A ‘Welcoming’ Sanctuary City

From Brian Lockhart, CT Post:

After three months of wrangling over intent and language, the City Council Monday passed a resolution declaring Bridgeport a “welcoming” place for immigrants–legal and undocumented–in the face of more aggressive federal deportation efforts.

“Tomorrow a lot will see (in the newspaper) Bridgeport is a ‘sanctuary city’ and feel good about that,” activist Julio Lopez Varona said afterward.

But Bridgeport, technically, is not a so-called sanctuary. That more politically controversial term was dropped to win over council votes and Mayor Joe Ganim.

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  1. I know it lacks the “teeth” we originally wanted and it is a resolution right now, but I still see this as a win for our immigrant community and for Bridgeport in general! Thank you to Make the Road CT and many other organizations and supporters for your tireless work over the last 3+ months to make this happen for Bridgeport!

  2. This is great comments from a very liberal, bored suburbanite. Why don’t you tell us how you take care of your illegals in Fairfield.
    Tell us how we are going to improve our school system when we finally get the number of illegals in the school system. You people live in a dream world

    1. I think you meant “these are great comments” instead of “this is great comments” …. but I digress on that matter.

      I’m not sure what very liberal and bored suburbanite you’re talking about, but if you are referring to me then you may feel free to address me directly. I am very liberal, but I assure you I am not bored and am very active in our community. I live in Bridgeport, and assume you do too.

      And people are not illegal. Thanks!! 🙂

      1. Here is a great comment for you Lauren Gray. “Thank you to Make the Road CT and many other organizations and supporters for your tireless work…”

        All Make the Road CT and all other do was build a circular road. On a circular road, you end up where you started.

    1. I assure you I have a mature and balanced viewpoint of what’s going on and I don’t need to understand anything more from Mr. Fardy. I’m very concerned about Bridgeport’s future and our country’s future, especially for my future children. I would worry about your own understandings over mine. Thanks though!

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