Applicants For Crossin Seat

Linda Conner Lambeck reports in the Connecticut Post:

Nine people have submitted letters to the Bridgeport Board of Education, asking to be considered for the seat left vacant by Patrick Crossin, who resigned last month for health reasons. The candidates are: Barbara Pouchet, Betsey Elise Meyer, Brandon M. Clark, Francisco Luis Torres III, Hernan Illingworth, John Marshall Lee, Luz Carraquillo, Russell J. Clark and Thomas A. Mulligan Jr. The board plans a meeting to interview the candidates early next month. By state statute, the slot must be filled by a Democrat, as Crossin was.

Interesting list of applicants including former City Councilman Tom Mulligan and OIB friend John Marshall Lee. Also from Lambeck’s story:

The superintendent’s office would not immediately release copies of the applications the candidates submitted for the public board position. They gave only the names, not even their addresses. All submitted letters of intent, some longer than others, and some even included resumes. The superintendent’s office said they are reluctant to release the information saying it’s possible the candidates didn’t realize their information would be made public. The information is being requested under the Freedom of Information law.



  1. They don’t really have to release the resumes and applications–FOI allows exemptions for “Personnel or medical files and similar files the disclosure of which would constitute an invasion of personal privacy” and “any record of a personnel search committee which, because of name or other identifying information, would reveal the identity of an executive level employment candidate without the consent of such candidate.”

    Maybe that’s a perfect fit for the current situation, maybe not, but it’s close enough that the BOE can hang their hat on it if they don’t want to let those files loose.

  2. *** I would love to see a sensible man like T. Mulligan on the BOE board. Someone who takes his time researching & explaining what exactly the board is voting on & its possible outcomes, good or bad. Good guy, I wish him luck! ***

  3. This is a critically important board whose actions have far-reaching impact on the city’s future.

    It requires members with a breadth of intellect, strength of character, passion and commitment to dramatically improve the educational outcomes in Bridgeport schools.

    I don’t know the others, but Lee and Mulligan are outstanding candidates. It’s too bad both couldn’t have the opportunity to serve.

    1. Bruce Hubler // Jan 25, 2011 at 2:21 pm
      To your posting

      You have presented the ideal … I would light a candle that we get such a miracle … such an outstanding individual.

      Also, quite possibly they would not be a puppet of the Mayor. But I think that is already understood, isn’t it?

      Do we think any of these candidates can be identified as having the willingness to be “a fourth vote?” How many are left after that? Two?


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