Who Loves A Slice Of Political Pie? Ganim Campaign Hauls In About $80K In One Night

City Councilwoman Mary McBride-Lee revs up crowd. Photo by Sue Katz

Talk about power of incumbency, sprinkled with political pragmatism. It took State Senator Marilyn Moore about six weeks to raise $68,000 in her challenge of Mayor Joe Ganim. The incumbent hauled in about $80K in one night.

Crowd at Brewport. Sue Katz photo.

More than 200 people Tuesday night crammed a party room at Brewport Downtown, most of them donors who wrote checks largely between $250 and $1,000 munching on gourmet pizza and sipping beer. What, no chateaubriand chased by an elegant glass of Lafite? Oh, how times have changed.

Ganim chats with former school board chair Ken Moales and former City Council President Lisa Parziale. Sue Katz photo.

For Ganim, on a night of pizza, it showed a nice slice of his fundraising skills. Ganim reports the evening brought in $80K, with more to come.

This is on top of the roughly $200K Ganim had raised previously in his quest of another four-year term.

Ganim with, from left, Howard Saffan and Jim Koplik, developers of the concert amphitheater, and Constance Vickers, city’s director of legislative affairs. Sue Katz photo.

City employees, contractors, lawyers, developers, business community and political supporters filled the room, those who’ve been totally loyal to Ganim through the good times and bad and a number who opposed his comeback four years ago such as Paul Timpanelli, the former president of the Bridgeport Regional Business Council.

Ganim with attorney Bob Berchem, a key fundraising cog for event. Sue Katz photo.

And so it goes.

The actual particulars of this event–who donated and the amount–will be included in the next quarter campaign finance report due in July.

Democratic Town Chair Mario Testa with Ganim. Sue Katz photo.

On Wednesday the first quarter finance reports were filed with the Town Clerk’s Office. Moore reports raising about $68,000 while State Rep. Charlie Stallworth declares about $9,000.

Ganim with city bond counsel John Stafstrom. Sue Katz photo


  1. What a great party. The energy in the room was electrifying . All of the speeches were great leading up to Mayor Ganim’s most eloquent and humble, optimistic and sincere speech. Chris Rosario , Gave an amazing speech. The place was packed. Brewport was the perfect venue for what was to be a Little kick- off to Ganim 2019. I think that every person in that room experienced the same positive energy and wanted to be there. Every corner of the city was represented as well as the local celebrities, elected officials local and Statewide. The business community support was outstanding and speaks volumes.
    I thought the other candidates running dropped out of the race. 12,000 is sad. 68,000 is impressive , but when you divide it into 12 fundraisers not so impressive. I always thank those for wanting to serve. I have to admit, I am so looking forward to seeing the list of local contributors. I was also amazed to see so many individuals this evening supporting Mayor Ganim that write on this blog. Shocked and surprised, but in the end, Those of us that live, work and play here want the best for the City. This evening Ganim got the message- 4 more years. 🙂 . I do not think Lennie or Brian Lockhardt can dispute that!

      1. Interesting, Chris Rosario is definitely considering running for mayor because there’s no way that Hispanics will not have a candidate for mayor.

      2. Chris Rosario is a pragmatic politician. Smart and collegial with an understanding that he has to work with Senator Moore during this all important session.

  2. Hmmm…. How many of the attendees can actually cast a vote in Bridgeport?

    Money can’t buy you love. Linda McMahon proved that twice.

    How many of the guests were FBI Agents?

  3. I read the paper this morning interesting My Sister Lisa said some nice things about Joe Ganmin. I wonder what Maria will say, Will she turn on Lisa time will tell.

  4. > Disclaimer<
    At no time did Scrap Metal money or St. Mary's bogus lighting project money, surreptitiously or underwrite this Pizza Fundraiser or parts there of.
    Or anyone pledges to buy all the unsold tickets to this Fundraiser.

    1. Jimfox, speaking of St. Mary’s, I was stunned recently when I took a drive around Saints and saw that the property at the point had been cleared of brush and most trees. If my memory serves me correctly, that property was donated to the city with the understanding that it would remain with the brush and trees to serve as a wildlife preserve for our furry and feathered friends. My research skills are limited and I have yet to find reference to my memory. I don’t see it as an improvement and was taken aback when speaking with a passerby who said that it might be transformed into a dog park. Anyone have any better knowledge of this than I?

        1. Than you for that info. I am happy to read that it will be transformed into a new and improved wildlife refuge. Many thanks to all who were involved with this project. A lot of thought and work went into this effort.

      1. I am really concerned about what will the final product of Capozzi’s Park. I will acknowledge that CCperson Pete Spain did post a lot of info about the meetings concerning this issue. I will ademit i did not go to any of the meetings. Truthfully,I don’t think there was anything wrong with what was their for the purposes intended. It’s not as if these invasive species were going to take over Black Rock or Bridgeport.

  5. I really spent some time looking through the CT Post photos.

    Many of those in attendance were Mayor Finch supporters. We all know how that turned out.:)

  6. There were a lot of old timers from back to Ganim 1, a large number of City workers who know that they have to be there. Lisa and Mary Bruce go back to G1, I didn’t see many people from the 139th district. If you are a Democrat you show up even if you don’t vote for him your face must be seen in the place.

    1. Ron,
      Most respectfully, I do not agree with your assessment of attending a fundraiser for a certain candidate. IMHO,showing up at a fundraiser,even without contributing any money,indicates support for that candidate. I will bring up a question of ETHICS? How can anyone show up at a fundraiser and not give a subtle signal of support?

  7. Like Maria pointed out,how many people in that room could actually cast a vote for Joe??..Out of the 200,I would bet far less than half.I mean even Joe’s longtime friend and chosen police chief doesn’t live in Bpt.After the night was over,70% of the attendees got back on 95,and drove back to their homes in the suburbs,hoping their donations “get”them something in the future.Very surprised to see Lisa in those pictures considering some of her comments here over the last few years.Any truth to the rumors Steve was waiting on Joe all night,getting him pizza slices and refilling his beer as Joe walked around?

  8. Harvey, you I will respond to, and of course Ron., because I respect both of you. Sorry Harvey, I love Ron. I was invited to attend the event with no strings attached. It gave me the opportunity to see long-time friends, and some I still see from the 2015 primary. After over forty years around Bridgeport politics, I can handle giving criticism, and letting it go once I’ve made my point. It’s not my desire to hold life-long grudges or disappointments. I’m far from perfect and have had my share of mistakes, I would have no friends if my mishaps were not forgiven, or at least let go. Now that’s the way I roll, I understand that everybody treats indiscretions as they choose. I understand politics completely, it’s a fluid entiity that changes and transits consistently. For those who can’t abide the non-linear nature of politics, they should avoid involvement at all costs. And for those that can, please be understanding when individuals make personal decisions or choices. While it may be confusing, there’s usually a reason.

    1. Lisa, who is that man checking you out? He better slow down on his drinking next time, there’s not enough ‘honey’ to go around. I was there in spirit or should I say Speedy can be so fast he can time travel. Maria Pereira claims that she looked closely at all the pictures, but she missed me from the crowd. Where is Speedy? Hint: While most contributed practically under the barrel of a gun, Speedy stopped for a brew near a fake barrel.

      1. Dearest Lisa Parziale,
        You are a lovely person everytime I have met. Most respectfully, I have to disagree with you on this point. Going to a candidates fundraiser,even if not contributing one penny,still gives am impression of support for that candidate. I think BOTH Joe Ganim and Mario Testa are BAD for Bridgeport. I think their synchophants are BAD for Bridgeport. I would never ever do anything that supports or even implies any connection to Ganim/Testa and the Testa whores. No excuse. As far as I am concerned and I am just one simple guy,any attendance at a TestaGanim function makes that person… PERSONA NON GRATA. No excuses,no rationalizations. There is a time when it is necessary to completely break off associations with people etc.. who are anathema to one’s own personal standards.

        1. Just read this part, take your marbles and go away: “For those who can’t abide the non-linear nature of politics, they should avoid involvement at all costs.”

          1. Politics is NOT non-linear. Fancy words do not faze me. It’s called “connect the dots.” So connect the dots of those who showed up at Brewport. Find the common denominator.

  9. Ron Mackey, you are still weak in the head. That happened about 7 months ago. I only hope that you can deliver at least 1/2 of the votes to Ms. Moore that you did for Mary Jane Foster. Moore is going to suffer a serious humiliating defeat which of course makes he vulnerable and extremely weak for her next election. I just may want to make a run against her.

    I think all the white faces in Greenwich represent the out of city voters Moore hopes to get. Jim Fox, Ron Mackey ,Maria P. All former Ganim supporters – Put your money where your mouth is. Lets see who in Bridgeport is contributing to Moore. How many Fundraisers did she have in Bridgeport with a handful of people that can cast a vote?
    Maria P, Honestly, are you really making that ridiculous comment comparing Joe to that Republican Linda McMahan?

    I expect Ron Mackey to get off his fat ass and campaigning his as off for Moore. You can not win an election with no vision, No money no name recognition and no support for your very own community. Honest to G-d she will lose and be forgotten like Mary Jane Foster. I had high hopes for her 12 years ago. 4 years ago I had zero hope.

    Any candidate that has, Bob Walsh , Ron Mackey , Andy Fardy (May he rest in Peace) and Jim Fox is a guaranteed loss. Maria P. Good luck going back to the constituents you terrified regularly to vote for Ganim. Great things are happening in this city. People understand the re-val. Holding the line on taxes for 3 years and a little decrease. I know people may mock it and they like it. The city is in bloom- everywhere. Nobody is talking about any other candidate. I know great things are coming down the road and that’s what people want to see.

    Here is the kiss of death assholes- I predict Moore is going to have an epiphany and Bridgeporter’s are going to see the light. Money is going to be flowing down like champagne. She is going to win by a landslide and the Black community will see her as the Messiah—-Mackey- you must never project your ass kissing mentality to others. I work on campaigns and serve the community faithfully. I thank Moran and Ganim for the opportunity to serve. I serve very well,
    They are lucky to have me and when they feel otherwise they can make a decision as well as I. I am educated, well read, well versed, well traveled and love the City of Bridgeport. Do not compare me to the people you may know that have worked for the city getting benefits, work at a snails pace and habitually moan about everything. I love my job and certainly do not need to kiss someones ass. I support Ganim . I think he is the best for the future of Bridgeport. I share his vision.

    As far as how many people in the room can vote for Mayor Ganim. Well off the top of my hed let’s see. Of the 200 people in attendance that wrote checks – I’d say easily 100. Me, Aidee, Roario, Parziale, Bruce, Dennis, Ronnie, Sam, Anthony, Karen Jackson, Alfedo, Wanda, Constance, Marilyn, Heather, Jermaine, Stanley, Chris, Tyisha, Maureen, Sal, Tom, Sylvia, Lydia, Maria V, Tommy, Dan, Doreen, Joe, Nate, Richie, Carmen, Jennifer, Jay, John Stastrom, John Ricci, Rowena. Ralph,Kevin etc etc etc.

    I can go on and on, To be honest, I have a problem remembering peoples names but do know where they live. Now, I think there were more Bridgeporter’s in that room than all of Moore’s and Stallworth’s fundraisers combined.

    Enough said! Lets all focus on the best that Bridgeport has to offer – Hope for the Casino and The Poli Majestic 450 million dollar Home run and appreciate all of the new housing going on Downtown and support the New Restaurants, Comedy club and welcome all of the new young blood moving into all 4 corners of the city. It is so great registering these new people and sharing the Mayor’s vision.

    And just to be very clear- I take my job very seriously, I do not talk politics or do anything political at all while I am working. I am an independent thinker and have never been asked by my district leader , the chairmen of the DTC or the Mayor to do anything that was not above board. I will not allow any degenerate to make-up a story and gt away with it. I will also not get into a conversation on the blog- I support Mayor Ganim – I respect everyone’s right to support their candidate . In the end some of us will come together- Others on this blog that live a miserable negative existanace will attempt to instigate. Well, I am Grateful Ernie Newton has taken the lead as the new star of OIB. Thank G-d!!!! 🙂

    1. I believe Ron Mackey supported your candidate, MJF.

      I can’t think of anyone that has worked on behalf of more losing candidates than Steve.

      Steve, you are completely out of line for making inappropriate remarks about Andy Fardy. He is deceased. Do you have any shame?

      1. Maria,
        First and most important, I do know that Marilyn Moore was a MJF supporter the first go around- I worked hard for her- no doubt. I never met Ron Mackey or Donald day on that campaign trail. Her second run, Gage Frank, a fine young man that would have made a great councilman in the 138th , begged me to support Foster – regularly mind you. I just couldn’t simply because Steelepoint was taking off and Finch was the incumbent. You absolutely drooled over Ganim and I did enjoy our coffee moments at the 50’s dinner before you burned that bridge 🙂

        Andy Fardy was no fan of mine – He hated you and I did say may he rest in peace.

        You are upset because Ganim is taking Center stage . You are upset because Nessah Smith and Karen Jackson were there. last night. You are upset because Lisa Parziale was there. You are upset because you know there are so many people against your running for the board. You know that anyone n Joe’sline will win. You know how difficult is is going to be knocking on doors telling the constituents you told 4 years ago to vote Ganim. You absolutely loved Joe Ganim. You absolutely loved Dolly and Raphael Fonseca, You absolutely loved Dennis Bradley, You loved Nessah and Anthony, You loved Lisa Parziale. Don’t tell me about disrespecting Andy Fardy. He was a prick in life and I do hope he rests in peace. He did not like me – He did not respect me – end of story . What i have to say about your neighbor Andy Fardy is really none of your business, He really did despise you! As for my record- I supported Moran – she won- I supported Finch his first time he won- I supported Fabrizi prior to that. I supported Foster first time around because Steelepoint wasn’t happening- Her second run I knew she would be a far far far far distant candidate and I support the incumbent- Every council persons campaign I worked on won. Every Town committee i supported won. Dennis Bradley won. 138th town committee won- you were overthrown sorry. Seems to me Maria the record you brag about is diminishing. I understand the 138th is again going to be very exciting.

        1. Steve,

          How could you possibly know who I “loved?”

          I have no problems talking to voters. In fact, I thoroughly enjoy it.

          I have already supported Ned Lamont over Joe Ganim. It wasn’t difficult at all. After all Ned Lamont beat Ganim at Thomas Hooker School by 47 votes. Ganim won THS by 150 votes in 2015. That is a 197 vote swing against Ganim with little effort on my part.

          Karen Jackson is completely irrelevant. I love the pairing of “rubber stamps” Nessah Smith and Kevin Monks.

          We are all set in the 138th District. Let those of us that actually live here worry about the 138th District.

          I don’t care if Andy Fardy disliked or despised me. That is irrelevant. He is deceased, therefore have some level of decency and respect.

          If you felt so confident in Joe Ganim’s guaranteed win and record of success you wouldn’t feel the need to post diatribes.

          Ocasio Cortez was a bartender in the Bronx that was out spent 10 to 1 , yet she defeated the fourth highest ranking Democrat in the House.

          Anything can happen.

  10. March 17, 2017 Steven Auerbach

    Is everything or anything Mayor Finch does have anything to do with Ganim? I do not believe Finch does anything that has anything to do to impress a past convicted mayor and those who would put him in power again. It is ludicrous to assume that. Finch has years and money under his belt with a slew of feel-good accomplishments to brag about. Ganim has nothing to brag about and when he starts talking bankruptcy, Moran would publicly call him out.

    1. LOL, thanks Don, this fool is still a super big time ass kisser, it just depends on who’s in power because that’s the only way he flows. He has always been a liar and a ass kisser. Don, there are so many post out there showing Steve’s double talk. Now Steve’s into Ernie being the new Star on OIB, thank G-d!!! Only Steve can say that.

      1. Ron you are so sad– its either Black Black Black or steve is an ass kisser- do you have any idea how ridiculous you are with no lif sitting on your ass in Seaside Village discussing the East End- You are a Marilyn Moore ass kisser and I guess I will accept I am a Joe Ganim Sychophant . The problem is that I rarely talk to the Mayor and Harvey Weintraub needs to know that also. Please somebody tell the Mayor I am a sychophant. Pease tell him I gave 250.00 and tell him I’ll do anything to keep my job. Not sure how I survived kissing everyones ass over the past 35 years because it seems I worked hard on so many campaigns and gave so much money and time walking the entire of city. Never asked for a city job never had a city job except a brief 2 year stint in 35 years. ago. How is that– oh yeah I had a success career as a Master Scheduler , Real Estate sales and of course 11 years as a Home Depot Manager- I really need to kiss ass— lolololol

      2. Ron Mackie – a liar? You are unbelieve Marilyn Moore ass kisser get off your fat ass before she is humiliated. Better knock on doors and write a check – Don’t worry about my ass kissing tendencies- I am but one of thousands of Ganim supporters. You are but one of tens of Moore supporters- get busy man- We have already had the first woman Mayor in Bridgeport – Tony Harp took the cake as Mayor of New Haven and now a Black Lesbian Lightfoot has become the latest Black leader of the largest city – Chicago- I think your candidates ship has sailed . So as one Joe Ganim sychophant to a Marilyn NoMoore ass kisser. Get off your fat ass and show what you can do for Marilyn Moore other than insulting me reguarly. I thought we moved on but apparently once an asshole always an asshole .

    2. Donald Day,
      I honestly do not understand your comment at all and I honestly believe you were attempting to make a point. As for Mayor Moran, she is a friend of mine. Many believed her bankruptcy was the way to go. The unions didn’t agree. She was a Republican, They never educated the public about the benefits. Ganim won- he fired me and I voted for him three times. Moran and I are still friends – she loves Donald Trump- she doesn’t like him – she Loves him. Needless to say . We do not share our political beliefs. I only became a Republican to vote for her. I was an independent and became a Democrat in 1991. Mayor Finch did accomplish many things , unfortunately he wasted his time talking about Ganims past. Whats past is past! He did not talk about the future. Finch has been invisble since he lost the election . He went on to bigger and better things. Ganim’s accomplishments go back 20 years , getting the properties ready for the eventual Steelpointe. Ganim is back on track and in fighting shape. He is the best promoter of Bridgeport. I know you are a Moore supporter, too bad for you -you have no vote as Bob Walsh. Ganim has some Home runs coming down the road. You can not continually make like nothing is happening. The new Amphitheater is only important to those of us that appreciate the arts and culture. Those of us that see Bridgeport as an entertainment destination. the 450 million dollar Poli- Majest is a huge undertaking that I believe will happen. There are many generations in this city that are waiting and hoping for exact Capital to start. A new grocery store on the east end- Gala- finally. The new construction on Steelepoint with the Oyster Bar about to open. The beautiful apts that started under Finch and abouted to be completed under Ganim is only a piece of the Downtown North project. Ganim has the new Primrose Apts. about to be built on Main and Congress. The sky did not fall when Ganim got elected. He kept every project alive which is rare in politics. The entire city is in bloom for those of us that live here and drive around daily. That was Ganim – we are the Park City.

      But alas- as the months go by and fundraiser after fundraiser, Mayor Ganim will be able to tout these projects as funding comes through. That is his thunder and not for me to spill the beans.

      You mentioned Finch and money under his belt. I am lost as to what your point was- were you even suggesting he would run for Mayor? That ship has sailed- “The anyone but Ganim” messaging between Finch and Foster was truly nauseating . I wish all candidates well and always pleased when someone wants to serve. That is my constant Mantra.

      I will not spend the next few days, weeks,or months discussing Ganim or the other candidates . Let the cards fall where they may. I am excited about the future of this city. I will always be optimistic about the future of this city whether inside or outside of city hall. It is the nature of this beast! I believe Ganim is the ticket and others have the right to support another candidate.
      If Moore , by her own admission can not get her own daughter to come to Bridgeport because bad things are always happening, she has no right to ask for any vote in the city- She does not have the magic wand, but sh is a most eloquent speaker, yet her negative view of downtown is an insult to both Finch and Ganim- Great things are happening. Patronizing some of the local establishments would be a great start.

      1. Hey Steve, how’s that FBI investigation going at City Hall? Have the feds talked to you yet? Steve, what happened with the money from the scrap transaction and what the feds looking into how the police chief was selected? Seems like business as usual I’m Bridgeport.

  11. Again Maria, Do not bring Andy Fardy into the mix. It is truly non of your business what my feelings were toward him. He always was clear with his feelings toward me– Talk about respect. Honestly. Now good luck in the 138th. You are not an elected official of the 138th nor are you a Town Committee member- You are just a voter. and Nobody cares that you supported Ned Lamont. The entire Democratic party came together to support Ned Lamont. W had a huge get out the vote for Ned Lamont. Without Joe Ganim and The DTC Ned Lamont would not have received the amazing Numbers he received from Bridgeport. He certainly didn’t receive them Marilyn Moore or Eva. BTW- Moore was not at the Ned Lamont get out the vote rally. Soon she will be on an Island by herself.
    I know that they are out there in the 138th already working — Good luck to all of the candidates including yourself if
    you decide to run.

    The BOE and the 138th will again be the district to watch. They really kicked ass last time!! I of course will let the 138th battle it out. Unless my district leader the the 138th district leader needs some assistance. I will just safely assume that anyone on the same line with Ganim will enjoy victory.

    I did not hear that Kevin Monk was running with Nessah. But I have heard that the 138th is expecting a crowded field. I am certain they will all come together. They sure did during the Town Committee vote. Good luck to all. Here is to hoping all candidates speak to their strength and not character assassinations. There is so much more to a candidate
    than their Physical attributes.

    I think Kevin Monk is one of the most honest and sincere people I know. I know that Nessah Smith and Karen Jackson have been working incessantly with the police dept. Ty Bird and Tony Barr as well as Abraham Duquee are tireless campaigners. That is just soldiers of the 138th then of course you have the BOE. There are so many excellent
    possibilities and so many eyes are on the BOE. I am exhausted just thinking about all of the candidates.

    To be clear Maria, I was not talking about you being afraid to campaign , nor your campaigning for Ned Lamont. I was talking about going to constituents and asking them to support a candidate other than the one you begged them to support 3 years ago. By the time of the election – you will have been wasting your time and your boyfriends money, Though I will be looking for his contributions to the Ganim Campaign. I’d say 1000.00 ? Money does not represent votes but is sure is helpful getting out the vote. Bridgeport is a hell of a lot bigger than Hooker School. Tony Barr, Ty Bird, Anthony Paoletta and Nessah Smith proved they have power and strength there as the results of the Town Committee and Common Council results show. I respect your supporting Charlie Stallworth. He is a very nice man.

    1. The more the merrier in the 138th District. The more candidates that jump in the more it helps my candidates.

      I think it will be a four way race for the City Council. That’s good for my candidates.

      Sorry, but I beat the 138th TC in the last election. I beat Ganim for Governor and Aaron Turner beat Dennis Bradley easily. In fact, I got Ned Lamont over 100 AB votes with a little help in Success Village. I convinced over 100 voters at Thomas Hooker School NOT to vote for either Stallworth or Hanks just by standing at the polls.

      Could you do any of that by yourself, Steve?

      Imagine what would have happened if I walked more than 50% of Thomas Hooker?

    2. Steve, I am have been elected citywide twice. We both know you cannot say the same. On both occasions I did it without the DTC.

      I don’t know if you realize this,Steve, however I am not scared or intimidated by Joe Ganim, Mario Testa or the corrupt enterprise otherwise known as the DTC .

      I have a reputation for being well-researched, honest, ethical and hard working.

      This text is from someone who just attended their first regular BOE meeting on Monday night.

      “It was awful to see that only 1 person has all thst info and the rest are just trying to shut anyone down
      Also that preamble for public speaking needs to be reworded ”

      “Thank you for doing EVERYTHING for those sorry ass members.”

      Enough said.

  12. What about the investigation Ron M. are you hoping and insinuating that in some way Ganim is part of this?? I don’t think so . Let the investigation move forward . A candidate can not wait on the sidelines waiting for the King of the hill to fall. If you have no vision and can’t raise money you can just forget it. The business community showing up the other evening proved that Joe Ganim has the support and belief he is the one. I think Brian Lockhardt and the Connecticut Post has milked this story to death . regurgitaing the same garbage every day. What has happened is real and sad. Trying to make the Mayor apart is just wishful thinking by the OIB Malcontents. Ron , To be honest I truly understand your hoping that Ganim fails so Moore imagines she’d win – This just isn’t going to happen. I have many Republican Friends and I am totally perplexed that they do not care that he refuses to release his taxes and they have no problem. You don’t understand it . I don’t understand it and Wall Street expects him to be re-elected. You support Moore, I support Ganim can we just agree to disagree. I will never support Moore and the audacity to run just after she was sworn in. And the Criticism of Ganim running for Governor?????????????? Get serious. She should run for Mayor of Greenwich- she can make history there.

  13. Lennie Grimaldi,
    To end this post on a positive note, It was nice to see you at Ganim’s Fundraiser. It was a great night. I had to leave right after the Mayor’s speech. It had been a very long week and I had a board meeting. Like yourself, I was surprised at some of the guests. Of course , I am working for the city and play politics on my own time. It does become increasingly difficult to post here . Unlike the past, Since most Ganim supporters do not waste their time posting on the I love the Marilyn Moore blog, I will follow suit. It is awful strange that most of the posters on this blog are just miserable negative people, some that do not even live in the city. I just can not enjoy the cancer that has eaten away at the humanity of people. I am 61 years old. I know I look amazing 🙂 , Even I can not believe my diatribes on the blog reacting to people that have been singing the same miserable song that can not even break the hot 100. It has become a bore . You may want to consider adding a comment here or there to keep your blog on track.

    1. Harvey, there’s a whole library of quotes and lies from Steven Auerbach out there. Steve only supports incumbents and he loves kissing their ass.

      1. This is why Steve isn’t taken seriously here.Steve will turn his back on you in a second. Joe better watch himself with Steve.Once Joe loses the primary,Steve will throw him to the curb in a second.

        1. Harvey Harvey Harvey and Moore ass kisser Mackey- Just a minor correction- First everyone holds on to everything I say as you just proved, taking a page out of the Donald Day Ronald Mackey play book – you have nothing to say so you look for my words in the past.. To Be clear- When Finch lost the election, I absolutely – and most unfortunately did not jump on the Ganim Bandwagon – How sad all of you folks are- seriously very sad. I was called by Jack McGregor and asked to Help Mary Jane Foster. To this day I regret that phone call !!!!!!- Time to bring yourselves into the present. Things are bright and exciting in the present. I know I was a hero on the Blog for Finch- Fighting to save all of those big boy jobs!! lololol Well , here I am having a very late lunch just delivered by Fruta Juice and trying to enjoy the blog that is full of human misery. BTW Harvey, I would never throw anyone to the curb- I do however move on . My loyalty to a political entity is not a lifelong commitment. I think some politicians are so full of themselves that they actually believe it is a lifelong commitment. It’s not.

          Harvey, just curious, Do you think you are taken seriously here? Do people actually tell you and Ron they love your posts? I don’t think so and just for the record. I will not be spending the next few months responding to Anti- Ganim comments- The joy of this blog is dwindling fore me as it has for many. I am still friendly with people from every campaign I’ve worked on. We always come together. Some never do, they live a life of misery and darkness where misery loves company. Most people run the other way. Back to work- Now I’ve got agita and it wasn’t from my delicious lunch. I do wish everyone well and Harvey, Ron and anyone else, I can only guarantee you that I would waste my time looking in the archives of Only in Bridgeport to find a comment of anything you had to say, But Thank you for always thinking of me and my old posts. When I run for office- Do bring all of them up. I am sure they will resonate with the 4 people on this blog that wouldn’t vote for me anyway- mostly because they are not Bridgeport residents!!! :-). Wishing everyone a Happy Passover and Beautiful Easter . Peace to all.

    2. Harvey, everything I do and say holds clout. Everyone that knows me knows I am really not political. I do anything I can to support the City.

      Maria Pereira, Make no mistake about it , I could not possibly do what you do, I might remind you that I supported you for your race on the BOE. How quickly we forget. I remember Foster asking me to not pass out your literature. I know you remember that. I couldn’t do what you do simply because I have a life and people I care to spend time with. Politics is a very tiny part of my reality and my circle goes well beyond Bridgeport. Though I admire your tenacity, You have the luxury of total focus because you are not employed. You do not enjoy any of the entertainment options in the city and beyond. You take politics way to serious and get way too personal. You are definitely the Superstar on this blog. I will definitely concede that. People do want to hear what you have to say. Your heart may be in the right place when you talk about 22,000 students but personally , I think you would accomplish more on a bigger stage. Your problem is clearly you want to be a king maker and you love when your candidate wins, one mistake and they are done. Maybe it is time to take your wealth of political knowledge put it to better use and bring the money back to Bridgeport— For the kids. I may not agree with you , But I know your war room and if there was a war, I’d want you in my trenches.

  14. Steven Auerbach // Aug 10, 2015 at 2:06 pm

    And this is why I think the Rev. McBride is a poor excuse for a minister and an embarrassment to her community and why politics and religion do not mix. This is a racist effort on Ganim and McBride’s part to divide the community.

  15. Steven Auerbach says:
    August 11, 2015 at 12:38 am

    You are a Ganim supporter. He stole from the the city, he is a convicted felon, Joseph Ganim couldn’t get a job teaching in the public school system. city hall smoker, tit for tat. I love those hiding under a cover who insult me. So since I do not know you, I am reduced to shove your candidate’s past in your face. I think it is an equal insult, no? Joseph Ganim would not be able to teach in the Bridgeport Public School system. But by all means tell everyone you know what a great candidate he is.

  16. Steven Auerbach says:
    August 11, 2015 at 11:26 am

    If the Rev. Lee can forgive Joe Ganim for the atrocities he committed to the city and the betrayal of his oath of office, hand on the Bible and 10 years of no remorse or apology, then certainly the Reverend McBride-Lee can show some grace and respect for Mayor Finch.

    1. What a HYPOCRITE and there are so many more HYPOCRITICAL statements from the City’s biggest ass kisser, Steve Auerbach. Steve, I hope that the FBI hasn’t spoken to you yet because you would like your ass off for Joe Ganim.

  17. Make no mistake about it Donald Day, Ronald Mackey and Harvey Weintraub- I said some pretty awful things on this blog about Joe Ganim- This was most unfortunate for him and myself. If you think I was awful about Joe- You should post my comments about Mario- Go figure and here I am and there you are. Working for the city, for the constituents and of course for Ganim and the future of Bridgeport. Bill Finch was definitely the recipient of my diatribes on the blog and we know I kissed his ass because why???????????????? He did what for me???????? So dentlemen continue to bring up my past comments because everyone absolutely reads my comments and remembers my comments and have all the time in the world to look into the archives and repost my comments.

    Marilyn Moore can’t get her own daughter to visit Bridgeport because bad things always happen- How dare she ask anyone for a vote– Running for Mayor the day after she was sworn in– Talking about downtown as a candidate that clearly has not been downtown in a while. An seriously asking the Black Community to make her the first Black Mayor. She is as Black as Mary Jane Foster , Ask Ron Mackey and Donald Day.

    Keep Bringing up my comments- When I hit the streets those comments are water under the bridge. I am a top Ganim supportor and trust me it isn’t for my low wage job – I am glad Ron Mackey thinks I make an amazing salary given the scope of my job- the revenue we generate and the fact I am probably the lowest paid Supervisor in the city lolololololol Oh geez only in Bridgeport- I love this city I love my job . I am so looking forward to the excitin announcements coming down the road. I am hysterical thinking how my biggest attacker actually hold on to every word I have ever said. Thank you for that. Not proud of everything I said- but in the moment during a political campaign people do make regrettable comments. I have apologized and moved on. Ended up in the Ganim administration and serve proudly.

  18. “I said some pretty awful things on this blog about Joe Ganim- This was most unfortunate for him and myself.” Really, Steve? REALLY?! You must have regained your composure and oral skills to kiss Joe’s ass and any other parts of his anatomy that were required to secure a job on the municipal payroll and a back bench seat on the DTC.

    You’d sell your soul and your mother to be able to sit at the cool kids’ table.

    1. Coming from a non-contributing leech on society your opinion resonates with nobody. I do not respect you , I do not like you I regret extending my hand to you years ago. You are a loser. And though I should feel bad saying that – you are just a miserable and very jealous individual. I resent that – cral back under your rock. You do not support anything happening in Bridgeport. It is just so sad how an intelligent man has gone thrugh the black hole with your miserable incessant comments . One day it will be revealed why I am the target of your assaults but as of now- you will be the target of mine – So you little dickless wonder, Be grateful Lennie and his wife like you. Your fan club is limited. For that I am sorry. Loneliness is a terrible thing and you are just a dick. You deserve everything coming your way. I wish you nothing. Working in politics for 35 years — Here I am serving the city– what a fucking shock!


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