Woof On Roof–Firefighters Rescue Dog On Housetop

From Steve Krauchick, Doing It Local:

A dog was rescued from a three story roof for the second time this month. A dog at 58/60 Scofield Avenue pushes the screen out of the 3rd floor dormer window and goes out on the roof. Assistant Chief Richard Donofrio said the the dog likes going up but is afraid to get down. The chief said the last time the dog was rescued it was a much hotter day and the dog burned his paws being up there on a hot day. An aerial ladder truck was called in for the rescue. Although the video shown is a minute and forty seconds, it actually took over an hour to bring the dog down.



  1. Dogs are Man’s Best Friend. This special pooch is a real social climber but I hope that the owners will really shut off the means to the roof. Saving doggie costs money to the People of Bridgeport.


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