Ah, The Political Harmony, Plus: The Ernie Earn Campaign

Can you believe it? Four weeks from the general election. Anyone excited about the candidates for governor, U.S. Senate, U.S. House, State Senate, State House, state constitutional offices? I can’t hear you. Louder please.

Well ain’t this the challenge, getting the weary cranked up to vote. Republicans seem pumped up. Unaffiliated voters as well. Will some stay home in disgust? How can Democratic pols pump up the Bridgeport vote? Are the Malloy for Governor and Himes for Congress campaigns working in harmony? Is anything ever harmonious in city politics?

Former Bridgeport State Rep. Americo Santiago, also a former assistant Connecticut secretary of the state, is working out of Malloy HQ in Bridgeport trying to rally the political organization. Not an easy task juggling so many political personalities. He’s the father of State Rep. Ezequiel Santiago who has the seat formerly occupied by his dad years ago. Americo is a veteran of many campaigns. I’ve been getting the phone calls: Why didn’t they put my guy in there to run headquarters? How many times have I heard this sniping:

“You put that guy in there, I’m not showing up to headquarters!”

“Good grief. Can you please put aside the political differences? We need everyone pulling together.”

“Yeah, but the guy worked against me!”

“That was for City Council 30 years ago.”

“Who cares!”


Good luck, Americo.

Rootin’ Tootin’ Newton

The call has gone out from some Democratic pols: we need to find Ernie a job. Former State Senator Ernie Newton is scouting work while he figures out what public office to seek in 2011 or perhaps 2012. Finding a job is never an easy thing after spending several years in the joint. A Bridgeport government job? Not likely. Too much public heat. But maybe a government ally in another community or a friend in the private sector could accommodate a request.

Why find Ernie a job? He has a strong following in the East End. Ernie and Bill Finch spent many days driving to Hartford when both were in the State Legislature. Mayor Finch and Democratic Town Chair Mario Testa would rather have Ernie on their side. Methinks Ernie pulls votes from Finch should he get into a Democratic primary for mayor. “Hey Mario, can you find Ernie a job? Yeah, preferably out of town.”

We’ll keep you posted on the Ernie earn campaign.



  1. Ernie Newton doesn’t need the City of Bridgeport to assist him in any way to support himself. When he held a position of trust he violated that trust. He deserves nothing. But OIB can a dishonest dumb shit find his way back into the public limelight.

    Joey isn’t so lucky. The patriarch of his family makes it abundantly clear. He can work in the family law office as an aide until his Bar status is clarified, but Papa states there will be no public office ever. That’s a responsible attitude.

    Once again Don Calamari sticks it to the public in order to push his own agenda. He works feverishly to get Newton situated properly so that Newton can deliver a big block of votes. Forget about the fact that Newton is a convicted felon and stupid. For the right number of votes, Calamari would make him Pope. If Calamari is interested in ensuring Newton has gainful employment, perhaps he should hire him as a dishwasher. That probably would work out if you counted the dishes after each shift.


    1. Big Daddy, you articulate son of a bitch. Sure there are millions seeking jobs; most of whom are far better qualified than Newton. You see … Newton is not only a convicted felon who misused the public trust; he is a dumb convicted felon who abused the public trust and thinks the public owes him a living. Why should he be given special treatment over others who will put honor and diligence into any job they are fortunate to obtain? Newton deserves none of that. He is exactly what is wrong with municipal government especially in Bridgeport as well as statewide.

      Look around you. You live in a costly community beset with filth and decay. 7 out of every 10 of our children will leave school unprepared only to navigate streets with little or no police presence fostering a surge in violent crime. No new meaningful business development in nearly 40 years. The same old tired political hacks ensure this town can never achieve prominence. Yet you and too many people like you are content to put these people back into office time after time after time. You deserve a better life than you have. The current influencers cannot give you that life but you will happily keep them around. That’s scary. Surely there are others in Newton’s domain who can step up and do the job with honor and dignity and make a true contribution for the betterment of the people. That person, my friend, is your Moses, not Newton. Oh … I would still think Newton was a schmuck even if he were purple.

  3. Just when I think it cannot get any more bizarre!

    Ernie Newton violated the public trust. Why should he be given another publicly funded job?

    As to Big Dummy’s comments, John Rowland should not have been given another publicly funded job. The only reason he got that B.S. economic development job is because Waterbury is even more corrupt than Bridgeport.

    It’s about time Ernie Newton gets off the public tit and finds honest work.

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  5. Big Daddy,
    I wish you would cut the black/white bullshit, that belongs to another era, we all should try to advance each other. Re: Mr. Moses Newton, so what if his IQ is room temperature (and it’s getting cold); I think he could and should find some kind of position on his own, equal to his own abilities.

  6. You can say whatever you like about Newton but guess what he wins any election he runs for because he comes from those who have made mistakes in there own lives. So I’m sure Mr. Newton gives a shit about what you think of him.

  7. Big D … You’re not getting it. I do not, nor do some of the other posters wish to see Ernie unemployed. Just not on the public payroll.

    Yes I have also made mistakes but thankfully none were felonies. However because of mistakes, I have been fired from jobs in my career. You learn from mistakes and move on. That’s what Ernie needs to do and not funded by the public.

    More to the point, why would you want Ernie or anybody else currently in office to represent you? Nothing has changed since they got into elective office other than getting worse.

  8. I didn’t say Mr. Newton should or should not work in a public position but he has a right to work and run for public office if he feel like it, and the only people who will have some say-so are the people who will support him or not and yes Mr. Newton has always worked outside of his public office.

  9. “Black Rockin,” you reply to Big Daddy by saying,
    “I wish you would cut the black/white bullshit, that belongs to another era, we all should try to advance each other.”

    Well, perhaps I missed something. I’ve been black all my life and maybe you can tell me when we overcame. In fact if things are so good for blacks now I’m sure you wouldn’t mind changing places with one who has the same background as you.

  10. *** Ex-cons deserve a break in the job market to slow down the returning correctional revolving door due to lack of employment. However every case is different in the eyes of society where money does talk! Ernie needs to accept responsibility for his past actions & outcome without comparing his situation with others & thinking that society & Bpt own him something. The past is history & time & life move on stopping for no one along the way. Mr. Newton has a right to seek whatever positive type of employment he can find to help support himself & family. If it involves politics in general, so be it! It’s up to the voters & supporters to decide in the end. “He who is without sin, cast the first stone.” *** Back to basics ***

  11. I just heard and confirmed the following info.
    Rich Paoletto is back at work from his suspension. His suspension was due to end Dec 13th.The original suspension was for 55 days.
    It seems a special deal was made where Paoletto was allowed to give up vacation days for suspension days.
    I guess there really are 2 systems of justice here in the city. One for the common working man and another for sitting council people.
    To any city employee save some vacation time as you can then use those days to buy back your suspension time. Only in Bridgeport.

  12. One set of rules for the Mayor’s entourage another set for the Union Bottom Feeders! No integrity! Greed and power to feed all the Egos. Makes me want to PUKE!
    Heard Rich claims a financial hardship! Also heard victim says she’s pregnant. This ain’t over yet.

    1. So what if he gave up vacation days. It’s not like he murdered anyone. He apparently made some mistakes that got him there and it’s not impossible to understand how he could not claim hardship. Being out of work and no income must be miserable. I am sure his past work record was taken into consideration as well before this “alleged” agreement was reached. People make mistakes and he owned up to them with his family. And if she is pregnant … oh well we will have to stay tuned. You know it is easy to pass judgment if you do not know all the facts.

      1. The City should have zero tolerance when it comes to bullying and sexual harassment. There should be no backdoor deals and no exceptions to the rule. I heard Rich was there bright and early this morning waiting for his ex with an arrogant “I’m back” smile on his face. Labor Relations didn’t even have the smarts to move Rich’s office. He is right there in her face every day. I hope she has a good attorney because I smell big settlement check here.

          1. Just because I’m in the building doesn’t mean I witnessed what happened. However word that he was back spread quickly. And I HEARD the ex was very upset.

  13. Str8 No one is passing judgment. The agreed-upon discipline was 55 days with a return to work on Dec 13th. Now I am sure his past work record and all were considered prior to the handing down of the 55 days.
    Suspensions were not meant to be vacations. When people enter into workplace relationships and such they should know there could be consequences. Maybe the city needs to hold seminars for employees as this is the second person suspended for the same type charge.
    Sexual harassment is serious business and should not be looked at lightly. The city needs a consistent set of rules and punishments for all.

    1. Dennis Buckley didn’t have the option of using vacation days to lessen his punishment and he didn’t do half of what Rich did. Plus Labor Relations removed the woman and warned Buckley to stay away from her. Rich was put right back in his old job just a few steps from his victim. When you aren’t consistent with your punishment and you allow exceptions to the rule, you open yourself up for big lawsuits.

  14. *** Aaahhh … Bpt. City Hall, a regular “Peyton Place” of the 21st century! You just can’t make up things like this in a world of rhyme & reason, could you? *** FORGETABOUTIT ***

  15. Maybe Dennis did not want to offer up vacation days at that time. Sexual harassment works both ways, but usually the male is ALWAYS guilty until, and if proven innocent. This same female was involved with another ex-city employee. Maybe she is looking for a one-time big payday! If I were any man in or near her office I would keep my distance.

    1. Now who’s making assumptions? Rich wanted to keep his marriage and have a little somethin’ somethin’ on the side. He was the aggressor and it wasn’t the first time. His wife threatened divorce so he had to put it back in his pants. When the ex started seeing other men Rich flipped out and that’s when the abuse started. He was angry and abusive and did it in front of many witnesses. People are free to do what they want but violence and harassment in the workplace should not be condoned under any circumstances.

  16. 8up and Smoker, neither of you know the true story. The “ex” is not the one who filed the charges against the councilman. Her co-workers went to Labor Relations because they were fed up with him cursing and physically threatening her. This behavior went on for months after he went back to his wife. The women (both of them) are the victims here. The councilman is a worthless piece of shit.

  17. Fixer, I would have had the same problem. The machine would still run a set of spoiler candidates. The city unions would have doubled their efforts to keep Paoletto in office. They worked the entire day at the polls and were nasty.
    Lastly the administration would have sent more of their dumb-asses to work the polls, as it was I had Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb aka Anastasi & McCarthy at the polls the entire day working for my opposition. The results may have been different if I went negative but Ann & I decided that was not what we were about. God knows we had the ammunition.


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