As Moore Ponders Future, State Funds Flow To City

Marilyn Moore accepts endorsement Monday night in Trumbull.
Marilyn Moore in May during her party endorsement for reelection.

State Senator Marilyn Moore, co-chair of the General Assembly’s Bonding Subcommittee, on Thursday announced the expected approval of nearly $15 million in state funds including dollars for the demolition of the Pleasure Beach Bridge, renovations to city-owned McLevy Hall and capping the closed landfill at Seaside Park. The State Bond Commission is scheduled to approve the items at its meeting on September 20 in Hartford.

The bridge at Pleasure Beach has been inaccessible for more than 20 years after a fire caused heavy damage. In recent years the city has provided access to the East End peninsula for beachgoing and recreation via seasonal water taxis.

“I am very excited to be able to bring back state funding to help Bridgeport move forward with critical projects like demolishing Pleasure Beach Bridge, restoring McLevy Hall, capping the Seaside Landfill, and making improvements to our local housing facilities,” said Moore. “This major funding from the state will also help to ease the burden on local taxpayers by underwriting the cost of these projects.”

Many Moore supporters are pushing her to run for mayor in 2019. She has taken a wait-and-see attitude pending her reelection in November. The Democrat’s Republican opponent is Bridgeport schoolteacher Rich Deecken.

Part of Moore’s thought process centers on Democratic control of the State Senate currently knotted at 18 members with Republicans. As co-chair of the bonding subcommittee she possesses tremendous clout on the flow of dollars to Bridgeport. She represents the 22nd District that covers the north and western portions of the city as well as all of Trumbull and the southern piece of Monroe. She won the seat in 2014 knocking off incumbent Anthony Musto in a primary. She won reelection handily in 2016.

The bond agenda items include:
— $5.5 million grant-in-aid to Park City Communities to assist with installation of site utilities and streetscape improvements associated with the Crescent Crossing mixed income housing development in Bridgeport which replaces the storm-damaged Marina Village housing project. These phases include 130 housing units.
— $4 million for a preliminary design for improvements on I-95 from exit 19 to exit 27A.
— $1.6 million for the demolition of the Pleasure Beach Bridge.
— $1.5 million for the exterior restoration of McLevy Hall.
— $1.2 million to cap the Seaside Landfill.
— $1 million grant-in-aid to Bridgeport Economic Development Corporation to finance a loan to Hancock Avenue Partners I and II LLC to assist with utility infrastructure for development of Phase III of the Cherry Street Lofts which will provide for 157 units of mixed income rental housing.



  1. State Senator Marilyn Moore, thank you for your leadership and the much needed $15 million in state funds to help Bridgeport. This is what a true leader does, they get the job done without running around telling people how good they are, Senator Moore you perform your duties as a State Senator and again I thank you for your service.

  2. I very much appreciate the money coming into the city but do we really need to spend THAT much money on demolition of a bridge? Seems that would be a bit further down my list of things to do with $1.6 million. Just curious.

  3. *** $15-million is better than no-millions, no? Also in politics you’ll always have people out-side the political box that don’t know the do’s & don’ts on the use of the money & will haggle over where & how much should be spent! However, great job as always Sen. Moore! ***

  4. Great job Senator Moore, you are consistently about Seriousness Coupled with Action which is something that Bridgeport hasn’t always received from all of its elective officials.

    There were those naysayers that had commentary about the $5,286,139 you bought to your constituents in Trumbull while forgetting that you have constituents in three cities and that you will represent them equally, Seriousness Coupled with Action.

    My good Senator, continue to be best State Senator that you are and that you have been, because the people of Bridgeport deserve it and your constituents in your other two cities expect it. Seriousness Coupled with Action.

    1. Frank Gyure, Your comment offends me in that it is a lie. What do I have to say about it? The same thing I said when I first heard about our great Bridgeport Delegation bringing home the bacon. Kudos to all- To anyone on Facebook – They know I have posted This on my page, My Park City Bridgeport Ct page and the Bridgeport Democratic Town Committee page. The difference between myself and everyone else on this page is that I respect other peoples opinions and candidates. That is definitely what this blog has become- I am only responding because I TOOK THE BAIT ON YOUR EMBARRASSING ASSUMPTION THAT I AM ORCHESTRATING A DEMS FOR DEECHKEN. I HAVE SAID ALL ALONG IS THAT HE IS A VERY FINE CANDIDATE AND ONLY AN IDIOT WOULD NOT LISTEN TO HIM AND MAKE A DECISION. MARILYN WILL HAVE NO PROBLEM DEFENDING HER RECORD AND DEECKENS MISFORTUNE IS THAT HE IS A REPUBLICAN.. SORRY FRANK , YOUR COMMENT WAS INCORRECT, BUT IF IT WERE- THAT WOULD BE MY BUSINESS WOULDN’T IT?

      1. My honest intention was that Messr’s Auerbach and Kohut voiced disappointment with the performance of Sen. Marilyn Moore and I wished their input on this news about BPT-centric funding. And BPT desperately needs funding. I don’t care about the ancillary issues that were brought up here.

      1. Does Mario know he’s doing this?
        Than Stevie A. Is not a member in good standing!
        If the chairman of the DTC allowed him to campaign for a Republican while being a member of the DTC, they both should resign asap.

  5. He isn’t. His Facebook pages says so.
    It’s just fortunate that Stevie A gets all of his work done in a hour and a half and has the rest of the day free to post on OIB, Facebook and OISM (Only In Steve’s Mind).

    1. Wow, and Steve is making $57,000 s year of taxpayers money. It’s killing Steve that Senator Moore has bought $15 million dollars back to Bridgeport, he’s trying to fake it but just doesn’t like Senator Moore but nobody cares anything about Steve except Mario.

  6. Steve is still a OIB Superstar ! Thank you for acknowledging greatness.Making me feel special and Mackey I told you before the salary is incorrect.

    Ron Apparently you care about Steve- You care about Steve alot. You can not keep talking about Steve.

    Ron Mackey- I appreciate yoursupport of Marilyn Moore- There comes a point where you are best described as a sychophant. You are the epitome of that. Your fawning all over her is just precious. She is most fortunate to have such loyal support from you and others on this blog. It kills me that Moore brought money to Bridgeport ? Thats what she was elected for wasn’t it? Did Rosario, Santiago, Baker, Stallworth, Gomes, or Hennesy have anything to do with this? I thought it was a team effort. I guess not!

    Again Thank you all for the jealousy and hate , I forgive you all .

  7. Lennie thank you for elevating me higher than I deserve to be. I wish everyone well. But to be honest, It is so strange that no matter what the topic my popularity continues to make me the center of the Universe. To be honest , much to my chagrin- I do not desire nor need the attention. I am actually a very shy and reserved person. So this threa which was about Marilyn Moore became about me , my salary all about me — Its all about me – I m a superstar and everyone else is just a bit player in the story Steven Auerbach – Superstar! This is all Thanks to Lennie Grimaldi- How can I ever Thank you?

  8. Guys, you want the scoop? The 134th district members did not want Steve A. on their slate, Mario made them do it. You have some pretty savvy guys on the slate, i.e. Dennis Scinto, John Fabrizi, Tom Lyons, my almost cousin Matty C., do any of you think these guys would put Steve A. on their slate voluntarily? No, sir!!!!!

    1. Lisa, thanks, you are the one person who would know, that’s why I said that Steve was special with Mario. Steve said salary is incorrect well Steve make the correction with the newspaper that put that in their paper. Steve, get over it, Finch and Musto lost and your hero’s are long gone. You just can’t stay off of OIB to do your cheerleading but Joe and Mario took good care of you with your new City job that was given to you because there’s no way that you could come out on top base on merit by taking a Civil Service exam.

      1. You really are a very foolish man Ron Mackey. Let me apologize to Marilyn Moore on behalf of these people. This post from Lennie was supposed to be a real positive piece for Marilyn. Unfortunately it became the Steve Auerbach show. Thank you! Very sad indeed. Love my Town Committee. Do identify one worker on my committee that doesn’t speak to me. I would be very curious. is so sad to me the negativity and misery that emanates from this blog.

    2. Actually Lisa, still lying as usual. Every person you mentioned DID want me on their slate. ironically, Mario didn’t . Could you have been more wrong? The fact I am responding to a skank like yourself is surprising. Only a Ron Mackey could swallow your shit. I have supported the 134th town committee for 30 years. While I was enjoying a non political career. The thing is, I’d get the Fabrizi,Finch and Foster votes. I think the town chair was not happy with me for supporting Finch and Foster. That however is water under the bridge. I am proud of
      Of our town committee and our elected officials. Thats the scoop poop. Now if you’d like to mention just one person that would agree with your story, do share. Fabrizi, Scinto and Lyons are 3 of my favorite people. Belzabub, for the record it is ironic that the Chairman was my adversary, and Now I think he is a great chairman. You have spent 35 years kissing his ass and now nobody even mentions you. You are the kind of friend people could only dream of

  9. Well, isn’t this special.

    “Ganim, with help, balances campaign books”

    By Brian Lockhart
    Updated 6:08 pm EDT, Thursday, September 13, 2018

    Ganim’s final campaign finance report was, like all the others, peppered with contributions from municipal workers, some of whom had previously cut checks — Police Chief Armando Perez, Economic Development Director Thomas Gill, David Dunn,the head of Civil Service, Associate City Attorney Mark Anastasi, Gina Malheiro, a mayoral aide and head of the Port Authority, Emergency Operations Director Scott Appleby and Steven Auerbach, who is in charge of the new downtown parking meters.

    Controversial collections lawyer Juda Epstein and his family also, through personal contributions and a Political Action Committee— Southern Connecticut Citizens for Government Excellence — gave Ganim $10,000.

    Epstein for years has been one of the go-to attorneys for Bridgeport when it comes to collecting unpaid sewer use fees, because he is successful at it. As such, he recently has come under criticism from activists and City Council members who want to reform what they consider a too-punitive collections process that benefits Epstein at the expense of poorer residents.

    1. I know my 100 dollars was worth writing about. If anybody is questing that – look it up. lololololololololololololololololool It is the truth. ONLY IN BRIDGEPORT!!!!! lololololololololololololololololololololololol 100 a small price to pay for job security. lolololololololololololololololo seriously folks. As Bob Texeira says- BAM I am outa here!

        1. Ron, let me know when YOU dignmy check. It is public info. You don’t do anything during the day. You look it up..

          BTW – breaking news…. Here is a minor story not quite as exciting as anything happening with me…

          Why why why. Would the Columbus Day Parade go to Shelton??

          Discuss amongst yourselves. Breaking News……

          1. Steve, your salary is $57,000 a year thanks to Mario Testa, you must have kissed a lot of ass because your $100 donation didn’t get you a $57,000 a year job, see Steve you are special to Mario.

          2. Ron Mackey Iust be special to Mario and you have been reduced to a pathetic redundant Whinning little bitch! Get over it! I do not make 57,000 but I have said that enough times. I keep forgetting that this room is retired geriatrics and perhaps to you 57,000 is a huge salary and a 100 dollar donation gavee job security. You do realize you make yourself look like a cartoon character. A joke. I think we can move on . Your redundant comments over 4 years already. Seriously!!!

          3. Steve, you were a doing nothing substitute teacher now all of a sudden you are a rock star in your mind with a new City job that was just given to you, why not some other hard working substitute teacher? No, you’re special to Mario Testa to be GIVEN a City job paying you much more than you could ever make as a substitute teacher, you did a lot of ass kissing.

  10. Prediction..Joe & Mario in their quest to be re-elected aren’t liking the perception that Steve was given a job in exchange for his never ending,over the top support.Joe and Mario will cut ties with him in a second if things get worse.Their track record proves they bail on people when it is in their best interst,no matter how loyal those people are to them.Steve can’t help himself from gloating on here,but no doubt Mario &Joe would rather have him shut up and not post here.

  11. Mr. Weintraub. I will make a prediction you can take to the bank. I have been disrespected enough on this blog. Though , I find it a joke that I have been a star on this blog. I find it sad that the readership dwindles daily. The incessant insults from negative individuals is just to dad for words. I am in the middle of my Highest Holidays. A time of reflection . It is beyond clear that I do not belong here. I accept with sadness that I have infact wasted way too much time engaging with ignorant commentary. I forgive those that have been disgustingly rude and mean spirited and I apologize for any unkind words from myself. Lennie thank you for what once was a diverse platform . Nobody needs to worry about me making comments. I apologize to Marilyn Moore for having a positive article diminished by the sadness of the haters on this blog.

  12. Steve,this is about the 8th time this year you declared”your done here and goodbye”….Probably a good move on your part though,it’s what Joe and Mario prefer..

    1. Harvey, as you know Steve can’t give up appearing on OIB but you know Mario and Joe don’t like it. Steve must have been a hell of a ass kisser to get a City job making that type of money, what the hell did Steve do? Trust me Steve will be back on OIB because that’s his claim to fame.

  13. And, the money for permanent, local jobs and tax base development?…Stamford received tens of millions just in the past year … Recently $5 million toward the creation of 400 new, Stamford jobs and expansion of an IT operation… And Bridgeport? Money for demolition of a link to nowhere without a planned replacement, in any event… Restoration of building that is on the market. Restoration for whom?… What kind if advocacy is working for Bridgeport? Looks more like most of our delegation, including Senator Moore are working for Stamford and Hartford… And voters think that’s great?! No wonder we’re where we are… What kind of dim suckers, Frank, think that that kind of advocacy and bond-money-for-show meant to placate us and keep us in our place is somehow progress and real advocacy for us in Hartford… All that it does is buy Moore’s complicity in keeping us down while Stamford, and vassal city, Hartford, get the real money and the real help… Suckers… The Barnum quote (real or not) wasn’t for nothing! And does anyone in Black Rock think that Senator Moore and Ned will get your taxes lowered in this century?! Get real!

  14. Jeff, Jeff, Jeff let out go man. The only person that can remove Connecticut from the doldrums of mediocrity is Dave Walker and the only person that is totally unelectable is, Dave Walker. Jeff it’s time to move on man and,let it go, let it go, let it gooooo…

  15. Bridgeport’s choices for office this year are incredibly poor… Same-old-same-old, ineffectual, clueless professional pols more concerned with keeping their $benefits and influence than in really fighting the good fight for us… The gubernatorial lineup is particularly bad this time around — as bad as last time…
    Bridgeporters could send a stronger message and get more leverage in the long term by not even voting this year. Our predictable voting patterns give a dangerous comfort level to politicians that plan our stupidity into their campaigns and election tactics… Look at how Dan fooled us twice, BOB… You were one of his big supporters in Bridgeport… Maybe if we would have gotten stuck with Foley for four years the state DCC would have beaten the bush a little harder for a candidate concerned with more than Stamford and vassal city Hartford… Certainly, even Foley couldn’t have done much worse than Dan — and this time around we might have somebody thinking in terms of reconstructing the cities and state economy… Ned is more of the same. BS, nothing more… Stefanowski won’t get his idiotic plan out of any of the committees if he is elected (which he won’t be — whether Bridgeport stays home or not… We are screwed in this state no mater which way we turn… Our only bright spot is that President Dolt-45 should be waving goodbye in a Nixonesque manner from his helicopter sometime around Christmas…

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