would say Arab black Muslims more than black Muslims. My guess the current Arabs race known today came about in Africa became after the Romans and Greeks conquest of the African contentnt, Greeks more than Rome transfrom that to what the people like today. Before that is was Blacks that occupied that land and built those Pyramids, with black slaves. Where’s the Greek God of music Yanni 🙂

        1. The Pyramids were not built by slaves. They were built by the People of Egypt. It was considered a sacred honor for the People, during the growing season, to work on those tombs and pyramids. Slaves were only used for the building of public buildings and menial tasks. And the Egyptians, for most of their history, and the Pharaoh’s in particular were actually caucasians. We now know that from DNA work done on the mummies. The Nubians were vassals of Ancient Egypt. But there were one or two short periods when the Black Nubians and the Hittites formed an alliance and temporarily gained power over Egypt, but not for long periods of time; only for one or two generations.

          1. Sacred Honor 🙂 I bet the Slaves that built public buildings and those sacred honor laborers got paid the same. 🙂

            Caucasian 🙂 LMAO

            Their were no caucasian in Africa 5000 years ago. LOL
            What the sun was less hotter back then, or did those Caucaian have SPF 1000 sunscreen? Jeuse Christ People. 🙂

          2. Mr. Teixeira, the Expert in Archaeology and DNA, claims that there were no caucasians in Egypt 5,000 years ago.

            “Publishing its findings in Nature Communications, the study concluded that preserved remains found in Abusir-el Meleq, Middle Egypt, were closest genetic relatives of Neolithic and Bronze Age populations from the Near East, Anatolia and Eastern Mediterranean Europeans.
            Modern Egyptians, by comparison, share much more DNA with sub-Saharan populations.Analyzing samples spanning over a millennium, researchers looked for genetic differences compared with Egyptians today. They found that the sample set showed a strong connection with a cluster of ancient non-African populations based east of the Mediterranean Sea.”

            And this information came from CNN ! I didn’t even get it from Fox News ! See the article at :

            As to who built the pyramids? Slaves or Egyptian craftsmen: “CAIRO – 9 June 2020: “Linking building the Great Pyramids to slavery is a comical thing to say,” replied Zahi Hawass to some English newspaper commentary.

            Famed Egyptian archaeologist Zahi Hawass said that the commentary of the English newspapers that links casting the statue of a slave trader in the river to the pyramids, supposing they were built by forced labor is a ridiculous matter.

            Hawass explained that the pyramids were not built by forced labor and that the unveiling of the workers’ tombs, which were found under the foot of the pyramids, assures the entire world that the pyramids were not built by forced labor.

            Hawass asserted that if the pyramids were built by forced labor, their tombs would not be built next to the pyramids.

            Also, preparing the tombs for workers and caring about them in the after-life shows that the pyramids were built by workers who came through the large families in Upper Egypt and the Delta region. These families must have paid the workers and thus they paid taxes, according to Hawass.

            Hawass further indicated that forced labor can build huge buildings, but they cannot be creative, and building pyramids is creative. Slaves cannot perform this engineering and scientific miracle.”

            So tell me more about how the Pharaoh’s were ALL Black and how the slaves built the pyramids.

          3. LOL Please!

            I believe evolutionist CLAIM humans evolved in Africa that spread out from there. So wouldn’t all humans have a connection?

            But moreover, PLEASE. 🙂 No white people were living in Africa 5000 years ago. 🙂

            Think about it. You are basically debating a tan line, and if anyone lived in Africa for thousands of year their skin will not be white. 🙂

            I can till you are a Trump support, and that OK. But have you heard what he said about CNN FAKE NEWS? 🙂

            This protest against Columbus in part, as misleading and malign as it is is about “white people” CLAIMED shit (land) that people were living on. 🙂
            Just like the monument in Africa. 🙂 but in reverse, Columbus’s actions were not in the name of white people, unless those protesting views Latino’s ancestry as white. 🙂 and they don’t. Do you? Councilman Cruz, do you view yourself as white?

            What those so-called Experts are doing is CLAIMING white people built those monuments, human achievement for themselves. Thousand of years before any “white” achievement (Greeks) has been recorded in human history. 🙂

            I will end this debate with you and those protesting on behave of the statue on both sides don’t have a clue of the reality of this world or the universe, regardless of the tan line you are champion for. In the words of Trump, BELEIVE ME.


  7. Don, notice that supercop only talks about nothing, he knows nothing about history. Now people can understand why some cops don’t give damn base on his comments. Supercop is scare of America is changing he and his kind are not the majority and you can tell that he no association with blacks. His comments are like a freshman in high school.

    1. Sure. The only thing you two nit wits are good for is calling people racists etc. because you really don’t have much to say in response to other points of view. Both of you take people’s comments on issues as attack’s upon yourselves and your personal views which are based on who knows what.
      Again: you are both sad and little people that no one really takes seriously. Go crawl back in your hovels until the next topic comes up!!!
      Time for your noontime knotty head anyway!!! Lol.

  8. *** Knowing & recognizing past history & its key players is wonderful & helps us in the present & future to learn from its positive & negative out-comes. However, as we learn these things is it not better to focus on the “good” rather than dwell on the “bad”, just because of its bias projected ethnic history ? ***

  9. Comrade Ron, It not more about change than it is about America living up to its ideals or creed. That all men are created equal with inalienable rights.

    Let’s have a discussion the everyone seems to want to have but is very rarely honest about nature if it, Just like Gen Now claimed Maria, who they politically dislike, lead the charge to return the Columbus statue to the park. That was just a flat out lie.

    I don’t have a problem with people partaking in the political process for their particular view or stance, that is America. But you had a religious leader, an Iman, call Columbus as the greatest rapes, murderer, and enslaver in history and suggested that that statue be placed in an Italian community center or St. Margaret’s Shrine associated Columbus and his acts with another religion, His attack on Catholicism seems to get away from the issue at hand and was personal towards Chris and the Italian community. Not all people who practica the Catholic faith are Italian. Many are the brown people, Latinos, who he says it a slap in the face too if it put back.

    I just read that few people were shot and killed in Port City, I will assume they were black and brown. Is there going to be a rally at City Hall over this real issue facing blank, brown, whites living the city?

    There’s isn’t are race or religion that doesn’t have atrocities associated with their history. Not only does the Quran sanction slavery and how to treat slaves and it is unchangeable. So what Columbus history has written about him is law in the Quran.

    Ron the changes you speak of that need to take place in America to live up to its creed is not so easy. Especially what you have an elected official (white) going on a racist rant on another elected official (black) and have prominent black and brown members of the community, city, and state openly support him, essentially his behavior, because they are politically aligned. JS people.

  10. PavlickInTheNorthend, “And the ones who made it to Connecticut were the lucky ones.”
    PavlickInTheNorthend, Slaves were Lucky to be a Slave in America? On behalf of my Ancestors may I say that logic is about the dumbest shit I’ve ever read in my 69 years. How lucky my Ancestors were to be locked in servitude for over 200 years just so white people could set on their lazy asses and get rich off the FREE LABOR by my Ancestors! Damn, we must have been ecstatic to live through Jim Crow because the brutality we experienced as Slaves was just a little more Brutal than Jim Crow! How come most Blacks don’t feel so lucky, unappreciative I guess of the kindness of white people.

    1. Don, all I can say is WOW!!!! Sadly these individuals writing these post believe what they are saying and you can see that they have no knowledge of history especially American history because it was never taught to them plus they won’t do any research on their own and they definitely won’t listen to two b
      Black men even when we provide them with where the information came from because it’s not important to them. Don, you see that supercop will never said anything we all see where cops turn killers and according to him these cops did nothing wrong.

      1. Both of you poor souls are enslaved by history. You put words in the mouths of people who have NEVER said what you say they have. Both of you must feel that you are still enslaved. Are you? Poor men, Mentally tortured by events that happened many years ago, ranting on and doing their “cause” a disservice as they make even those who may care, not care. Sad.

    2. But you see, the slaves who ended up in mines in Africa and in harems in the Middle East, never lived beyond 30 years and HAD NO DESCENDANTS. So when I say that the ones who made it to the New World were the lucky ones, it is in that respect only. And if you are one of their descendants, you are the recipient of their survival. Had your ancestors been sold to somewhere else in Africa or the Middle East, they would have died young and YOU would not be here at all.

      1. PavlickInTheNorthend, really, so slaves should have been happy to be a slave in America, they had a place to sleep, they had food and there was no unemployment, there was a jobs program of full employment, make America great again, right PavlickInTheNorthend?

        1. Of course NO ONE, White or Black, should be “happy” being a slave, but it is a fact of life and history. There isn’t ONE culture or nation on God’s Green Earth, that has not been guilty of using slave labor; not a one.

          And the “offended”, descendants of “peaceful Inca’s and Aztecs were some of the most violent people going, who slaughtered neighboring tribes and cut their hearts out while still alive to sacrifice them to Inca and Aztec gods: not to mention all of the young virgins and children who they also sacrificed. Archaeologists have unearthed the mass graves of these poor victims in Central and South America.

          Likewise, Native American tribes of North America were in a constant state of inter-tribal warfare and regularly took slaves from among defeated tribes. And then, upon the arrival of the Europeans, they took sides; some with the English and some with the French, and murdered countless settlers, for handsful of worthless glass beads and European weapons.

          So don’t tell me that everything was just wonderful and peaceful before the coming of the Europeans. Neither tell me how healthy and disease-free they were before the coming of the Europeans, when they “gifted” Europe with syphilis, taken home by the Spanish conquerors !!!

          See: Also see:

          1. Let’s not forget about one of the worlds greatest conquerors, Hannibal, who conquer Europe. Hannibal marched his troops, including cavalry and African war elephants, across a high pass in the Alps to strike at Rome itself from the north of the Italian peninsula. The Romans had presumed that the Alps created a secure natural barrier against invasion of their homeland.

            The Ottoman wars in Europe were a series of military conflicts between the Ottoman Empire and various European states dating from the Late Middle Ages up through the early 20th century.

            Byzantine Empire, Wars in Albania and Italy, Conquest of Bosnia, Conquest of central parts of Hungarian Kingdom, Conquest of Serbia, 1463–1503: Wars with Venice, 1526–1566: Conquest of the Kingdom of Hungary, 1522–1573: Rhodes, Malta and the Holy League, 1570–1571: Conquest of Cyprus, 1683–1699: Great Turkish War – Loss of Hungary and the Morea.

  11. What’s wrong Rich, why do you try to excoriate Blacks every chance you get? A Brother took your lunch money 💰 when you were young or stole your girlfriend? Maybe a Brother got your daughter pregnant 🤔.

    Let it go man👨, holding on to that kind of hate can tear you up inside. I’m going to send a FOI request to Stamford for your discipline record because I bet it’s filled with harassment claims filed by Black people. More to come Rich. More to come.

    1. Comrade, Day maybe a sister broke his heart.

      What your and the other brothers OIB excuse for hating on Maria. 🙂

      Maria, do the research on the brothers that be hating on you on OIB see what they have in common.
      what size joint they have? 🙂

      It’s all in the costume fellas and pillow talk. 🙂 Go Go Power Rangers. 🙂

    2. BINGO!!!!! Don, it’s obvious that Rich has real deep issues with Blacks, just notice how he trolls anything we write, his response are always insults. There’s no doubt that somebody black took his lunch money when he was young or they stole his girlfriend? Maybe a Brother got his daughter pregnant so he hates Black men. Rich is like a number of white men who become a police officer in order to take out their issues that have and had with blacks because they feel strong because they are hiding behind their badge and that they are carrying a gun. Don remember Rich was the President of the Stamford police union and he has absolutely no answers for anything that’s happening with these police shootings of unarmed black men. I think a look at Rich’s Stamford discipline record would put some light on his statements.

  12. Comrade, won’t speak what’s in Rich’s heart or motive, but he’s right he struck a never. Now you and Day are trying to try to strike a nerve in him by saying black man has sex with his girlfriend, daughter or bullying him. I would say that never Rich struck was in the lastest post addressed to you. JS

    P.S Not knowing what it is to be black I always wonder if the animosity existist if you turn the table and say if your and Day’sgirlfriend or daughert had sex with a white guy? JS

    Maria I await your research on Ron and Day as the never that was struck was the stereotype of them as white. Peace out this discussion has go for the rails into the gutter now, and visual is aspect is as gay is it comes and the hate is seeded not far behine. It getting retarded and I know retarded. Peace out BAM Obama out. 🙂

  13. LMAO 🤣, see that’s why you’re a clown Rich 🤡 that you would think anything that you say would strike our nerves. The fact is we’re 70 year old Black men who’ve men dealing with bigotry our whole lives and you’re just another example of white buffoonery, that’s why we make reference to you as a clown. 🤡 The only question we have for you is what’s your stage name, Bozo🤡 or Emmett Kelly.🤡🤡

    1. Yeah yeah. Blah blah and more blah from you! I recall that most everyone on this blog including myself, were initially attacked as racists, fools, bigots and ALL the other words you use against those who you disagree with especially on topics of race. You even throw the race card into topics that have nothing to do with race. Your just a sad individual who is obviously scarred by some notion that you are not equal with others. Seek help and maybe you will then be able to have a normal conversation with people. Like that person who knows you well told me- “oh him, all he ever does is complain”.
      Now go away back into your cave until the therapist arrives.

      1. And by the way, I averaged a few hundred arrests per year so go right ahead and pull some “records”. I never had ANY disciplinary actions or complaints against me….. actually there was one….. from a newly made sergeant who told me to make sure I wore my hat when I was in uniform. I told him to write me up because I never even brought it with me. They took that out of my file!!
        Basically I told him to fuck off like I am basically telling you!!!
        Cheers asshole!!!! LOL.

  14. Rich, OUCH!🤡🥳😂. I’m going to leave you with this Rich, The Definition of Stupid. Knowing the Truth, Seeing the Truth, but Believing the Lies! Get in where you fit in STUPID! You need to try Prayer, PRAYER WORKS. 🙏🏾 🙏🏾 🙏🏾

    1. Don, one thing we do know is that prayers do work. I attempted to give Rich something that he did for a living being a cop and see if he enlighten everybody about what do with bad cops but he’s totally silent, so there are no bad cops and business as usual. And people wonder why there are protestors protesting against bad cops.

    1. RT: agreed!!! Why wouldn’t I have fun at their perceived intelligence? Their only come back to everyone is “fool, bigot, racist” , and all the other words that they use. —AND they are the ones that ALWAYS initiated this type of name calling with everyone who posts thoughts that THEY don’t agree with.
      One of them doesn’t even realize that I actually know him!!! I should say knew him. (As you know I’ve been gone from my business for a few years). As long as Lennie allows this, I guess it’ll continue. On my end, at least until I’m tired of it.
      They lit the match, I enjoy fanning the flames.
      You have certainly done your part to get them going, I am just a bit more caustic!

      1. Note that they did not respond yet to my direct question to both of them regarding the shooting/killing on the other blog topic! Going on 25 hours and so far they got nothin!!!!

        1. Like I said one trick pony. Day siad he is going to get your discipline records. So Tell us what discipline have you had while a cop in Stamford?

          But you are blaming Lennie? 🙂 I hope Day pulls a Maria to expose you, if any. Either way atleast he will appreciate Maria’s effort in things. 🙂

          1. No I didn’t say I blame Lennie. I said it would continue as long as he allows it or until I got bored. My record in the PD was and is exemplary.

          2. Lets see what Day has to say about that but I don’t think he will put in the effort, Like a said, “as long as Lennie allows it.” 🙂 anyway. LOL have fun you guys 🙂 Cheers!

  15. Back on topic, Comrade while you express the Muslims conquereing force of Rome, You forget to mention their part in the black oppression and the enslavement of them. You totally dismiss their actions on the black people of this world. So what does that say about you? You have an Iman making a claim that Columbus went down as one of the greatest kidnappers, rapists, murders and enslavers in history. Columbus died 14 years after his voyage, While the Muslim religion allowed, I mean legitimate slavery for 1300 years, Mecca didn’t make slavery until 1962. So this Iman who claimed Columbus went down as the greatest kidnappers, rapists, murder, and enslaver either he didn’t the history of his own religion or he is lying just like Gen Now about Maria leading the charge to return the statue. JS people.


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