A Virus Leads To Virtual Campaigning–Moore, Brown File Finance Reports

Crickets. That’s the sound of political campaigning in the era of Covid-19. For now, it’s all virtual. Groovy news for incumbents. Annoying for opponents trying to break through (if opponents exist).

It’s mid April, party endorsements for Congress, state legislative seats and registrar of voters will take place next month in advance of potential August primaries.

Who’s raising money to qualify for public financing? State Senator Marilyn Moore and her primary opponent City Councilman Marcus Brown. See Moore report here. See Brown report here.

Of course with stimulus money now hitting bank accounts, there’s a chance Moore will receive more campaign loot: “When you get those stimulus checks, make sure you save some for Moore for Senate 2020. Just sayin’.”

State elections officials are still sorting out reshaped campaign and ballot access regulations, including a call to allow all Connecticut residents the option to vote by mail with “illness” the universal excuse.

The State Elections Enforcement Commission that regulates elections in Connecticut and investigates complaints has issued an update on its matters:

NOTICE: Pursuant to the Governor’s directive, our offices at 20 Trinity Street are closed to the public until further notice. Staff continues to work and remains available via telephone (860-256-2940) and email (seec@ct.gov) as normal. If you reach a voicemail, please leave a message and your call will be returned as soon as possible. The April quarterly filing is due April 13, 2020 and we encourage all those who can to file by the deadline. Please note that, pursuant to the Governor’s Executive Order No. 7M, the agency will suspend fees and penalties for candidates and candidate committees, traditional political committees, and party committees that are late in submitting this filing up to 90 days past the prescribed deadline. Similarly, time requirements for docketed matters including decision-making requirements, hearings, or other time limitations or deadlines, procedures or legal processes pertaining to these matters are extended for 90 days. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. We hope to return to normal business as soon as possible. Click here for additional information concerning other filings, filing by paper, and PARs.

2020 CEP Guide here.

2020 campaigners outside of CEP here.



  1. Lennie
    Just because you have to put that QUOTE up about the stimulus check I’ll make sure I send my donation this week. You keep it up and I’ll keep it up.

  2. Lennie, Lennie, Lennie you’re almost as biased as Harvey and Paul. Journalistic integrity? We know what was said, but your failure to put it into the context which she said she meant it was done to sway public opinion! Harvey or Paul are you now posting using Lennie’s name?

  3. It was my pleasure to contribute to Senator Moore’s re-election campaign. I hope that we may soon resume personal contacts with our elected officials.

    I am disappointed in Brown’s recent actions on the CC in Bridgeport (he represents the district in Bridgeport where we own property). He has apparently violated the state FOI laws by emailing all the members of the CC discussing business. This constituted a quorum with no public notice, no minutes recorded.

    Now he has ordered an ordinance passed by the ordinance committee back to the committee instead of allowing action by the entire council. Nowhere in the Bridgeport Charter does that authority exist. Once passed by the committee and reported out to the Council, it required a place on the Agenda, a chance for public comment and a vote up, down or to lay on the table. BUT, Brown seems to be making up his own rules as he goes.

    If Brown can’t follow the FOI laws, and the City Charter why would I support his bid to unseat our sitting State Senator?

  4. Marshall, you exposed an FOI violation and a violation of city ordinance, charter and Roberts Rules of Order by Marcus Brown.
    But Marshall, this is Bridgeport.

  5. Speaking of campaigns and elections. I made a post to Maria on her Facebook about her opinion piece in the CTpost. I suggested to get more revenue, a percentage of the concessions, to make of for the money they want of the amphitheater. The city could make a deal that is financially beneficial to the Port. She was not the only councilmen I made this suggestion to. Her reply was no under any circumstances. I reply back, to make a long story short she blocked me. 🙂 She would give up a change, or even an attempt try to make a deal that would benefit the city to keep her combative ways. I look forward to Anthony and Smith reclaiming their seats. JS


  6. Lost all faith in Moore over her response to multiple constituents over alleged price gouging at Gala Foods: “Call the attorney general,” she told them. Now that’s leadership.

  7. My best guess is that you never had faith in her Bob Fredericks. You were just looking for an opportunity to hit her with a rock! Ball one, low and outside!


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