Ambushed By Two Shooters, 13 Wounded At Illegal House Party

At least 13 people were shot early Sunday morning at an illegal house party where alcohol was sold at 19 Plymouth Street on the East Side, according to city police. As of Sunday afternoon no fatalities had been reported. Police believe two shooters were involved.

Doing It Local‘s Steve Krauchick was at the scene.

At least 13 people were shot at an outdoor house party on Plymouth Street. When I arrived on scene an officer confirmed at least 6 were shot. Many were driven by private vehicles to the nearby hospitals, many were transported by EMS. It was difficult trying to keep any count so the number can be higher. Police radio reports say there was a large house party in the backyard of 19 Plymouth Street when shots were fired into the crowd. Police found shell casings in a couple of bacykyards next to the house. Police did an outstanding job maintaining order and keeping the calm. There are no reported fatalities. Bridgeport Police along with with their K-9 and state police assisted to keep the calm of family members at Bridgeport Hospital. Fairfield Police dispatched their K-9 unit to St. Vincent’s Hospital.

“We had a tough morning,” Perez said during a Sunday afternoon press conference. “Officers encountered a chaotic scene with people suffering from gunshot wounds.”

Anyone with information should call 203-576-TIPS (8477).

Statement from Congressman Jim Himes:

“Early this morning, senseless and terrible violence rocked our community as gunmen wounded 13 innocent people in Bridgeport, ambushing them during a house party. As federal law enforcement joins with our local investigators to bring those responsible to justice, we will all be hoping for the full and speedy recoveries of the victims and are grateful to the first responders and medical personnel working to save lives.

“I join the rest of the Connecticut delegation, and all people who care about a safer country for our families, in calling on Congress to take action to prevent these mass shootings and the daily gun violence that affects so many Americans instead of standing in cowardly silence.”

Statement from U.S. Senator Chris Murphy:<

“The news of last night’s mass shooting in Bridgeport is infuriating–I’m simply unable to contemplate the evil behind such contempt for human life. I’m overwhelmingly grateful that surprisingly no lives were lost. I thank Bridgeport’s first responders and emergency services for their outstanding professionalism and effectiveness in times of crisis. I stand with the people of Bridgeport and local law enforcement as they investigate this attempted mass murder and bring the perpetrators to justice.”

Statement from U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal:

“More trauma, more tragedy. Every day more Americans are injured or killed by a bullet is more graphic evidence–unwelcome and unwanted–of the urgent need for common sense gun violence prevention measures. Congress is complicit in this scourge by its inexcusable inaction. The victims in Bridgeport are among tens of thousands shooting casualties every year. No one is immune to this public health crisis as it rips apart communities near and far.”



  1. Steve, were any weapons recovered as the Police went about their work? Thanks for the early on-site reporting as usual. Stay safe. Many shots must have been fired as accuracy in doing violence to others did not seem a part of this story. Incredible? Absurd? Time will tell.

  2. Saw the police and emergency responder activity on my way home last night. I figured it was probably a multiple shooting episode. So many BPD and state police cars and ambulances. Unreal. And no news coverage by major outlets until after 6am. Only Steve Krauchick and Doing It Local.

    Many illegal “house parties” all over the city, even during the week. It must be a Bridgeport cottage industry.

    Clearly this city is spinning out of control. This is a presidential election year; it should be used to bring awareness and political pressure to address the deteriorating conditions of Bridgeport and the rest of urban America.

    Trump and Hillary skirt places like Bridgeport and focus on issues that don’t address America’s urban distress. And the Third Party candidates are, so far, nowhere to be seen or heard in regard to urban issues.

    1. Indeed, Bridgeport is spinning out of control. I don’t think we can look to the major parties to come to Bridgeport. WE NEED TO GO TO THEM. This would need significantly more involvement from a LOT more residents of Bridgeport. From Black Rock to the North End and the East Side and everywhere else. And then we need to take our crusade throughout Bridgeport, to Hartford and to Washington DC. To me, that is truly the bottom line. MORE INVOLVEMENT from the people of Bridgeport. If the people do not get involved, then the cause is lost.

  3. You are correct, Frank. There needs to be major noise and movement from Bridgeport and all urban areas taken to the candidates on the road and in Washington.

    Our local and state leadership is clueless and useless in regard to effectively advocating for us and governing on our behalf. That applies to the political party apparatus/leadership across all the parties, as well as our elected and appointed government leadership.

    We need to explore options beyond these inept, self-serving loci of power.

  4. One would think the landlord would stop an illegal gathering at their home. But then, the landlord does not live there. The landlord resides in Greenwich (where Himes and Blumenthal live), having purchased the property in 2014 for less than what the previous owner paid in 1996.
    The problem is irresponsible people and absentee landlords who have no connection to the neighborhood, just a cheap investment to make a profit.
    No doubt the comments from Himes, Murphy and Blumenthal were done by their staff using a template suggesting this is a result of guns and would not have happened if there was more government control. What phonies.

    1. I do not think the landlord could do too much about it. Even if it were prohibited by the lease, failing to follow that amendment is usually a charged fee.

      The only thing a landlord could do is call the police just like any other citizen.

      1. No neighbor or landlord will call the police as Bridgeport is the place where “snitches get stitches.” If we were a community, then we would support each other in the face of things that hurt everyone’s quality of living It is too easy to just close your eyes, ignore it and hope it goes away.

  5. I still do not believe illegal guns in the cities will be curtailed with passing stricter gun laws. They are illegal precisely because they do not follow the legal process into the hands of gang members and others who obtain them illegally. Surely the shooters did not buy the guns with their ID’s at a store. If there are 400,000,000 guns in America, the legal ownership would have to be curtailed way too far, before a sizable dent in illegal ownership is made. Create a black market for guns and the demand will be filled.

  6. As a black man myself I can tell you black lives do not matter unless they are taken by a white person. Where are all those so-called leaders who marched in Bridgeport about what happened to black men in other states but don’t give a damn when blacks are slaughtering blacks. Hypocrites.

  7. Here are questions for the PD. After the permit to sell booze was denied, was there a schedule to have patrol checking on this party? Were there any complaints from neighbors? If so how were they handled? 100 people in that small area is crazy.
    Another party was held on Priscilla St and another shooting took place. This is getting or already out of control.


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