Will Deputy Chief Honis Return To The Cop House?

Nearly two years ago Deputy Chief Jimmy Honis, a member of the police department for 40 years, was placed on administrative leave with pay pending a criminal investigation of a cold case involving the death of a prostitute decades ago. Lawyers for the city are contemplating an agreement that could lead to Honis returning to the police department, or perhaps even a retirement agreement. That would be one large chunk of change.

Police spokesman Bill Kaempffer had no comment when asked about the status of Honis, an accomplished undercover cop who through the decades grew to become deputy chief. If the feds or local police think this case is going anywhere they’re not saying, but the fact city lawyers the past few days are contemplating a possible return or resolution would indicate they think the case may not have legs. Honis has not been charged with any crime. Defense attorney John Gulash who represents Honis also had no comment. Honis is also represented by a union lawyer regarding his administrative leave.

In May of 2011 Police Chief Joe Gaudett released this statement.

Police Chief Joseph L. Gaudett Jr. announced today that Bridgeport Police Deputy Chief James Honis has been placed on administrative leave with pay, effective immediately, while an investigation is conducted into an allegation of a serious criminal nature made against him.

“In order to protect the integrity of the investigation, and the Department, it is necessary to place Deputy Chief Honis on administrative leave,” said Gaudett.

Police officers under investigation are placed on administrative leave with pay as required by the Police Union contract.

In his absence, Deputy Chief Adam Radzimirski, who is in charge of Investigative Services, also will assume responsibilities for Uniformed Services.

There will be no further comment on the pending investigation.

In his day Honis was an intimidating, smart detective looking for information about bad guys. Prostitutes could fill in some holes. But how reliable were they? Would they lie to save their skin? Would they lie to appease a cop who wanted info? Honis had a healthy skepticism toward them. Prostitutes feared him because every now and then he pinched a few to keep up appearances. The mayor screamed at the chief who screamed at the captain who screamed down the line about the whores in front of the post office.

Honis is a workaholic who knows how to fix stuff.  When not doing police work he’s handy with tools and a camera. You talk to folks in City Hall and they’ll tell you when he retires the payout for his accumulated hours will make city bean counters wince in pain–-such is his addiction to work.

So what is being negotiated could represent some serious dollars.



  1. If Honis has been on paid administrative leave, what hours are they talking about? As far as a retirement package Honis has his time in to retire, he retires, he gets a retirement check every month just like the rest of us. What’s to negotiate?

  2. The Police Chief, Fire Chief, Superintendent of Schools and others ad nauseum continue to bring false and reckless charges against rank & file employees resulting in big dollar settlements at taxpayers’ expense. No one is held accountable. Business as usual in Bridgeport.

  3. *** Another job well done by Bpt’s Labor Board and legal team in helping another city employee get a large out-of-court settlement and keep a job he should have retired from long ago! All which affects those who should move up the ladder and get promoted, but can’t. ***


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