What’s In A Name? Paging Marilyn Monroe

One week left to another kooky election cycle filled with a lawsuit contesting the results of the September 10 Democratic primary, a number of complaints filed with the State Elections Enforcement Commission, ballot snafus, very little direct issue engagement and four write-in candidates for mayor loaded with political machinations. See all Bridgeport sample ballots here.

Still no formal decision from Superior Court Judge Barry Stevens in a lawsuit brought five weeks ago by supporters of Marilyn Moore who lost a close primary to incumbent Joe Ganim.

Meanwhile, more than 1,000 electors have requested absentee ballots, candidates are depleting campaign cash, campaign pieces are hitting mailboxes, write-in candidates are trying to educate voters about the two-step process to cast a vote, filling in the bubble and writing in the candidate’s name or some variation that meets voter intent.

Marilyn Moore, MaryAnn McLaine, Jeff Kohut and Ethan Book all have registered with the state to qualify as write-in candidates.

“In a write-in candidacy, the tabulator automatically sorts ballots that have the write-in bubble filled in into a special container so that the write-in votes can be hand-counted at the end of Election Day,” says Gabe Rosenberg, communications director for the Connecticut Secretary of the State. “All ballots where the voter’s intent to vote for a registered write-in candidate is clear should be counted.”

Voter intent will be open to interpretation. It was initially thought that MM would suffice as a Moore vote. Not anymore. Rascally political operatives found MaryAnn McLaine to cancel that out of the equation.

What about Marilyn Monroe for Marilyn Moore? MAM for MaryAnn McLaine? JHut for Jeff Kohut? Ebook for Ethan Book?

It could happen, after the polls close, elections officials huddling for the new version of a hanging chad. Dude, what do you think about this one?

If it’s a close vote lawyers will run into court demanding all the write-in ballots be impounded for another set of eyes to make a determination.

Here we go again.



  1. I *finally* receive my absentee ballot yesterday (it only took 2 applications to receive an absentee ballot – but who’s counting??). I filled it out and my husband mailed it back.
    Interesting that there was a pamphlet in with the absentee ballot with information from the Secretary of State’s office about who may put their hands on an absentee ballot besides the absentee voter. My husband was 1 person who could touch my (sealed) absentee ballot – just to mail it.

  2. Hopefully the judge makes a ruling soon. I for one believe the only way moore can win is if they have people with pencils and paper instructing people how to do this at every polling station before they vote.

      1. A more accurate response would be upto three Republicans can win, but one of the BOE candidates elected MUST come from either the Republican, WFP or For the People Party.

        Upto THREE candidates from ANY party can win and it would NOT violate the minority party requirements on boards and commissions.

      2. Lennie, thanks, I strongly support Republican candidate for the Bridgeport Board Of Education Chris Genduso and I encourage others to vote for Chris, I will also be voting for Eric Steward-Alicea for the BBOE. Once again the very best Bridgeport Voter Guide for the 2019 general election by FaithActs for education. They endorse NO candidate or Party, every candidate running for office in Bridgeport was invited to appear in this voter guide. Candidates’ views are presented for informational purposes only. Candidates who declined to respond are noted. There is a picture in color of every candidate, they are all asked 4 questions, there’s a bilingual version of this voter guide and it’s available online at VoteBridgeport.com.

  3. Jim, you sexist, thank you for voting for the “For the People” party candidates on ROW D!

    Not only are JoAnn Kennedy,,Helen Losak and I the most dedicated, knowledgeable and ethical candidates; we all look great in a skirt! 🙂

  4. Maria you know better than me, could a sitting Board member from a minority party change their party affiliation for an election (not theirs) than back after the election? I was under the impression that it takes 3 months for each change (6 months total) doesn’t that violate the minority representation rule?

  5. Joe Sokolovic switched from a Republican to a Democrat well before the petition process. He has publicly stated that he will be switching back to a Republican.

    I would not be surprised if he already submitted a voter registration change to convert back to a Republican, however there is a 90 day waiting period to switch from one party to another party.

    Remember, the minority party statute requires there be a minimum of three minority party school Board members. It does not prohibit there being more than three minority party members.

    We could have 6 minority party members and three Democrats. Unfortunately, the Republican party in Bridgeport is not an opposition party in Bridgeport. In fact the Republican party in Bridgeport is a holy owned subsidiary of the corrupt Democratic party.

    Perfect examples in support of my assertion are quite obvious. Thomas Cunningham, Joe Larcheveque and John Weldon were/are 100% in Mario Testa’s and Mayor Finch’s/ Mayor Ganim’s back pocket.

    No Republican has been more loyal to Mario Testa and Mayor Ganim than John Weldon.

    If you really think about it Mario Testa, Joe Ganim and John Weldon are all “miniature ” men in both physical stature and mentally.

    In many ways I believe they all suffer from Napoleonic syndrome, therefore they try to compensate for their small stature in other ways.


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