A Sauna Pitt At SHU For Trump Visit

Protesters and supporters wait for Trump. Sue Katz photo.

Losing steam in the polls and support within the Republican ranks, Donald Trump rolled into Sacred Heart University Saturday night full of blistering attacks. OIB friend Sue Katz was there and shares some images.

From Neil Vigdor, CT Post:
The William H. Pitt Center, the university’s basketball arena, felt more like a sauna, with 4,000 to 5,000 people wreaking havoc on the air conditioning. Outside, an overflow crowd listened to an unscripted Trump hurl insults at “crooked Hillary and Connecticut’s governor, Dannel P. Malloy, while protesters dotted a nearby intersection.

Full story here.

Hartford Courant coverage here.






  1. This article says it all about Trump written in the CT Post.

    More than 100 GOP officials, including at least six former members of Congress and more than 20 former staffers at the Republican National Committee, have signed a letter asking the party chairman, Reince Priebus, to stop helping Trump’s campaign.

    They call the New York real estate mogul a threat to the party and to the nation. They want the RNC to take resources now helping Trump and shift them to vulnerable GOP candidates for House and Senate.


    1. Of course professional politicians dislike the outsider Trump. He is going to stop the gravy train. Hillary made, what, $30 million last year for paid speaking engagements? This is America for sale and Hillary has the price tag in her pocket.

    2. The problem is the RNC let the voters choose their candidate. This is why so many RNC leaders are upset. Their “show me the money” boys are out and Trump is in.

      The DNC just gave the appearance of democracy. Between the super delegates and the DNC working against Bernie, the winner was chosen before the first vote was cast. The RNC will not make this mistake again. The Republicans will have super delegates before too long. Soon we will not have to vote at all. One less thing, right?

      1. They sure did, now that tells the world how smart Republicans are by voting for a crazy with small hands who lies all the time with his crazy statements that are so bad Republicans are running away from Trump. The Republicans got a gift with Hillary. Someone they could easily beat but no, the Republicans wanted a crazy who lies.

          1. I think his hands are the same size as Hillary and his wife’s, we know his hands are much smaller than Bill’s. This was just another time he got off message.

  2. Off topic. This morning I walked into Harborview Market, roughly 8:30 am. As usual, I say hello to Rick and any busy employees I get a chance to meet eyes with. I grab my first cup of coffee of the day and head for a table. As I round the corner I see Chris Meyers and a few other regulars. I try to say hello with a smile, but I am rudely interrupted by Chris Meyer running his mouth about the O&G issue. I kindly and calmly tell Chris I am only on my second sip of coffee and would like to drink some more and order my breakfast before I discuss this topic. Chris did not stop, he just kept coming at me. At this point, I look at the fellas at the table and say, “I just got back from vacation, anyone care to ask me where I went and if I had a good time?” Chris still not getting my point, I kindly but sternly asked him to let me finish my coffee and I went back to my business of talking about my trip. Chris, obviously still not getting the point, keeps interrupting. I finally stop, look at him, pure disgust running through my veins, let Chris speak and thoroughly finish what he had to say. I then started to try to reply, when he again rudely interrupted me three more times. Chris Meyers, shame on you. You are the City Attorney and you are harassing a hard taxpaying customer. You’re lucky I was too tired to really embarrass you. I think my reply to your question was enough as you left in a huff. I am a taxpayer and ultimately pay your salary. I refuse to ever let you approach me in public like that again. Next time I won’t be so nice. Next time I see you at the store, I expect to be greeted with a “good morning and how are you,” just like I did for you today, or tried three times. I also deserve an apology in that store in front of the other people. I know you are snooping around reading this or one of your no-name buddies is for you. I will consider this a sent message. Have a good night, Attorney Meyers.

      1. It may not be the Chris Meyer you know but he is the Chris Meyer most people have to deal with. He is a sniveling dumbass and a bully. Hey Chris, try bullying a guy.

      2. Lennie,
        I have known Mary Filo for about as long as I have known Chris Meyer. Okay, that may not be true but what the hell.
        Firstly, your response seemed to have a rather sharp edge to it. My read is you immediately took Chris Meyer’s side and cast serious doubt on what Mary had posted.
        Secondly, I have known Chris for probably as long as you have. I agree he is normally polite and respectful, but I also know Chris to be a diehard loyalist to Joe.
        And on top of his normal immediate defense of the mayor, it may also be Chris is beginning to feel the pressure of the office of City Attorney.
        Mary, I did not doubt for a nanosecond what you had posted and I am sure of two things:
        1) You deserve an apology, and
        2) You will not get one.

  3. First of all Lennie, you own the blog OIB and nothing should surprise you. Chris was asking about a simple comment I made on FB page that $100 was nothing for O&G to be paying and it “should” be $10,000 a day. Chris went on to say myself and Dave Walker are saying the city should go above the laws and fine people whatever they wanted. Not what myself or Dave ever said anywhere. I checked Dave’s comment when I got home. I let Chris speak and then told him I thought $100 a day was nothing seeing as though regular citizens get charged that amount for their yards being blighted. He then insisted the citizen blight rule was not so. I called b.s. on it and told him I know people it happened to. He then asked me to give their address. Lennie, do you know the numbers of your friends’ houses off the top of your head? He then kept pushing. I gave him the name of a mutual friend to call that this happened to. No need to give the address as Chris knows where this friend lives and has the phone number. Chris got a little quite at this point. Back to O&G, I then told Chris that pile of potentially hazardous dust, affecting the lungs of local residents was a bigger problem than our friend’s tall grass and messy porch and therefore “SHOULD” carry a heavier fine. One of the gentlemen at the table agreed. He also agreed I tried three times to stop Chris’ attacking behavior this morning. I have known Chris long enough to “know” Chris. This was ridiculous.

    1. I remember a few months ago, same table, same people. Chris came back early from a vacation he had very much been looking forward to and talking about. Mary asked about the island and vacation. Chris was very short and cranky in his I don’t want to talk about it response. So we didn’t ask about the vacation again while Chris was there. He can get passionate about a subject when he wants to win a point. Perhaps he is suffering from post tax hike stress. He did drive MJF to drop the F Bomb a few times in the same establishment.

    2. I legitimately think people should start investigating Mr. Meyer’s relationship with O&G. I understand this company pays some taxes the City needs, but tax dollars should never trump the health, safety and welfare of the residents. It makes even less sense to defend this company if the City is interested in advancing a Planning & Economic Development agenda that will actually result in lessening the tax burden on all involved. Why is a City Attorney discussing legal matters outside proper forum in the first place? From a far distance, it reeks of at least unprofessionalism if not impropriety.

      1. Mr. Meyer’s relationship with O&G? How about investigating O&G’s relationship with City Hall? $100 a day is bullshit, a drop in the bucket for a business that generates tons more in revenue.

      1. Honestly, I expect our City Attorney to have a little more class in public. He sits in the market every morning and waits to give someone a hard time. He reminds of a little Chihuahua that never got trained to play nice and bites at your ankle the minute you walk through a door. Nothing more, just a little class.

  4. I hope the City of Bridgeport Health Department has been monitoring the airborne particles coming off this pile of rubble. Asbestos was used extensively in construction along with other carcinogens.
    This city had better check where this material is coming from, O&G and this Administration could be open for a very big lawsuit.

  5. This seemed to segue into the O&G plan to move to Howard Avenue/Cedar Burr Creek/Black Rock Harbor. I ask anyone who has an interest in this or an interest in fighting O&G, please visit the NO TO O&G FB website. Beyond that, maybe I should patronize Harborview Market a little more often and hopefully get into some verbal fisticuffs. Last time I was there, Attorney Rizzio walked in and bought a cup of coffee.

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