A Radio Show For Joe? Plus: Zoo and Fish Tix

A tough few days for the Park City. Today was the day pink slips were poised for a few dozen municipal employees to begin closing an $8 million city budget gap. But in the aftermath of a Fire Department tragedy priorities may be elsewhere.

Just two weeks until Tsunami Tuesday when serial primary voters will fill in ovals for a variety of state races including governor. Former Mayor Joe Ganim can actually vote if he affiliates with a party, assuming he has satisfied all court-imposed conditions at his sentencing, fine, restitution, etc. as he reestablishes himself at the family compound in Easton working out of the family law office in Bridgeport. Joe cannot practice law, but that doesn’t mean he cannot assist the family law practice while he seeks to regain his law license, a process, if successful, that will take a year or two.

In the state of Connecticut felony offenders may vote after completing their time, courtesy of a stroke of pen from John Rowland about 12 years ago when he was governor at the urging of pols such as former state legislator Ernie Newton who maintained folks should have their voting privileges restored after completing their time. Such irony, eh?

For a number of high-profile pols reestablishing after leaving office the radio seems a pretty good place to land, be it a full time gig or just for a part-time reconnection. Former Providence lightning rod Mayor Buddy Cianci, and closer to home former Bridgeport Mayor John Fabrizi and Rowland have occupied radio studios. Fabs, an administrator for the Board of Education, fills in on WICC every now and then accentuating positive viewpoints about the city. Fabs doesn’t take on controversial issues. Wish he’d dig in on local issues.

WICC’s morning drive audience for news, weather and traffic is still potent led by the genial host Tony Reno and then most of the audience bails out after 10 a.m. when the station runs inexpensive nationally syndicated stuff such as conservative talkie Dennis Miller followed by consumer warrior Clark Howard. Live talk picks back up with Jim Buchanan’s afternoon drive slot.

WICC needs sizzle. Would not surprise me if the station reached out to Joe Ganim about a radio gig. Joe’s a pretty good gabber who’d add some pop to a boring midday lineup, or as a fill in and maybe he could have Ernie Newton as his sidekick. That scream you just heard came from Ernie. “Lennie, I’m nobody’s sidekick!”

Hmmm. I wonder what WICC Program Director Curt Hansen thinks of this? Curt, you out there? Who knows, maybe the Ganim law firm would sponsor a Joe Show. Why do I think I wouldn’t be Joe’s first guest. Lennie who?

From Mayor Finch:

Fund Established in Honor of 2 Fallen Bridgeport Firefighters

The Bridgeport Fire Department and Bridgeport Firefighters Local 834 have established a fund to support the families of the two firefighters who died while fighting a house fire at 41 Elmwood Ave., on Saturday afternoon.

Donations to the “Bridgeport Fallen Firefighters Fund” can be made through the Bridgeport Fire Department Employees Federal Credit Union at 3115 Madison Ave., Bridgeport CT 06606, Attn: Bridgeport Fallen Firefighters Fund. The credit union can be reached at 203.374.8120 or 1.800.242.8120.

Members of the community who would like to support the families in their time of need are urged to make donations to the Fallen Firefighters Fund. If members of the public have questions about the fund, or would like to sponsor a fund-raiser to benefit the fallen firefighters, they are asked to call Bridgeport Firefighters Local 834 President Robert Whitbread at 203.339.5088.

Bridgeport Fallen Firefighters Fund
The Bridgeport Fire Department Employees Federal Credit Union
3115 Madison Avenue
Bridgeport CT 06606
Attn: Bridgeport Fallen Firefighters Fund

For information the Credit Union can be reached at: 203.374.8120 or 1.800.242.8120

Zoo And Fish Tix For You

The summer is only half done, lots of stuff to do in the Park City and I aim to accommodate. I have a pair of Bluefish tickets, first row Harbor Club seats for Sunday afternoon Aug. 8. Also, our friends at Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo which has all kinds of great stuff for the kids this summer have graciously provided a few guest passes for four. So write to your intrepid OIB host lenniegrimaldi@onlyinbridgeport.com, include your address and I’ll get them out the door.



  1. “… Fabs doesn’t take on controversial issues. Wish he’d dig in on local issues …” Eh? You should be wishing this for yourself, not continuing to echo the CT Post.

      1. Ask elections so-called enforcement commission. If they had over 130 complaints back then, how many more will they have by November 2010? Why don’t you do a story on this?
        Forgetaboutit! You will write it when or a BIG ‘if’ the Post does it.

  2. My first question for Joe would be:
    So, do you have any regrets about your trial strategy where you believed you could convince any jury on this planet of your ultimate innocence?
    In retrospect, do you wish you had heeded the advise of your legal counsel?

    1. Bob, he had poor legal counsel. Remember his original legal team told the CT Post some of the inconsistencies in the indictment and the prosecutor quickly moved to fix them. On appeal they raised issues they did not raise during the trial. Regardless of the conviction, Joe Ganim can win a mayoral race; Paul Ganim would have an even better chance. I hear Auden Grogins is poised to run and Pat Crossin is licking his chops at the idea.

        1. Which part did I hear wrong? Let me guess, the chop-licking part? Auden wouldn’t be such a bad choice: City Council, BOE, State Rep. by defeating the longest-serving State Rep.

  3. Joel whatever you have been smoking please send me some. Paul Ganim finished dead last in a poll taken before the last election. Why leave the great job he has as a probate judge to be the ringmaster on this circus?
    Auden Grogins for mayor, give me a break even I would vote for Finch over her. Look she has been an absolute zero in every elected position she has held.

    1. “… Look she has been an absolute zero in every elected position she has held.”
      Blame Pat Crossin, he is the one who went door to door for her. I voted Republican across the ballot. Democrats vote for the name they recognize and not so much on their record of failure. If the machine backs Paul Ganim, he will climb up on the polls. But the “Big Wave” is coming.

  4. OIB welcomes Dan Malloy. Lennie, why is Dan on the “right?”
    Does that make Ned “wrong?” No matter where you put them, they both belong on the “left.” If they were smart and posted here on OIB, they’d be on the “center” which is the only way they’d make it there.

  5. *** With the latest radio crap on WICC, a weekly interview with all CT & local political candidates, ex-Mayors, etc. would be quite interesting. Providing the right questions are asked? Even though neg. history continues to repeat itself in the Park City like the Ground Hog Day movie, it’s always an adventure! ***
    *** As far as the tragic event with our Firefighters in Bpt. there are no words that can fill the pain & sorrow felt for the families, friends, co-workers & community @ this time, so may they RIP. ***


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