When ‘The Worst Human Being’ Gets Canned

Just days after Fox News settled Dominion’s defamation lawsuit for nearly $800 million, it has fired front man conspiracy-theorist, election-liar Tucker Carlson.

Even a ratings-bonanza such as Carlson has a life expectancy. Ratings can be strong but once advertisers flee from the product they no longer matter.

And, ah, CNN canned Don Lemon too for different reasons.



  1. Really, Lennie, is” the worst human being” in this Lion Ass jungle? 🙃

    Why, because he took a job reading a teleprompter? It’s not like her he wrote that shit that cost Fox News 800 million. 😎


    Besides, I thought it was Bill O’Reilly. I guess the student surpasses the teacher. 🤣


    Play nice people, and from the looks of it, with Don Lemon being released from CNN, perhaps America took a bite of the apples to rise up and live out its creed MLK spoke of.


    I depart with the Apostle, Sting. Play nice, good luck.

  2. Fox News’ loss might be another network’s gain. He seems highly employable.
    It could be a wise career move. It’s hard to think Tucker Carlson has reached his expiration date.
    New advertisers await!

  3. When you fail to tell the truth, but make a statement that denies the truth, and know that you are telling an alternative, fake, and misleading rendition of the truth, we have been forced to be patient as Americans to see whether consequences would ensue. The rule of law has caught Fox News in a suit, and Fox has decided to accept a plea that is costing them $780 Million, without appeal or stalling. That is a GREEN judgement. Fox made a choice to drop this fight. Likely there are others they must face currently.
    Carlson, was not a newsman, but rather a propagandist and storyteller to a particular and large audience that was filled with accusations of wrongdoing and misdeeds rather than attempting to practice “journalism” by reporting news that is verifiable and accurate. The audience has shrunk perhaps, but Carlson was not even provided a final opportunity to say ‘adieu’ to that audience.
    What will Fox News fill the empty space in their schedule where their MVP once played with the truth? Are all parties happy with the current situation, a change from the former standoff of disrespect for management, for those in office who were covered by stories, and by the actual folks who spouted untruths nightly to their audience and knew they were lieing? Time will tell.

  4. Denis,
    You are a man of few words and seem unhappy with the consequences suffered by Tucker Carlson? Are you invested in Fox News stock?
    You propose the departure of the entire on-air staff at MSNBC as a consequence for what? Where do you find equivalent evasions of facts supported by evidence, known truths by journalists ignored and false stories told instead on MSNBC as an example? Or are you merely making your distress at the actual stories reported and known to us?
    As for helping the world to be a better place, how would you nudge democracy in that direction specifically? Time will tell.

    1. John,
      While your response seems somewhat snide, I am not a Fox investor.
      I do read all media, particularly the large corporate media conglomerations with a healthy degree of skepticism. Journalists use to employ that same skepticism in their editorial pursuits. That is no longer the case with Fox, MSNBC, Washington Post, NY Times, etc.
      Judging by MSNBC’s coverage of Russian collusion, Hunter Biden laptop and on-air talent’s obsession with all things Trump, they should be deplatformed for the exact same reasons as Tucker. Maybe more so.
      I found this article regarding Carlson departure interesting. God forbid anybody deviate from not being a 100% zealot. https://www.vox.com/politics/2023/4/26/23698956/tucker-carlson-fired-fox-news-progressives-left-wing


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