Who Wants Pie? Check Out Fire Engine Pizza Company In The Rock


Who says New Haven owns the monopoly on the best pizza in America? Former City Councilman Marty McCarthy’s Fire Engine Pizza Company on Fairfield Avenue in Black Rock slices into Connecticut Magazine’s list of best pizza in Connecticut.

>After a fire destroyed his original pizza restaurant, Marty McCarthy bought a fire engine and converted it to a pizza truck, and following its success, brought that theme to his new place on Fairfield Avenue in the Black Rock section of Bridgeport. Firefighting paraphernalia hangs on the walls, there’s an inviting brick-faced rectangular bar–with an excellent selection of seasonal drafts and craft brews–but ultimately it’s the delicious specialty pizzas with bubbly crusts from McCarthy’s brick oven that draws the crowd, gems like the Fruitti Di Mare (laden with clams, lobster and shrimp), the Buffalo Chicken and the Loaded Mashed Potato (with garlic mashed potato, scallions, bacon, caramelized onion and cheddar).

(203) 333-3473, thefireenginepizzaco.com



  1. That is a damned fine pie. Took all my kids there a couple weeks ago. Marty and the team could not have been nicer.

    Great, great pie. Well done, Marty. Well done.

  2. Obviously no one commenting here has spent any time at either Frank Pepe’s (only the New Haven pizzeria) or Sally’s. I’ve had pizza all over the world and list Sally’s as the best, Frank Pepe’s as #2, and strangely, Bocce Club in Buffalo as #3. All others are only presentation and not taste.

    1. Bob,
      Not for nothing I spent my first 21 years in New Haven and find it strange you fail to reference Modern Pizza on State Street. Many folks here place that above one or both of your New Haven choices.
      And as to “white pizza” or seafood variations, don’t ignore Nauti Dolphin that originated in Black Rock but now is a fixture in the Fairfield RR Station, owned by two Bridgeport taxpayers!!! Isn’t variety great? Time will tell.

      1. Modern Pizza in New Haven is excellent–my favorite there is the clam casino pie. Firehouse does make a delicious pie as well and the atmosphere is very comfortable. On my last visit there, we had a sausage, onion and mushroom pie with a nice chianti.

    2. Pepe’s and Sally’s are great for brick oven pizza. But I also agree with JML, variety is the spice of life. I love Mario’s in the North End as well as Vinny’s and Massimo’s and San Remo. I am from Brooklyn where some of the best pizzerias reside. I always enjoy different sauces and there is a great pizza place in Derby, Roseland, that has the exact pizza pictured that I always get. I’d prefer to spend my money in Bridgeport and we have quite a variety right here!!!

      1. I prefer Sally’s to Pepe’s on Wooster St. The Pepe’s on Commerce Drive is not as good as the one on Wooster St., can’t quite decipher why, but something is different.

        1. I do agree, Sally’s is better than Pepe’s. I do feel the pie served in the Fairfield location of Pepe’s is as good as the New Haven location though.

          Marty’s is the only place that has ever made a salad pizza appetizing, for me that is. Very Good.

          And I would be remiss not to mention Jenna’s on Madison. Good Pie.

  3. If it’s by the Brooklyn Bridge, you are talking great pizza. I however, from Sheepshead Bay, Connie’s Pizzeria was my place. I wonder if it is still there on Nostrand Ave?

    Btw Grimaldi’s is also in Manhattan … and very good!!!


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