Who Loves Ah-beets? Any Way You Slice It, It’s A Sweet Life

When you’re Downtown, get down to it. Joseph Tola has opened the pandemic-delayed Una Dolce Vita on Broad Street, a perfetto location for all those slice-happy Housatonic Community College students who have little time to down an entire pizza.

Tola features an egalitarian approach to touching the pleasure center of customers, also offering Sicilian pizza, the thicker version of the traditional Neapolitan pie.

So down a slice and finish it off with gelato.

More from Eddy Martinez, CT Post:

Joseph Tola didn’t realize pizza by the slice was a novelty in Bridgeport until he did some local research.

“We went around to all the other pizzerias and we saw that nobody sells a slice,” Tola said. “You could buy a pie, you could buy a personal pizza.”

Tola, 48, owns Una Dolce Vita, a new pizzeria and gelato shop on 940 Broad St. He said he deliberated whether to take the plunge and cater to local tastes or stick with what he grew up with in Queens, N.Y., where he still lives.

He’s doing what he knows best and the business, buoyed by pizza slices and gelato, has been brisk since it opened.

Customers can choose Sicilian and regular slices and signature creations such as the Una Dolce Vita pie, which Tola said is a mix of several flavors.

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  1. “Who Loves Ah-beets? Any Way You Slice It, It’s A Sweet Life”

    This New Haven native loves apizza (ah-beetz), and this ain’t it.

    This is a reasonably good slice of NY Style pizza (as Steve A confirms)
    @Grin Ripper Scarmorza NEVER goes on APIZZA. It’s very good, but a Bridgeport/Stratford thing.

    Hell, mozzarella is an extra on APIZZA, I eat the original: Sauce, spice, olive oil and grated Pecorino Romano baked in an 90-100 year old coal fired oven.

    None of this trendy modern shit for me


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