An Architect’s View, As Foster Has Designs On Mayor’s Office

Foster Antinozzi
Foster, center in red, addresses crowd at fundraiser.

Fundraising has intensified with less than three weeks to the general election for mayor. Thursday night Antinozzi Associates, a Downtown architectural firm, hosted a fundraiser for Mary-Jane Foster as she seeks momentum to become “the honest choice for change” over Democratic nominee Joe Ganim.

Foster, Lamont
Foster chats with Ned Lamont who defeated Joe Lieberman in the 2006 Democratic primary for U.S. Senate.

Antinozzi’s design work is featured on a number of city projects. Mayor Bill Finch who attended the fundraiser lost the Democratic primary to Joe Ganim. He has thrown his fundraising prowess behind Foster who’s trying to galvanize the anti-Ganim vote among Democrats, unaffiliated and like-minded Republicans.

One of Foster’s contributors Thursday night Ned Lamont knows something about taking on the political establishment. He came out of nowhere in 2006 to defeat Joe Lieberman in a Democratic primary for U.S. Senate. Lieberman, running as an independent, won the general election as the de facto Republican candidate.

Foster hopes to win the mayoralty as a petitioning candidate in the general election.



  1. I think it is ridiculous, someone who got virtually no support in the primary and actually spoiled Finch’s win with her minor vote drawing (since she gained 1100 votes, and Ganim won by 400 votes) is now being fawned over by this pretentious any-Democrat-but-Ganim business crowd. Where were they during the primary? With Bill Finch, whom I would take over Ganim and probably over Foster. Now you want to say these are passionate people behind Foster who appear as if apparitions in the night to support her with money? If the Republican, Torres, is the money-hungry Republican, as is often painted of the national party, then why doesn’t the money hang around him? The answer my friends, is not blowing in the wind, it is clearly painted on a sign in Bridgeport’s recent election struggles. To break away from corruption, whether the in-your-face type, which could land you in jail for racketeering, or the collusion type, where a very cozy group of people don’t want any upsetting of the gravy train. Bridgeport, in the privacy of the voting booth, should not be a preprogrammed automatic vote for a Democrat. How has the Connecticut Democratic party really helped Bridgeport? They have not even adequately paid any attention to Bridgeport and make fun of its representative, its people, yet rely on the Bridgeport vote for state senators and state reps. Bridgeport is taken for granted, by both the local Democratic party that has preyed upon the family loyalties especially of the elderly, where they will show up and fill out your absentee ballot for you, as well as by the state Democratic party, where they laugh behind your backs. Rick Torres is from Bridgeport, he believes in it enough to keep running for mayor on a message of Bridgeport residents before politicians and their friends. To vote for Torres is to stand as an independent person, in the privacy of the ballot booth. No need to listen to union officials and business friends, even the police union in the primary that say it’s okay to send a message to ourselves, our children and the whole country, we are okay with a corrupt past and being the doormat of ridicule. Don’t stand for it, don’t vote for it.

  2. Mary-Jane is the people’s choice!

    People from Westport, Fairfield, Easton, Greenwich, Trumbull, Wilton, Weston and Darien.

    Is she the new Queen of the suburbs?

  3. C’mon man, Raymond, there isn’t one shred of evidence anyone who voted for Mary-Jane would have voted for Finch. There isn’t one shred of evidence Mary-Jane took one vote from Finch, in fact conventional wisdom tells me those who voted for Mary-Jane would rather eat shit and die than vote for a pathological liar like Bill Finch or a person like Joe whom they view as a thief.

    Stop the hyperbole and the rhetoric because that primary ship has sailed and there is absolutely nothing that can change that outcome to put your candidate in a better light.

    1. Donald Day, I see you are still continuing to support Mary-Jane Foster like a real trouper in the name of unity. I do not think Foster caused Finch to lose the election with her 1100 votes. It was just a poor effort in getting out the vote and lack of planning by the Finch team. There are thousands of voters who didn’t vote because they assumed Finch was a definite vote. Ganim got every single vote he could. I do believe with Foster out of the Primary, Finch may have won. Certainly not by the margin he should have, had he had a better-run campaign. Now, Finch supporters will rally behind Foster and we do not look backwards.

      Personally, it is nice to see most of the Finch supporters working on Foster’s campaign. Most of her supporters realize Bill Finch supporting her and his loyalists supporting her is a great thing for Foster. For the few who are disappointed with her alignment with Bill, they are just plain ignorant. Only as a unified team can Foster win. I know, this is my second round with her and only as a team can we win and we will.

      1. Steve, you just said this:
        “I do not think Foster caused Finch to lose the election with her 1100 votes.”

        And then this:
        “I do believe with Foster out of the Primary Finch may have won.”

        Also, most organized labor, etc. has jumped ship from Finch’s endorsement of Foster and moved to Ganim, so who are the people supporting Foster again? The inner city has bought Ganim’s sales pitch, Foster does not resonate, Torres is from the same background. Torres is a stronger candidate for dealing with Bridgeport and sends the only true and real message of change, not just another group at the top playing their new puppet. Foster is simply the face of the other group with a top-down, me-first emphasis in Bridgeport and you should know it.

        1. Park City too. My point was, I do not and the Finch people do not believe Mary-Jane Foster caused Finch’s loss. I know they take full responsibility for the results of not getting out the vote. However, if Foster were not in the race, her votes may have gone to Finch, however, it does not negate the Finch Campaign made “mistakes” and “mistakes cost the primary and fuck-ups caused the current situation. The only positive is Finch and most of his supporters are supporting Mary-Jane Foster.

          The Unions jumped to Ganim simply because it is obligatory to support the primary winner. The sloppy second endorsements have to be extremely embarrassing to Ganim. Ironically, they are supporting Ganim but helping Foster. What is that about???

    2. Any anti-Ganim vote would have had to be a vote for Finch, or they would have had to stay home for the primary. If they were going to stay home, then you are correct. The fact is she got somewhere around 1100 votes, that is not a mandate, or the appearance of a general election mandate in the making. So I am not going to let the idea Foster is the best candidate aside from Ganim go uncontested. I do believe Rick Torres has the right attitude as regards the residents of Bridgeport and their needs. He is definitely more concerned about the families who make up the majority of residents needing jobs, which includes reducing the aggressive tax evaluation levels in the East Side, which keeps business away and causes homeowners to struggle. Good education including a renewed emphasis on trade schooling, which should have been a no-brainer, safety for children while in school. A community partnership with agencies including the police department to provide hopeful avenues to training and alternate activities to street life. A bottom-up emphasis, rather than bottom-up during election time only. The Democrats have failed Bridgeport and taken it for granted. Torres is smart, genuine, and sends a message the people’s vote cannot simply be bought along party lines. I like my slogan that popped out yesterday in a post, “Don’t Stand for it, Don’t vote for it.”

  4. Do not be surprised. Add Finch’s 5800 votes and the other Democrats, Republicans and Independents and you have a winning combination. Republicans never win an election in Bridgeport. Democrats lose. Finch would never have lost the General election and with his support of Foster, she will win. Nobody will remember the primary numbers, they will remember the importance of the election and vote for Foster.

    1. Finch no longer has 5800 votes. He lost the primary, remember? He blew his chance to run on a third-party ticket, remember? Bill Finch has so many powder burns on his foot he needs to go to Shriner’s burn hospital.

      Everyone else is trying be polite but I will pay you the respect of being blunt: the air in the closet is stale, Steve. You need to get outdoors.

      1. Bridgeport Kid, I have not been home much and I’ve been out of the closet for 30 years. Working on Foster’s campaign is a breath of Fresh air as it was working for Mayor Finch. I can only assure you one thing. This is my last campaign. I will never work for anyone but myself at this pace again. It is killing me and I just may die with a smile on my face!!! As for Foster and Finch, I believe my time was well spent. I can only account for myself and my efforts.

  5. Does MJF have a plan to lower taxes? I have heard both Torres and Ganim say they will. Did I miss MJ’s comments?
    Would someone please copy and paste her platform on tax reform for the overburdened residents?

    1. Joe’s plan to lower taxes is saying I will not lower taxes?
      That’s not a plan, that is a promise. And that is all Joe has done in his campaign. Promises, Promises, Promises.
      When Joe talks about raising taxes he says he didn’t raise them when he was mayor, but he did. Look it up!
      Figures don’t lie. Joe Ganim does.

      1. I know, Bob; but he is campaigning he will lower taxes. I see the yard signs saying so. Enrique has studied the budget so I know he has ideas and plans but I haven’t read anything from the Foster camp.

  6. Am I the only one who has no idea what Ms. Foster’s plans are to lower taxes, get good jobs here, what she will do about the high crime rate, etc, etc??? I seriously can’t find her stance on anything. On her website she has an “Ask Mary-Jane” section, but it would be a lot easier if she would just put it out there, rather than me having to ask her questions and have to wait 24 hours for her to get back to me. I think Ms. Foster likes the idea of running for office, just not sure she can handle the office if she actually got elected.

    1. What do Harvey, flicka and Joe Ganim have in common? They are liars.
      From her 50-day plan on her Facebook page:
      on our taxes
      * I will work with a new manager of the the Office of Policy & Management to align the city’s needs with the budget. We must fully fund our Board of Education budget and provide the necessary resources to address our community safety issues. We must have a budget that both addresses our needs and stabilizes our taxes.
      * I will insist our financial reporting complies with the city charter requirements. I will provide timely reports that are easily available online and in paper format.
      * I will use city resources to leverage jobs for city residents and to incentivize people to live in Bridgeport, especially our civil service employees like teachers, police and firefighters. It is important that they live where they serve.

      1. Why would you call me a liar? I never once lied. I said I (that’s me) haven’t seen anything and I simply asked someone to copy and paste her plan. READ it again, Bob; and save your nasty attitude for someone else. I know quite a bit about Ms. Foster, from 40 years ago ’til present. But I don’t know her stance on taxes. By the way, BOB, I voted for her in the primary.

  7. From her 50 day plan on Economic Development
    Bridgeport deserves a city that is clearly moving froward. I will ensure that our Department of Economic Development is fully staffed and prepared to grow our existing businesses and attract new ones. I will:
    * I will have an independent audit conducted of the city’s budget. We need to know how and where our money is spent. Bridgeport residents deserve transparency.
    * I will make budget information readily available to Bridgeport residents both online and in easy to read paper form.
    * Review all current projects for their return on investment to the city and their commitment to hire Bridgeport residents at a living wage, minimum wage is not enough.
    * I will meet with every developer currently working in the city to discuss how the city can best help them succeed.
    * I will immediately begin the planning and execution of an innovation district in every area of the city. We will reclaim and repurpose existing buildings and create entrepreneurial startup opportunities. Bridgeport will reemerge as the city of invention and opportunity.
    * Steelpointe Harbor is great but could be so much better. In the next phase of Steelpointe Harbor I will work with developers to bring water-related uses and water-front attractions to the area. The remaining peninsula should include marinas, restaurants, offices and housing.
    * I will regularly convene the business community to support a consistent marketing initiative that engages people in the best our city has to offer, including: our theaters, the zoo, the arena and our sports teams.

  8. From her website and a mailer on Moving Bridgeport Forward:
    — We all know that our property taxes are too high in Bridgeport and that this holds us back from growing our city’s economy. This hurts everyone.
    • Mary-Jane will conduct an independent audit to identify areas of wasteful spending and she will have zero tolerance for corrupt behavior. The cost of corruption is one that we cannot afford. Every dollar spent on corrupt deals is a dollar taken away from our schools, our police, and our pockets.

    1. I like Mary-Jane, just not for mayor, mostly because she cannot win, after that because she has been co-opted before she is even electable. Spend the vote on Torres, give him a four-year trial. He has the base to build on.

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