Your Chance To Join School Board

Want to be a member of the Board of Education? You must be registered with the Connecticut Working Families Party as the replacement for the resigned John Bagley. Interviews will take place November 13. Check out the vacancy posting for details.



Any interested individual applying for the existing vacancy on the Bridgeport Board of Education will submit a letter of interest and resume to:

The Office of the Superintendent, 45 Lyon Terrace, Bridgeport, CT 06604, room 203, Attention: Dawn Cole, Executive Administrative Assistant to Superintendent or e-mail:

DEADLINE: Wednesday, November 12, 2014 12 noon.

INTERVIEWS: WILL BE HELD ON Thursday, November 13, 2014 from 5:30- until


· Resident Of The City of Bridgeport
· Elector (Registered Voter-Working Families Party)*

Board Expectation

· Advocate For Bridgeport Public Schools
· Regularly attend evening Board of Education meetings (Regular, Special, Emergency) scheduled throughout the year
· Remain current on issues and policy changes being considered
· Read documents sent In paper form and electronically 
· Actively participate in board deliberations and votes
· Commitment of a minimum of ten to fifteen hours a week on board related duties
· Review Board Policy on Code of Ethics 9271


* Charter Of The City Of Bridgeport Chapter Fifteen, Section 1(d) & CGS 9-167a(d) 



  1. I’m thinking Banana Republic but not the clothing store.
    Here we are November 6th. The BOE sends out a posting saying if you are interested in applying for the vacancy (which is a month old) you must do so by Nov 12th at noon and be available for an interview the next day at 5:30. Otherwise don’t even bother responding.
    Looks like someone is trying to rig the process.

    1. Bob, John Bagley emailed his resignation to the BBOE on October 15, 2014. You must be doing Common Core math because John’s resignation is in no way a “month” old.

  2. Hey Lennie,
    Why don’t you open up your own candidate search? Ask anyone who is interested to forward you a copy of their BOE letter to you to ensure that the public is included in the process.

    1. Interesting observation, Troll. Last week in a related matter I issued an FOI request to the office of the superintendent of schools. They informed me they have a new policy of directing school board FOI requests to the Office of the City Attorney. Egad!

      1. OMG!!! Must be something in the Superintendent’s DNA.
        And how is the BOE goes out and retains its own legal council except for FOI?
        Maybe Maria and Carmen can explain how this is supposed to work.

  3. CT state statute requires the BBOE to fill the vacancy within 30 days or the city council votes on the replacement. There were a variety of opinions on whether the replacement had to be a Democrat or a WFP member. The BBOE attorney issued an opinion stating it had to be a WFP member. He sent the opinion to Mark Anastasi who took his time responding. Then a request was made to obtain an opinion from Denise Merrill and needless to stay this request was made right before a major election. My understanding is all three have agreed the replacement must be registered as a WFP member. This has been a highly unusual circumstance.

    At last night’s meeting Moales wanted to go into executive session to interview each potential candidate to fill the vacancy and stated the BBOE could enter executive session for any reason. He said he plans to ask personal questions about candidates’ taxes, business relationships, what BBOE members they have a relationship with, etc. because everyone publicized information about his daycares, taxes, foreclosures, etc.

    The BBOE is voting to appoint a public official to fill an elected BBOE vacancy and he wants to go into executive session. He is just a horrific individual.

  4. Andre Baker stated the BBOE should ask Mayor Finch for an extension on the 30-day period and if the BBOE had a working relationship with the Mayor, things could be worked out. The Mayor colluded with Malloy for six months to organize a coup of the BBOE, remove every elected member of the BBOE, disenfranchise over 70,000 registered voters and he seemed to blame the BBOE members for the relationship with the Mayor. In addition, the Mayor has illegally underfunded the BPS for three consecutive years to the tune of between $8-$9 million dollars. You just can’t make this stuff up.
    I would also like to know where the CT state statute states a mayor has the authority to extend the 30-day period. So completely clueless.

    1. Ms. Pereira,
      You state the Mayor has “illegally underfunded the BPS for three consecutive years to the tune of between $8-$9 million dollars.”
      As a writer and speaker to the City on matters financial, would you share the details of your statement, please?

      First, illegal underfunding of the schools is a strong statement since on some basis, the City, the BOE or its agent and the State of CT is funding more than 80% of the money flowing to City Schools (aside from Federal Nutrition funds). I would appreciate the basis of that statement, and who may be the Sheriff with whom to file such a complaint?

      Secondly, you mention $8-$9 Million and I am not sure whether this is an annual number or cumulative for three years. Would you please explain?

      Thank you for being one of very few voices to keep alive the issue of financing the school systems of the three largest cities in the State in very different fashions. Whether problems with educational cost sharing, Alliance District special funding, and/or court cases like Sheff v/ O’Neill, the State because of its education leadership role has a problem that demands resolution.

      Perhaps with the gubernatorial election behind the incumbent, focus on the broad topic of school funding fairness can be addressed for the benefit of all the youth in Bridgeport and around the State. Time will tell.

          1. Ms. Pereira,
            Would you kindly share the other information I asked about above? Apparently you let Joel answer part of the question, but he perhaps does not know or understand the matter of $8-$9 Million that you reference. When it comes to City finances, especially relating to the BOE, there is almost no such thing as accurate “overkill” when covering a topic. Time will tell.

    1. You would only serve if it were a paid position. Peace and Progress got 13% of the votes in two combined districts. So much for your handfull of votes. I was registered WFP before switching back to the Dem. Party. It’s a damn shame people would join a party just to try to easily pick up a seat. It’s a bigger damned shame only 30 days is given before the City Council consisting of just 20 members or the BOE of 8 members are allowed to select a replacement of a person elected by thousands. If I wanted a BOE seat, I’d pursue it without the help of any union or special interests. Special elections should be held with a ban on any union or special interest involvement in the BOE election.

    2. Hey Bob, I’m still waiting for your reply:
      Local Eyes // Nov 4, 2014 at 5:51 am
      Like it or not, Connecticut has a two-party system and Bridgeport is better served by having both parties as part of its delegation to the General Assembly. In the state senate, he’d be a new voice–from a new party–representing Bridgeport. That’s just one reason why Rick Costantini would be the best advocate for Bridgeport’s interests. Both would be newcomers and both have similar positions on the most important local issue but Costantini’s youth and elected experience make him the better choice. He’s the ideal candidate for the entire 22nd district. Here’s the best part: It’s never been easier to split your ticket.

      Bob Walsh // Nov 4, 2014 at 9:38 am
      Please. Your true Trumbull colors are now showing. He served ONE undistinguished term on the Trumbull Town Council pretty much doing what he was told to do.
      Marilyn Moore served as the Senate Aide to former Senator Ed Gomes. She will take office knowing the process and knowing the players. If it is experience you are looking for, vote row B for Moore.

      Joel Gonzalez // Nov 7, 2014 at 1:24 am
      The only reason she served as “the Senate Aide to former Senator Ed Gomes,” was only because she is Ed Gomes’ cousin. No one had to tell Gomes to do that.

      1. Joel,
        Once again you are wrong. Marilyn Moore is not related to Ed Gomes. But I am sure that won’t stop you from spreading the lie if only for YouTube humor.

  5. If Joel Gonzalez is correct, that’s not experience, that’s political nepotism. In a related matter, Black Rock is where I outperformed Bob Walsh during Malloy’s recent campaign. He’s a paid consultant. I do it for nothing because it lives in my soul.

    1. Local Eyes, I’m 200% sure and correct. Let me let you in on another fact, Moore’s driver Donald ‘Duck’ Day, needs someone to explain to him he shouldn’t be using his cell phone while driving. I don’t recall ever seeing such a scene in ‘Driving Miss Daisy.’ The twisted logic continues:

  6. And if there is anyone who knows how to work the system, it’s Joel.
    How many jobs have you had with the city?
    How many times has he used UNION bumping rights?
    Or were jobs just created for Joel?

  7. Bob Walsh, I practice “private sector politics” 24/7, 365 days a year. There are no maps but plenty of rules. My campaign is never over and the next election can happen at any moment, always without my approval. Your training happens by appointment, mine happens by design.

    1. Mustang–I believe if you were unaffiliated, then you could register as WFP right away.
      If you were registered Dem or Rep, you can but have to wait three months for the WFP membership to be active.


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