Zzzzzzzzz–Sleepy Town Committee Primary Season–Except For West Side

“One is the loneliest number that you’ll ever do,” laments Harry Nilsson in his gem One that became a cover smash for Three Dog Night.

And so it goes for the West Side 132nd District, one lonely Democratic Town Committee primary among 10 districts citywide. Ah, political peace in the ‘Port. No fun in that. But, at least we have one winter primary fronting March 3 which happens to fall on Super Tuesday primaries for president in 15 states. The CT presidential primary is April 28.

Town committee members endorse candidates for public office and select a chair. It is the so-called party machinery.

District Democrats can vote for any nine candidates among the two lines of 18 so you could end up with a mishmash from the two lines. Central and Bassick are the voting precincts.

Marcus Brown and Kyle Langan teamed up for City Council. Now opposite sides.

City Council members Marcus Brown and Evette Brantley are running on a slate with mayoral aide Tom Gaudett, Nicole Jacques, Rolanda Smith, Pedro Soto, Larry Robinson, Sylvia DeLuca and Kyle LaBuff.

The challenge slate is comprised of former City Councilman Kyle Langan, Jason Chacon, Cynthia Torres, Linda Robak, Dasha Spell, James Bradshaw, Steve Farrell, Lillian Alves and Antoinette Giles.

Brown and Langan, a few years ago, emerged as two young guns in city politics winning City Council seats together by defeating Brantley. Brown and Langan split off politically. Brown aligned with Brantley. Langan lost and Brantley returned to the council. Yes, city politics is schizophrenic.

Think of it this way: Brown, Brantley and Gaudett supported Joe Ganim’s reelection. The Langan slate supported State Senator Marilyn Moore for mayor. Slate member James Bradshaw is her son.

The turnout will be lucky to hit 10 percent. Absentee ballots will be key, but that’s become a redundant statement on OIB.



    1. Maybe Maria could have her site up and running so we can follow the story of the good guys-challengers-, and the bad guys- Marios crew!
      How many would follow Maria’s site if she starts a tell all on the goings on (good and bad) at City Hall? “No” you say??? yeah we’ll see……..

      1. Rich, Maria can’t even get on her on slate in the 138th district and were is she expanding her influence well with you Rich and that’s it but there’s always tomorrow or as Scarlett O’Hara said in “Gone with the Wind” “after all tommorow is another day.”

  1. “Town committee members endorse candidates for public office”
    Let me fix that statement……..
    “Town committee members endorse candidates for public office that Mario tells them too”…

      1. And as they go about their business for the boss they sing a 1967 R&B song recorded by James & Bobby Purify called
        “I’m your puppet”.
        Nice song by those two bro’s.
        Maybe someone can paste it here for those who are not familiar!!!!! I remember the street corner at 116st where some older guys hung out and sang around a fire in a trash can at night. It was in their repertoire.

  2. Len, this has nothing to do with who supported Joe or Marilyn. It has to do with Marcus Brown and his scizophrenic tendicies. He bolted from Evette’s T.C. slate to run against her. He only knew Kyle for two weeks prior to teaming up with him to run against Evette for her council seat. He was terrible towards Evette. So, Kyle and Marcus win the council seats, then he bolts from Kyle and makes a turnaround back to Evette to run on her T.C. slate. I’m good with Evette, but for the life of me I can’t figure out that one. I was talking with her recently and predicted the next team-up will be her and Kyle. This is not a bad reflection on Evette, I’m sure she has her reasons, and that’s something I would never question. I’m waiting until Marcus pulls another one on her, I can assure anyone she’ll cut his legs off. That kid, (Marcus), has some bad pathology and identity issues. Poor thing can’t help himself.

    1. Wow Lisa that’s getting a bit personal about Mr. Brown! Be careful some here will call you out like they call others out for that!!!! Lol
      They want solutions not observations yet…… they have none.

      1. Rich, if you think what I wrote was personal, well guess what?????? It is. I helped that little guy become a councilman, turned my home into a campaign headquarters, he didn’t know jack about running for an elected office, I ran interferance when a bad move against he and Kyle was happening, and unlike most candidates and their handlers, I stopped it before it did any damage to their efforts. I spent hours bringing him up to speed on real Bridgeport politics, and I especially tried to hammer into him the importance of integrity and loyalty. So is it personal, yes!!! And one more thing, if you or anyone else think I give a rat’s a– about being called out by anyone, wow, are you underestimating me. Before I pack it in, I would like you to know I like you, I enjoy reading your “observations.” We met a while back on a casual basis, and before you began sharing your wisdom, and I mean that, I knew you were savvy. So when calling me by name, give some thought to the 40 years I put into the toughest political City in Bridgeport. Cheers!!!!!

        1. That’s was a lot of work you did for that guy! You know I was only joking with you when I said the above. I was referring to the goings on here of late that apparently have just gotten more and more out of hand with the blame games. (Race & things being “personal”.)
          Yes, glad you remembered that we met and used to chat a bit. That was over 20 years ago!! I’ve always read your postings knowing who you were and what you were involved in etc.


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